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When we think of holiday nail arts, the classic red and glittery gold look instantly comes to mind.

However, if you are bored of sporting variations of the same design on your nails every holiday season, and are looking to spruce things up a little this year, look no further! Here are 15 Christmas nail inspirations that will get you out of that nail rut in no time.

Let the champagne flow

A simple yet elegant shimmery champagne colour will be the perfect accessory for your nails at any Christmas or year-end party.

Or add a glittery accent nail to give the look a little extra something:

Back to black

Christmas is colourful and full of glitter, but don’t shy away from black! It adds a touch of glam that instantly transforms any design.


Jazz up the monochrome look with different patterns and textures to give your nails a festive feel. Who says black and white have to be boring?


Festive, but make it chic:


When it’s Christmas season but you aren’t entirely over Halloween yet


Christmas Wonderland

Decorate your nails with elements of a Christmas Wonderland like snowflakes or Christmas trees to bring you that wintry feel that is sorely missing here on our sunny island.

Let it snow


Christmas trees


Sweater weather

Sweater weather may not exist in Singapore, but you can totally wrap your nails in these “ugly sweater” designs that are just the opposite of ugly!

You can go with classic red:

Or minimalist blue:


Or go all out with the colours:

Turn your nails into mini Christmas trees

Go all out with the festive decorations by adding string lights, ornaments, candy canes or even little presents to your nails.

Christmas lights



Candy canes


Cartoon-inspired nail art for the young at heart

Santa and Rudolph

When it comes to cartoon-inspired designs, you can’t go wrong with the classic Santa Claus and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer duo. Go for a pastel and polka dot background to make your nails look extra adorable!


Some nail looks are worth melting for

This glamorous Olaf-inspired design is proof that cartoon nail arts don’t have to be kiddy at all.