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With just two weeks to Chinese New Year, you should make that appointment to your manicurist now, to get your nails in time for the festive season. Here’s a pro-tip: You may be able to get an incredible discount by searching for a salon of your choice at our Salon Finder.

To usher in the Year of the Rat, we have 29 nail inspirations that are great for Chinese New Year we would love to suggest:

Oriental style

Chinese New Year is one of the few occasions when the Chinese don their cheongsam and pay special tribute to their Chinese roots. Show off that unique oriental style with these manicure designs:

1. Auspicious Goldfish

Cny Nail Peony

Goldfish carries auspicious meaning in Chinese culture so why not rock one on your nails to bring yourself some serious good luck in the new year?

This elegant goldfish nail design is from Peony Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Salon, using gel polish imported from Japan and Swarovski crystals to ensure quality and safety for your nails.

You may have probably heard of Peony Tokyo before. The Japanese-style eyelash and nail salon was founded in 2010 and is known for their dedication to providing safety and comfort to their customers.

We love that their nail specialists take time to understand the condition of your nails and for possible allergies before moving on to applying any products.

Besides the gorgeous nail design above, the salon is also great at delivering a variety of nail art. From elegant and understated to eye-catching and trendy, the nail designs are inspired by the latest looks from Japan and will definitely help you stand out this Chinese New Year.

Check out their gallery here for more gorgeous nail inspos and latest designs from Japan.

Peony Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Salon is located at 103 Penang Road, #01-05 Visioncrest Commercial, Singapore 238467, which is a three-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut Station (Exit B or C). Click 82238706 to book an appointment via WhatsApp.

2. Chinese Letterings

3. Fortune Cat

Psst, we know that the fortune cat is from Japan, but Chinese businesses have also adopted this icon to bring in good luck.

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4. Chinese-style painting

5. Porcelain painting

6. Ancient Chinese painting

Adorable mice

It’s the Year of the Rat and we’re excited to have these cute rodents painted on our nails.

7. Mickey Mouse and polka dots

Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most famous rodent cartoon character so it’s only right that he gets featured on your nails.

8. Mickey Mouse with rhinestones on blue nails

If red isn’t your thing, and blue theme with sparkling rhinestones will look just as festive and CNY-appropriate!

9. Minnie Mouse on pink and white nails

Prefer Mickey’s cute girlfriend over him? Here’s a nail inspo for you:

10. Tom and Jerry

Tom isn’t a mouse, but we all know these two are an inseparable pair.

11. Nibbles on pink and gray nails

Opt for Jerry’s baby cousin, Nibbles, to instantly make your nails ten times more aww-worthy.

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baby jerry???

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12. Remy from Ratatouille

And how can we forget Remy, our favourite French chef?


Chinese New Year is also a celebration of springtime. Usher in the new season with spring-inspired designs on your nails.

13. Cherry blossom

Cny Nails Spring 1

14. Floral accent

15. Plum blossoms

16. Bamboo and cherry blossoms

17. Roses

17. Floral design on negative space

Hit the (gambling) tables

We know that we indulge in some social gambling with our friends and family when we visit too. Show them you’re ready to take them on at the table with these nail designs.

19. Dice

20. Mahjong

21. Poker

Cny Nails Poker


If you want a classic option that still looks good after the festive season is over, go for red designs that will not go out of style.

22. Red with glitter

Cny Nails Red 5

23. Red with black gradient

Cny Nails Red 1

24. Red with floral accent

Cny Nails Red 2

25. Red with paper-cutting design

Cny Nails Red 3

26. Red with gold accent

Cny Nails Red 4

Rose gold

Not a red person? Rose gold certainly works too!

27. Rose gold accents

Cny Nails Rose Gold 2

28. Glittery rose gold with nude

Cny Nails Rose Gold 3

29. Rose gold with serious embellishment

Cny Nails Rose Gold 1

Don’t forget to check out our Salon Finder to find a salon of your choice and enjoy an incredible discount!

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