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Who knew that the ’90s grunge trend of space buns would make a comeback this hard? 2020 has had sightings aplenty of celebrities pulling off this deceivingly effortless look, not unlike those revived by the likes of Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus a couple years back.

It seems this trend isn’t dying out anytime soon, and it’s obvious why: these crazy-adorable buns take 10 minutes to create – tops. You can wear them up, for that perfect hair-out-of-face WFH ‘do, down in a sophisticated office chic or jazz it up for upcoming concerts and festivals in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.

The double bun hair trend is suitable for almost all hair types as well, no matter your length or texture. Learn how to emulate your favourite celebrities’ looks and find out which style you’ll sport today!

1. Classic double hair bun


Ageless queen of Mando-pop Jolin Tsai was seen rocking the classic double bun hairdo in this playful summery get-up, proving the style to be a casual yet versatile one.

To get her look, simply start by parting your hair right down the middle, twisting each side slightly higher up at the crown of your head, around the base of the pigtail before securing them down with some bobby pins.

When: This no-fuss, five-minute hairstyle serves as a cute alternative to the topknot for that perfect just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

2. Weaved up double bun

Woke up on the right side of the bed today and have got a little more time to spare? Hurray! Why not dress up your look with this ~fancy~ braided version of space buns!

This elegant combination of braid-and-bun consists of an upside-down dutch braid that starts from the nape of your neck, ending in a loose wrap-around at the top.

Feel free to experiment with the different braid styles for a different look!

When: Put your braiding skills to the test with this sure head-turner at that weekend brunch with your girlfriends!

3. Braided double bun


If you’re looking for a tad more structure in your look, give the braided-pigtails hair trend a try! Unlike the previous style of braid that is woven against the scalp, this approach exudes a strong feminine vibe with the extra volume that the braids within the buns can give.

Compared to previous renditions that came in the years before, the 2020 take on the double bun hair trend seems to place more emphasis on keeping the buns compact, with less focus on their symmetry.

To recreate ITZY Yeji’s hair for that cute look with a serious edge, braid your pigtails before twisting them into buns!

When: Great for limp and flat hair that seeks a little more volume!

4. Half-up, half-down double bun

For all the bob-lovers out there, fret not – the double bun hair trend can still work for you!

Lose the hair starting from the mid section of the scalp and instead, gather the strands closer to the crown of the head for a chic half-up, half-down ‘do to achieve this dynamic look from Khloe Kardashian.

Don’t we all love a good blend of lengths that help frame the face anyway?


To finish off the look, throw in a hair accessory or two (or even a wild scrunchie like Ariana did, why not?). This hairstyle works to keep your locks in place without compromising on the sweet, demure look it promises!

When: For a dainty take on the double bun hair trend or if your hair has not grown out long enough to be completely gathered in a bun, opt for this style instead!

5. Low knot double bun


If you’re looking to spice up your mundane office hairdo this season, why not give this elegant yet bold approach a try?

We know that the low bun has a notorious reputation for making even a toddler look like a grandma – there lies a fine line in juggling between office chic and old lady get-up! But we can take a leaf out of Twice Dahyun’s style book to get it right.

The key it seems is to keep the buns flattened as close to the nape of the neck as possible. To do this, part your hair vertically into two parts and then again horizontally, splitting each portion into yet another two. Start by twisting the two sections closest to your neck into two separate buns at the base of your scalp, securing them tightly. Then, wrap the remaining two pieces from the corresponding hair above around them.

This wrap-around significantly reduces the volume of hair twisted, giving this hairstyle a breath of new life!

When: For the in-the-office work day when you want to look your very best all while getting down to business. Suitable for hair that could use a reduction in volume too!