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Shopping for new clothes to prepare for Chinese New Year is a common festive “tradition” that most people follow, so is getting a new hairstyle. Have you wondered why these are practised?

According to Chinese beliefs, the start of a lunar year indicates bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new so you can get ready for a new start. This is why the Chinese do spring-cleaning and get a makeover as part of their pre-CNY preparations!

Besides marking the new year with a new look, refreshing your hair colour also has much to do with improving your luck. Different colours are associated with attracting specific energies according to Chinese beliefs, and in western science, it is proven that colours affect people psychologically. Giving your hair a new colour refreshes your will to have a new beginning and to attract the right energies.

What hair colour to go for to improve luck?

Many people tend to opt for red for their Chinese New Year hair makeover, because of how the colour is seen as “auspicious” in Chinese culture. However, you can also opt for colours that are associated with improving luck in certain areas of life you’re more concerned about. Not sure how to go about it? Read on for the Daily Vanity guide.

Improve your luck in love

Rose colour is associated with passion and determination and some researchers even say that seeing the shade makes a positive impact on a person psychologically: it can increase metabolism and respiration rate. It is a great colour to have if you’re hoping to find Mr. Right in the Year of Rooster, or to keep the flame burning in your current relationship.

For those in a turbulent relationship, you may consider the lavender shade. Made up of blue, red, and white, lavender symbolises harmony in a love relationship.

On Chloe, pastel Rose sits at the top and hidden underneath is pastel Lavender. Go for a combination like this if you’re hoping for passion and harmony in your relationship.

Influencer: Chloe (@chloetwl) | Stylist: Irene Chai from NK Hairworks. | Get the look: Top – INOA pastel Rose (7.42), Bottom – INOA Pastel Lavender (7.21). | Find the nearest NK Hairworks salon to you here.

For a chic lavender hair colour, try what Salon #1 stylist Jason Sim created for influencer Tyen. He used a pastel lavender shade on Tyen, which isn’t just perfect for the festive season, but is also very chic.

Influencer: Tyen (@tyenstagram). | Stylist: Jason Sim from Salon #1. | Get the look: INOA Pastel Lavender (7.21) | Find the nearest Salon #1 to you here.

Improve your luck in health

Eating right, sleeping well, and sticking to your fitness plan are definitely going to help you be healthier in 2017. To boost your health luck even more, go for a hair colour that will brighten your complexion.

The Chinese believe that how your complexion looks doesn’t just reveal a person’s character, it also attracts the type of energy it’s associated with. Having a bright, radiant complexion that makes you look energetic and robust will exudes positive energy, which will help attract good luck in the new year.

Based on Elyse’s skin tone, TONI & GUY colourist Lydia brightens her complexion using a combination of Lilac and Ash. The new hairstyle created by Stylist Kasar also shows off her face shape, making her forehead more prominent – an important feature to attract health luck.

Influencer: Elyse (@elyseneo) | Stylist: Kasar Koh, Colourist: Lydia Alias from TONI & GUY. | Get the look: Majirel 8.2 + 7.21 for lilac, Majirel 7.11 + 8.1 for ash. | Find the nearest TONI & GUY salon here.

Harts Salon stylist Noel wakes up the dull hair colour that Amanda has been sporting to a gorgeous new look that consists of several shades at her roots, mid bands, and ends. The expert use of several colours create dimensions in her hairstyle for an outstanding look that also lifts the tone of her complexion.

Influencer: Amanda (@a.mandayong) | Stylist: Noel Ng from HARTS Salon | Get the look: 2.10 + Pastel 6.17 (Roots),  Pastel 7.17 + 2.10 (Mid bands), 901 + Pastel 7.21 + 2.10 (Ends) | Find the nearest HARTS Salon to you here.

Improve your luck in career

Darker shades that are close to earth and natural tones symbolise trustworthiness, sense of responsibility, and sophistication – traits that every boss wants to see in employees.

Leave the right professional impression by going for an easy-to-maintain cut and darker hair colours – browns and greens are good shades to consider.

Green?! You were probably exclaiming loudly in your head as you read the previous line.

Check out how Hair Inn stylist Gloria managed to accentuate Emerald’s hair with Pastel Mint in this look that’s definitely appropriate for the workplace.

Influencer: Emerald (@emexald) | Stylist: Gloria Liew from Hair Inn. | Get the look: Majirel 7.71 + Vert. | Find the nearest Hair Inn salon to you here.

If you’re working in a creative environment that is liberal with dress code, consider this look created by Vintage Hair Studio stylist Jay San on Dee Jie Ying, which features an ombre look with Pastel Mineral as a key shade.

Influencer: Dee Jie Ying (@dj.ying) | Stylist: Jay San from Vintage Hair Studio | Get the look: INOA Pastel 6.17 (top) and INOA Pastel 6.21 and 7.17 (bottom) | Find the nearest Vintage Hair Studio to you here.

Improve your luck in family life

If you’re looking forward to start a family in the Year of Rooster or wishing for more harmony with your parents and siblings, go for colours that make your hair look shinier. Radiance in colours exude a sense of security and wisdom, which are energies that will add tranquility and sense of strong kinship to the family.

Amaris received a makeover from Sean Fong from Pro Trim Salon featuring Pastel Rose shade to give her a more radiant look and her hair colour looking shinier than before.

Influencer: Amaris Faith (@prettybines) | Stylist: Sean Fong from Pro Trim | Get the look: Majirel 7.42 and 12.26 | Find the nearest Pro Trim Hair Salon to you here.

Or take a leaf out of Apgujeong Salon’s stylebook. Kyle Shin injected new life into Kimberley’s locks with a Pastel Mint makeover, which makes her hair look more energetic and radiant.

Influencer: Kimberley (@kimberleyyong_) | Stylist: Kyle Shin from Apgujeong Hair Studio. | Get the look: INOA Pastel Mint (7.71). | Find the nearest Apgujeong Hair Salon to you here.

Want to recreate the above looks?
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Need more CNY hair inspirations?

From top: Eugena Bey (Pastel Pink), Constance Lau (Pastel Mint), Jolene Zhou (Pastel Lavender), and Tammy Tay (Pastel Mineral)

L’Oréal Professionnel has launched the INOA Pastel Collection, comprising soft translucent cool shades of mint, rose pink, lavender, and ash mineral. The brand has designed four Chinese New Year look in partnership with renowned local fashion illustrator Grace Ciao. The products are ammonia-free, which means that you can get a stylish hair transformation without worrying about scalp discomfort.

This article is brought to you by L’Oréal Professionnel.