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Beauty tools these days are more than just about their functionality. Why would they, when the number of vibrant and eye-catching items in the market are only growing in numbers with each passing day? Our expectations have been raised sky-high, especially when it comes to adorable makeup brushes.

Sure, we care about their durability and anti-bacterial properties, but would it hurt anyone to have some of the cutest additions to our vanity table?

Chinese makeup brand CICI recently launched the Daisy Makeup Brush Set and it’s been the talk of the town!

Daisy Brushes 4 (1)

Daisy Brushes

Made out of white and yellow synthetic bristles, and lime green handles, this unique brush set is crafted to resemble stalks of daisy, bringing a zephyr of springtime into your daily routine. From your eyeshadow to highlight, easily sweep on a touch of colour with any of the 16 brushes that project the different growth stages of daisies – from buds to the full-fledged flower.

Daisy Brushes 2

Set these up in a clear glass or brush holder to mimic a vase of fresh flowers, except these won’t ever need changing!

Daisy Brushes 3

This set retails for RMB229 (~S$45.45) on Taobao. Check out the full range of makeup brushes CICI has too!

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for more floral brushes to add on to your collection, we’ve curated a list of brushes you might just want to drop into your shopping cart!

This Rose Makeup brush comes in an elegant gold-coloured or sophisticated matte black handle with pretty bristles dyed in a variety of colours. Suitable for putting on your favourite blush, highlighter, and setting powder with the loosely packed and ultra soft fibres, this brush doubles up as a nail dusting brush as well!

Daisy Brushes (1)

Available on Shopee in four different colours, retailing at S$5.37.

If these aren’t enough for you, we found a couple more designs you might like, including this gorgeous option with an iridescent handle!

Daisy Brushes 3 (1)

Available on Shopee at S$2.99.

Daisy Brushes (3)

Available in rose gold, rose red, green, silver, and purple, this set of six brushes retail at S$10.43 on Shopee.

For controlled eye shadow application and precise blending, these exquisite-looking beauties are kinda everything we’re looking for in a beauty tool. We’re loving these rose adorned brushes that give off serious Beauty & the Beast vibes!

Daisy Brushes (2)

Available on Shopee at S$9.

If these options are looking a little too oversized for your makeup pouch, the Flower Blusher Brush by Etude House would do the trick! This petite brush measures just 30x60mm, making the perfect size for on-the-go touch ups.

Etude House Brush

Available on Shopee in three different colours, retailing at S$1.99.

Ideal for buffing on powder products or for blending powder, liquid and cream formulas onto the face and body, this four-petal brush by Shiseido is uniquely designed to contour to the face. Its luxuriously soft bristles are 100% animal-free, and made with high performance synthetic fibres.

Shiseido Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush

The Hanatsubaki Hake Polishing Face Brush retails at S$72.32 on Nordstorm, also available on Lookfantastic.