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Matte nail polishes may sound so 2010s, but it may be time to give it a chance once again, thanks to the new “comic nails” trend.

We’re absolutely in love with this quirky trend and if you are too, read on to see more inspirations and find out where you can get them done.

What are “comic nails”?


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Featuring strategic placements of outlines and shadow lines, this look is all about that optical illusion that makes the design look 2D – just like it came out of a comic book.

The look usually takes on a pop-art style and is finished matte so it looks even more “flat”.

Think it’s something you can get on board with? Keep scrolling for an inspiration that fits your vibe.

“Comic nail” inspirations

Lavender haze “comic nails”

Photo source: @smile940.5555/Instagram

Using a mixture of lilacs and muted purples as base, this pretty look that practically anyone can pull off.

What’s more, we love how the purple shades offer a feminine touch while the quirky design ensures that it’s not full-on cutesy.

Pink hearts “comic nails”

Photo source: @66skr/XiaoHongShu

Prefer something sweeter? This design that has hearts and bows on it is it. The combination of pink and black also gives off that “punk girl” aesthetic that’s oh-so-edgy.

Mocha latte “comic nails”

Photo source: @Adah/XiaoHongShu

Do you have the coffee jelly nail inspo saved in your phone? Give it the comic nail twist with this nail design.

This colour combination offers a neutral look that most people can pull off and we love how this is a quirky variation of French tips that will please most people.

Strawberry milk “comic nails”

Photo source: @UNIP2 NAIL/XiaoHongShu

Looking for something cuter? This baby pink look is definitely it.

You can even add on drawings of cute characters to take its sweet level up another notch.

Matcha latte “comic nails”

Photo source: @鱼多多/XiaoHongShu

We’re obsessed with the way the pastel green, muted green, and dark green go together, making it look like you’ve got 2D matcha latte served on your nails.

The shadow effect created with black and dark green nail polish also make the “comic nails” illusion stand out even more.

Blackpink “comic nails”

Photo source: @JQ穿戴甲Studio/XiaoHongShu

Want something that has 2D meets 3D? This punk-inspired nail look dresses up the comic nail look with chunky nail charms.

Sesame paste “comic nails”

Photo source: @A nail at home/XiaoHongShu

For something that is more understated yet never boring, this is probably the design to go for.

Reminding us of a comforting bowl of sesame paste, this is probably the most wearable look you can find in our list of comic nail inspirations.

Kuromi “comic nails”

Photo source: @桃囍 Serendipity_Q/XiaoHongShu

For those of you really looking to dip your toes (or hands, for that matter) into the cuter side of things, here is a manicure look inspired by Sanrio character Kuromi, which has also been trending on Tiktok.

The combination of white and purple also reminds us of the taro latte nail look that was trending last year.

Featured image credit: @A nail at home/XiaoHongShu and @66skr/XiaoHongShu