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As much as the effectiveness of products is important to us, we also have to admit that we are all suckers for cute packaging. If the packaging is cute, many of us would purchase it even in the absence of online reviews.

If you totally identify with this weakness for cute packaging, here are 21 more collections from Korean beauty brands you should own now. You’re welcome!

1. A’Pieu x Maramond Wonder Tension Pact

A’Pieu’s Tension Pact was a huge hit in South Korea when it was first launched despite its price tag – its sleek and chic design was that captivating.

Their latest update to the collection, which is also a collaboration with Marymond, took their game to the next level. The A’Pieu x Marymond Wonder Tension Pact not only boasts the same irresistibly pretty packaging as its predecessors, but its long-lasting and moisturising formula has also earned innumerable raves from online beauty gurus.

With all that hype, it’s unsurprising that the Wonder Tension was almost perpetually out of stock in stores when it was first released. If you happen to be traveling to Korea, be sure to check out the A’Pieu physical store, the Wonder Tension Pact will retail there at KRW 12,800. Otherwise, there are a few sellers who ship them to Singapore on Qoo10.sg.

2. A’Pieu Milk One-Pack

The Milk One-Pack series of masks from A’Pieu definitely has to have one of the cutest product design on the market. Each of these masks are packaged in a container that looks like a regular milk carton!

It is available in a total of seven flavours of “milk”: original white milk, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, coffee, coconut and banana. Each of the flavours available address different skin concerns.

A’Pieu milk series mask is available on Gmarket Korea.

3. Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Beat the heat in Singapore with some popsicle-shaped water gel tints! Etude House’s new summer launch is a much-coveted addition to their bestselling Dear Darling line of products.

These cute popsicles are water gel tints are not only moisturising but also leaves a long lasting stain on your lips. They are selling like hot cakes at Etude House outlets, so hurry go grab them before they go out of stock again!

The Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints are available at all Etude House outlets for SGD 9.90 each.

4. Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

cute korean beauty products etude house bubble tea sleeping pack

Can’t get enough of bubble tea? Etude House is taking your bubble tea obsession to the next level by letting you wear them to sleep!

Of course, these bubble tea face masks aren’t made from actual bubble tea, but it certainly does a great job looking like it. It comes in three popular flavours: black tea, green tea and strawberry, and each with its own matching bubble tea cup packaging.

Apply them on your face as you would with a normal face mask, and relax while your skin enjoys all that bubble tea goodness.

The Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Packs are available at all Etude House outlets for SGD 19.90 each.

5. Etude House beauty tools

Other then being known for their cosmetics and skincare, Etude House is also known for producing all the cutesy beauty tools you wouldn’t be able to resist displaying on your vanity.

They’re most well known for their strawberry hair curlers and their heart-shaped disposable puffs, but we have also found many more worth mentioning!

These products include rainbow makeup brushes from their Wonder Fun Park collection, cat-ear hairbands (no cats were harmed during production), pink makeup sponges and designer makeup puffs.

Check them out at the beauty tools section the next time you step into an Etude House outlet or look for them here.

6. Holika Holika x Gudetama collection

cute korean beauty products holika holika gudetama

Have you ever wished that your vanity could look like the Gudetama cafe in Suntec City? Now it’s within your reach, with this second and most recent collaboration between Holika Holika and the famous Sanrio character.

Start decorating your vanity with Gudetama by grabbing your products from Gmarket Korea.

7. It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip & Cheek

cute korean beauty products its skin macaron tinted lip and cheek

For all you beauty lovers with a sweet tooth, this is for you. It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip & Cheek is shaped exactly like the French dessert and will definitely be up your alley.

It comes in three delicious-sounding shades: Pink Parfait, Peach Gelato, Orange Sherbet, which blend out well on the cheeks or lips. Imagine whipping these out of your makeup pouch to touch up!

It’s Skin Macaron Tinted Lip & Cheek is available at It’s Skin outlets and on Althea.

8. Labiotte Chateau Wine collection

cute korean beauty products labiotte chateau wine lip tint

This is probably Labiotte’s most popular collection thus far! The Chateau line consists of perfume, lipsticks, lip tints, lip balms and even mascara. All of them are packaged like mini wine bottles and wine glasses!

