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Over the last couple of years, you would’ve seen facial rolling and gua sha somewhere on the internet with articles about the skincare trend and a slew of premium and mass brands peddling facial rollers and gua sha tools from every corner.

It’s not just some new-age beauty fad though, if that’s what you think it is. We tried gua sha massaging at home too and found that practising a 15-minute massage nightly has been amazingly beneficial to our skin – and anxiety levels!

To make sure that we can have the best of both worlds, Clarins has combined the two popular facial massaging tools into one and it’s really unlike anything we’ve ever seen!

The all-new Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool

Clarins V Shaping Range 2020

Exclusively launched as part of the two new V Shaping Facial Lift Sets, the all-new Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool draws inspiration from gua sha, a traditional Chinese massage technique which presses a smooth slab along the body to relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow.

When applied on the face and neckline with gentle pressure, gua sha can help the skin look visibly smoother and more lifted even after a session, with a defined jawline silhouette with prolonged use.

Meanwhile, facial rollers are generally used for a more soothing treatment to help quickly stimulate blood flow and drain puffiness. Unlike gua sha which is more powerful (when used correctly), it is unable to release muscle tension or work on deep-set wrinkles or serious cystic conditions.

With the new massage tool by Clarins, you can now have the benefits of both facial roller and gua sha in one device. Much like a gym for the face, the V Shaping Facial Lift Masage Tool can help you achieve the desired V-shaped contour with the combination of the Clarins slide-and-roll method and the V Shaping Facial Lift Serum.

How to use the Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Masage Tool

Clarins V Shaping Facial Massage Tool Packshot

The tool may look one of a kind but the usage is surprisingly simple. Take a look at the three-step technique below.

1. Apply a layer of Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Serum onto the face, neck, and décolleté using Clarins Application Method to prep and nourish the skin before using the V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool. Keep in mind not to use any massage tool on dry skin as it causes unnecessary tugging and pulling without the skin prep.
2. Slide along the jawline in a gentle, upward-and-outward motion using the crescent of the V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool to lift, slim, and define facial contours. Pay extra attention to the nasolabial folds (smile lines) to soften and lift the cheek area.
3. Roll using the dual-pronged rollers to de-puff the face, enhance blood circulation, and improve overall lymphatic drainage. It is also safe to use on the eyes/eyebrows area to gently lift the frontal muscles on the forehead area.

Repeat the slide-and-roll method five to 15 times per area for best results.

You’ll be happy to know that the Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool is designed to fit the eyes and contours of Asian women, so it is perfectly fine to use the device with the Enhancing Eye Lift Serum and the V-Facial Intensive Wrap for a total facial contour redefinition.

The Clarins V Shaping skincare range

Clarins V Shaping Range Products

While these products are not entirely new, they are the perfect accompaniment to the Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool. Here’s a quick recap of the formulas that you should incorporate into your skin care routine together with the massage tool.

V Shaping Facial Lifting Serum

The brand’s latest advancement in facial contouring, the serum is powered by a potent blend of plant extracts, oat sugars and hyaluronic acid to fight against the pull of gravity and visibly sculpt, slim, and de-puff facial features while intensely hydrating the skin.

Enhancing Eye Lift Serum

This plant-based formula instantly lifts de-puffs the eye with guarana and Zerumbet ginger extracts. For a brightening effect, Lady’s Mantle extract and escin derived from horse chestnut are added into the formulation to alleviate dark eye circles. It also contains panthenol which helps strengthen the eyelashes.

V Facial Intensive Wrap

Loaded with Chinese barley and ginkgo extracts, this mask treatment helps to eliminate puffiness caused by water retention and poor circulation for a smoother, tighter visage in just 10 minutes of use. Perfect for use right before important events for an instantly more defined facial contour.

Where to buy the Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool and the V Shaping skincare range

Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Sets

The Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Massage Tool is not sold individually and only comes with the purchase of the exclusive Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Sets, which is available at all Clarins boutiques and counters. Choose from two sets: V Shaping Power Duo Set (S$198) and V Shaping Facial Lift Duo Set (S$195).

Meanwhile, the complete Clarins V Shaping skincare range is available on the Clarins official website and at all Clarins boutiques and counters. The V Shaping Facial Lift Serum retails for S$122, while the Enhancing Eye Lift Serum and V Facial Intensive Wrap are priced at S$93 and S$89 respectively.

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