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It’s no secret that the dip-dye hair is a popular go-to beauty trend for festivals. Spotted on almost every celebrity or influencer from Coachella to Lollapalooza year after year, it just seems like this is one trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Dip Dye Hair Trend Jo Yi Seo

And this year, it’s making a big comeback thanks to Jo Yi-seo in Itaewon Class, one of the year’s hottest K-drama series. The spunky character, played by rising star Kim Da-mi who underwent a hair transformation to achieve the look, just had audiences’ eyes glued to her with her signature dip-dyed bob, bold makeup and fearless attitude.

Popular in Korea and Japan, the upgraded balayage technique only requires the tips of your hair to be bleached in order for the bright colours to show. This not only makes the trend ideal for those who are worried about the damaging effects of full-head bleaching but still want some bright colours on their mane, but also suitable for corporate professionals who want to spice up their locks without going too far off the edge.

Keep reading as we round up 24 ways you can rock this the dip-dye hairstyle regardless of hair length and be in living colour with the next-level balayage method that requires minimal effort but delivers maximum effect. Make sure you scroll to the end – the last look will make your heart flutter!

Dip-dye hair trend in 2020: The 24 different looks you can achieve

Safe for work

As mentioned earlier, the dip-dye hair trend can be played around with many different ways, including a more subtle combo that won’t land you in hot water with your company’s HR department. Think ashy base with ends dipped in dark blue (that almost looks black), or light brown with coral or purple tips.

Flaming hot

For those who are prefer to stand out, you’ll do well to steer towards hot pinks and fiery reds to dip your hair tips in. The best part? Splashes of red or pink can work with any coloured base, from black to blonde and brown.

Blue crush

Turn heads with waves of blue – just take your pick from periwinkle to turquoise and cobalt, and you’ll feel like you’re under the sea 24/7.

Bold & beautiful

From bright coral to seafoam green, there’s hardly any colour you can’t do to bring on the vividness. Or if you just can’t seem to decide what colour to wear on your mane, there’s always the rainbow dye that you can consider (last pic). Also, how cute is the dip dye top knot featured below!?