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Not sure what design to choose for your next manicure session? Here’s a suggestion for you! If you have been keeping up with nail trends, you might have noticed that 3D designs are trending once again. This time, we’re seeing a lot more adorable animals featured.

Just a couple of years ago, these designs were highly requested at nail salons located in Japan and Korea. The reasons behind their popularity are pretty straightforward. They are pleasing to the eyes, adorable, and easy to pull off! With such irresistible and delightful designs, it is no surprise they are making a return.

For a dose of inspiration, Daily Vanity has gathered 20 different cute hand-painted 3D animals that are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.

1. Playful kitty

When you see a packet of milk and adorable paws, the first thing on top of your head is probably a cat! If you love a playful manicure, this one’s for you.

2. Spoilt for choice

If you have a hard time choosing only one animal, why not pick a couple that you really love?

3. Eggs and chicks

This simple grey, white, and yellow palette is subtle yet eye-catching, all thanks to its adorable chick and egg design.

4. Whiskers

Don’t you love it when the nail artist puts in effort to perfect the details? Check out the whiskers of the cat and this colour combination of pink and grey.

5. Gummy bears

Compared to the many bear designs, we love how this one actually looks like a gummy bear! The bears go well with the sparkly and eye-catching coats of polish.

6. Spring is here

Soft and sweet, this spring-inspired nail art design with plaid patterns reminds us of picnics in the park.

7. Minimalistic with neutral tones

If you plan to go for a minimalistic look, this earth-toned design is definitely something that you should bookmark.

8. Flower bears

Although we don’t really experience spring in Singapore, those who like flowers and bears should give this look a try!

9. Pretty parrots

Going for something more unique, why not try out a fun 3D parrot design for your next manicure?

10. Chicks with cheeks

Chicks are adorable to begin with, but if you were to add 3D cheeks on them, our hearts might not be able to handle the cuteness.

11. Hamster alert

Do you know the famous character Bejou from Hamtaro? This nail art set with pink ribbons and hearts is a must for those who want a feminine manicure.

12. Miffy the rabbit

Another famous character we have here is none other than Miffy! Together with the choice of gold and orange, this colour combination is simply dazzling.

13. It’s a festival

Feeling bold? Why not go for something daring and one-of-a-kind? Some of the other animals that we can spot here include a rabbit, squirrel, elephant, and a pig!

14. Dog and bone

Here is one way you can fit an entire puppy on your nails. Along with paws and bones, this design shouts “I’m a dog lover!”

15. Sweet as a strawberry

We can’t resist this combination of bears and strawberries!

16. Rainbow rabbit

Along with its rainbow gradient, this design is both dreamy and clean.

17. Charismatic corgis

Corgis have a unique charm that hardly anyone can resist. They look even more adorable when you have them as 3D nail art!

18. Floral rabbit

Put a smile on your face every time you take a look at your nails. The well-matched combination of floral, pastel colours, and 3D rabbit nail art would brighten up your day.

19. Bashful bear

Isn’t it adorable how the colour of the bear’s cheeks changes accordingly to the temperature? The bear looks like it’s blushing!

20. ‘Kwiyomi’ kitty

‘Kwiyomi’ refers to a cute person or thing in Korean. In this case, we would use it to describe this lovely set of pastel colour kitty nails.