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You’ve seen the cool girls rock chunky sneakers that look like they were stolen from Dad’s wardrobe in the 90s. Or dad jeans that hang a little loose on their waists.

Just when you thought we were through with taking style inspo from our dads, trendsetters like Hailey Bieber are seen wearing this airy, loose bob.

If the sweltering heat has you toying with the idea of cutting your hair short but you’re hesitant to make such a big change, you might want to consider this versatile midi-length bob, known as the ‘Dad Bob.’

What Is a ‘Dad Bob’?

Credits: @lauraverwi/Instagram

The ‘Dad Bob’ is a longer and looser take on the classic bob. It has a blunter and blockier cut, giving it more weight and volume than your quintessential jaw-length bobs.

You might find it familiar, having seen it on your favourite TV show characters from the ’90s. (Hello, Monica Geller!)

Its loose waves create a relaxed and effortless look, channelling the “I woke up like that” effect as if all you did was run your fingers through it before leaving the house.

Credits: @lauraverwi/Instagram

The ‘dad bob’ should fall somewhere between your chin and collarbone, making it long enough to be held up with a claw clip if you ever want to go for that lazy up-do everyone is wearing these days.

Now, you don’t have to worry about not being able to accessorise with a shorter cut!

Why Get a ‘Dad Bob’

Credits: @cervandohair/Instagram

We’ve all been there—regretting a haircut, especially one that went a little too short for our liking.

If you’ve been going back and forth on whether you should take the plunge and chop your hair off, the ‘dad bob’ might be a safe option to ease you into the change.

Think of this hairdo as the best of both worlds: it’s short enough for you to keep cool in this hot weather, yet at the perfect midi length for you to leave it unstyled on lazy days.

Shorter bobs require more commitment and maintenance, unlike the laidback, ready-to-wear look of the ‘dad bob’.

Ways To Wear the ‘Dad Bob’

Middle Part

Credits: @haileybieber/Instagram

If Hailey Bieber isn’t setting trends, she’s wearing them (and influencing the rest of us to follow suit). Take a page out of this trendsetter’s book and opt for an easy-to-maintain middle-parting bob that goes with every outfit.


Credits: @hoskelsa/Instagram

Sweeping your parting to the side creates a versatile look that is both suave and laidback. It can be worn casually or dressed up—it goes perfectly well with a dressy button-down shirt, as pictured above!

Layered Look

Credits: @漆昱辰Duebass粉丝站/Weibo

Layers create more volume and dimension, which is the goal with a shorter length. If you’re too lazy to style your hair every day, asking for more layers creates that natural wave without whipping out your styling iron.

Pushed Back

Credits: @jumaniyogarajah/Instagram

Taking inspo from trends rooted in the 90s, this retro, pushed-back style will have you looking like the It Girl of the 90s. All you need is your trusty hair dryer and some hair product to hold your bangs in place.

Curtain Bangs

Credits: @daeunnn____/Instagram

Unlike a petite bob that would naturally frame your face, the lengthier ‘dad bob’ is less structured. Curtain bangs go well with the loose waves of the ‘dad bob’, complementing its worn-in look with bangs you can comfortably push back for a chic look.