Since its launch, many Korean celebrities have raved about them for its chic design as well as its great performance. The lip tint and lipstick, in particular, were the most talked about products in the whole range. It was also recently featured on Beauty Bible 2017.

The Labiotte Chateau collection is available at all Tony Moly stores, and online at Lazada, Qoo10, Althea, and Zalora. Prices range from SGD 10 to SGD 40.

9. Round ARound x Binggrae collection


The brand Binggrae may sound unfamiliar to you, but we’re fairly sure you’ve seen their bestselling banana milk. It’s sold almost everywhere in South Korea, and has also recently become available in grocery stores here.

Binggrae collaborated with beauty brand Round ARound last year, creating banana and strawberry milk flavoured personal care products such as body wash, lotion, hand cream and lip balm.

Unfortunately, these adorable items are currently only available in Olive Young, a popular drugstore in Korea, which does not ship to Singapore. You can either plan a holiday there yourself, ask a friend traveling there, or head to Airfrov to request for help getting these lovelies before they go out of stock!

10. Peripera Fashion People Carrier


Peripera is a sister brand of Club Clio Professional, and is targeted towards the younger crowd. We can definitely feel the youthful vibe just by looking at the design of their summer collection this year!

Their main item, the Fashion People Carrier, is a set of “inks” consisting of a concealer, an eye brow shadow and three lip products. It comes with free DIY stickers so that you can decorate the suitcase to match your style! P.S. It even comes with functioning wheels that can turn 360 degrees around, and an extendable luggage handle so you can drag it along like a real miniature suitcase!

It comes in two combinations: #01 Seoul Fashion People (pink suitcase) and #2 New Yorker (yellow suitcase).

Peripera Fashion People Carrier is available on Qoo10.

11. Shara Shara Honey Bomb All-in-One Ampoule

cute korean beauty products Shara Shara Honey Bomb All-in-one Ampoule

Shara Shara Honey Bomb is a must-have for all us lazy people out there. It is a toner, a serum as well as a moisturiser all in one bottle. You just need one application, and you are done for your skincare for the day (or night)!

Unfortunately, Shara Shara is a brand that is slowly withdrawing from the Korean beauty market, so get your hands on it as soon as you can!

Shara Shara Honey Bomb All-in-One Ampoule is available on Qoo10.

12. Skinfood Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream

cute korean beauty products skinfood gummy bear jelly hand cream

Yet another one for the sweet lovers of the world. The hand cream comes in a bottle shaped like a gummy bear and it gives us major sugar cravings! Take off the head of the gummy bear, and use the scented shea butter hand cream within.

Skinfood Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Butter is available at Skinfood outlets, Althea and Gmarket Korea.

13. Skinfood Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub

Hello Avocado!Contains Avocado and Sugar extract, smooths your lip with fine particles for minimal irritation on…

Posted by Skinfood Singapore on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Avocado is not only one of the yummiest fruits around, but it also contains beauty benefits! Known for deriving their product formulas from mainly fruit extracts, it’s unsurprising that Skinfood has also found a great way to use this superfruit.

The Skinfood Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub is masquerades convincingly as an actual avocado. The lip scrub itself, a brown sugar exfoliant, is stored where the avocado seed would normally be, completing the fruit illusion. It also has an Avocado & Olive Lip Balm variant, which comes in the same packaging but with a white olive-based solid balm instead.

Skinfood Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub is available for SGD 12.50 at Skinfood outlets, and online at Qoo10.

14. Tony Moly x Pokemon collection

cute korean beauty products tony moly pokemon

Whether Pokemon was a huge part of your childhood, or you are a more recent fan due to the hype over Pokemon Go, Tony Moly’s collaboration with the iconic Japanese cartoon will definitely be irresistible to you. The collection consists of a variety of products: from base makeup to point makeup, and even skincare.

The Tony Moly x Pokemon collection is now available on Althea and Gmarket Korea.

15. Tony Moly Fruity series


Other than their Pokemon collection, Tony Moly is also popular for their adorable fruity hand creams and lip balms. They also sell fruity masks in different flavours, which target different skin concerns.

The Fruity series are available at all Tony Moly outlets in Singapore. You can also purchase them on Lazada and Gmarket Korea.

16. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz collection

cute korean beauty products too cool for school dinoplatz

The Dinoplatz collection is designed by painter and architect, Hatori Sando, who has been working with Too Cool For School for many years. Good news for Dinoplatz fans: unlike most of the other collections on this list, the Dinoplatz products are not limited edition!

The collection consists of a wide variety of products, ranging from lipsticks to compacts, and even mascara. You can check out the Dinoplatz collection at Althea or on Gmarket Korea.

17. The Face Shop x Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda Cushion & Eyeliner Special Kit

After the success of their Disney collaboration, The Face Shop is back with a brand new new collaboration with Dreamworks. Kungfu Panda is the chosen mascot for this collaboration and the products are packaged in an adorable kit made to look like bamboo steaming baskets for dim sum.

It comes in a three-tiered dim sum baskets, with each tier containing different products. The first tier contains two Ink Gel Pencil Eyeliners in 01 New York Black and 04 Choco Latte, masquerading adorably as a pair of chopsticks in a paper sleeve. The second tier contains the “dim sum” itself, which are actually three cushions: the Oil Control Water Cushion, CC Ultra Moist Cushion, and the CC Intense Cover Cushion.

The Face Shop x Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda Cushion & Eyeliner Special Kit is available in two shade variations, for the three cushions included within, and retails for SGD 119 at all The Face Shop outlets.

18. the SAEM x Disney PIXAR collection

cute korean beauty products disney pixar the saem finding nemo

Nemo and Dory are swimming their way to your vanity table this year, courtesy of the SAEM! In this new collaboration with Disney PIXAR, the SAEM has packaged a full collection of products. ranging from cushions to eyeshadow palettes, with designs featuring our favourite cartoon fishes.

The the SAEM x Disney PIXAR collection is available from The Saem’s official Gmarket Korea page.

19. the SAEM Saemmul Water Candy Tint

If you are a fan of lip tints, here’s another option for you! the SAEM Saemmul Water Candy Tint comes in five different shades which pack its own unique fruity flavours: Apple, Red Mango, Soft Persimmon, Watermelon, and Cherry.

the SAEM Saemmul Water Candy Tints are available on Althea, Qoo10, ezbuy, and on The Saem’s Gmarket Korea official page.

20. VDL + Pantone™ Series

cute korean beauty products vdl pantone

VDL + Pantone™ is an annual collaboration between VDL and Pantone, where they dedicate the packaging of all the products in it to the Colour of the Year as chosen by Pantone. The 2017 collection is based on Greenery 15-0343 TCX, a pastel lime green colour reminiscent of tropical vacations and pastoral landscapes!

The collection consists of:

  • Expert Color Eye Book 6.4 NO. 6: a 12-colour eyeshadow palette
  • Expert Color Lip Cube Marble Glow: available in three shades (Blooming Pink, Coral Vitality, Mint Favor)
  • Color Correcting Primer: available in three shades (Mint, Serenity, Lavender)
  • Color Correcting Cushion: available in four shades (Greenery, Serenity, Lavender, Nude Skin)
  • Satin Veil Finish Powder Greenery: a translucent mattifying powder
  • Expert Color Cheek Book Mono: a cream blush available in two shades (Coral Vitality, Tawny Orange)
  • Expert Color Primer for Eyes
  • Rouge Supreme Comfortable Lip Oil: available in three colours (Greenery, Pink Yarrow, Flame)
  • Expert Perfume Cube Greenery: an oil type perfume
  • Expert Perfume Cube Diffuser Greenery: a perfume diffuser with a citrus floral scent
  • Expert Radiance Fix Mist AD: a finishing spray for a dewy complexion and longer lasting makeup

The 2017 VDL + Pantone™ collection is available on Qoo10 and VDL Cosmetics’ official Gmarket Korea page, with prices ranging from SGD 6 to SGD 60.

21. 3CE Love 3CE

cute korean beauty products 3ce love 3ce

The Love 3CE collection is 3CE’s summer launch for this year. There’s a whopping 28 products available in this collection, ranging from eyeshadows, to blushers and lipsticks. The design of each product from this collection was inspired by vintage toys, which is sure to give you a warm, fuzzy sense of nostalgia as you use them.

The Love 3CE collection is available on Stylenanda which ships internationally, and Qoo10.