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Among the BLACKPINK girls, Jennie is probably the least experimental when it comes to her hairstyle and hair colour. So when she debuted her new dyed fringe look in the girl group’s How You Like That music video, fans went wild. Her bleached fringe popped while the rest of her jet black hair lent a gorgeous contrast to anchor the look.

Dyed Fringe Trend Jennie Blackpink

This hair transformation put a 180-degree spin on Jennie’s overall aura. It gave her soft and adorable features a badass, edgy vibe – something we often associate with Lisa. In the music video, her hairstylist braided portions of her dyed fringe, bejewelled them, and tied them back with the rest of her dark hair, which proves that there are more unique ways to style this look.

Of course, with a hair makeover as refreshing as this, comes the rise of a fresh trend – and we get it. The fact that you don’t have to douse your entire scalp in bleach makes it an ideal one to try. Plus, you have full control over how much fringe you want to be coloured, so you can play it up or dial it down.

If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, take a look at the numerous ways to rock the dyed fringe trend regardless of your hair length!

Dyed fringe hair trend in 2020

Bold bleached fringe

To channel your inner Jennie, go with a bold bleached fringe. Dip a larger portion of your fringe in blonde and keep the rest of your hair black for maximum effect. It’s practically the modern Cruella de Vil look, and we’re here for it. Experiment by braiding your dyed fringe or tying the streaks up into a chic bun.

Former beauty editor Sable Yong has sported the look for a hot minute, and she’s managed to weave it into her signature style. Even Mae Tan from Singapore Social tried the trend earlier this year, which went well with her edgy aesthetic.








Subtle dyed fringe

Too bold for work? Opt for a softer ash brown to create a gradual ombre through your hair. You can also highlight a small section of your fringe that’s closer to your face, as seen on Irene Kim and Miranda Kerr. This helps to contour your face ever so slightly too.





Bright hues

If you want to switch up your bleached fringe, all you have to do is add on another colour. After all, your bleached strands already serve as a good base for bold shades or pastel hues. Just make sure you don’t spam it with a new colour every week.







You can also head to the salon to take your black hair to new heights with an orange hue (above). This sets a beautiful contrast against a blonde fringe – a fun throwback to Ginger Spice of The Spice Girls.

Bleach your fringe at a salon

When it comes to bleaching your hair at home, plenty of things can go wrong if you aren’t careful. (Case in point, see above.) It’s almost impossible to not overlap on certain hair sections, which means you could end up with a lot of breakages.

Instead of taking matters into your own hands, head down to one of these hair colouring salons. With experts around, we promise you’ll get the most even colour and coverage for this look. And don’t forget, post-treatment haircare for a bleached fringe is still crucial. Be sure to use a purple toning shampoo to neutralise yellow tones to keep it from getting brassy.