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Nude lippies may have taken over our entire lipstick collection, but sometimes, what we need is a bright splash of colour to liven up our complexion.

If you’re ready to go a little bolder, we may have just found the perfect lipstick for you.

Photo source: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu

The Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick in #14 Sweet Pea is currently trending on social media. Each swipe imparts a sweet shade with a matte finish that netizens simply can’t get enough of.

Photo source: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu

With its vibrant pink hue, we’re instantly reminded of our local-favourite dragonfruit juice.

We know what you’re thinking of after seeing the swatch above: isn’t this too bold for everyday wear?

Photo source: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu

The cool-toned pink hue will look great on anyone with a cool skin undertone.

While it may not be the most appropriate shade to sport on days you’re in the office, it’s definitely a fun one to dress up your lips with over the weekend.

Photo source: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu

What we love about this shade is how it instantly brightens the complexion and exudes a youthful edge.

Its finish is something worth mentioning too. You won’t be getting any cracked lips or flakiness since its hydrating formula won’t settle in between the fine lines of your lips.

Instead, you’ll get a powdery-matte finish that makes your pout look extra soft and pillowy.

Photo source: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu

If you aren’t sure about sporting such a bold look, we recommend gently dabbing it on with your finger for a subtler, softer, wearable stain.

To top it all off, this lippie is priced affordably at less than S$15.

Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick in shade #14 Sweet Pea retails for S$13.44, available at Shopee

Featured image credit: @喵了个蕾酱/XiaoHongShu