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Love or hate seems to be the only two things we feel about the popular Netflix comedy series, Emily in Paris – that includes the loud-patterned, brightly-coloured outfits that Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) donned both in Season 1 and the newly released Season 2.

An American who’s in Paris on a business trip, Emily hasn’t quit trying to “fake it till you make it” this new season. She flaunts French berets, neon blazers, and a patchwork of patterns in a single outfit. If there’s one thing we can say about her clothes, it’s that they are never boring.

emily in paris nails singapore - yellow outfit

Photo source: Netflix

If you can’t take your eyes off Emily’s arresting outfits but can’t afford having them in your wardrobe (so many of them are designer pieces!), why not dress your digits up in Emily in Paris Season 2-inspired nail designs instead?

Since we’re bad at doing our nails ourselves, we were pleased to find out that local nail salon EA Nails has created stylish nail styles that mimic the bold and vibrant ensembles paraded by Emily this season. They include everything from bow-clad nails that follow Emily’s iconic pink-ribboned outfit, to an adorable heart-patterned nail look inspired by her dress in episode five!

EA Nail’s Emily in Paris nail styles

Purple sequin party dress

emily in paris nails singapore - purple glitter nail designs

Photo source: Netflix, EA Nail Studio

On a night out with the girls at the French Riviera in episode two, Emily dons a stunning purple sequin dress that’s actually by Valentino. Your nails can also flaunt a flirtatious sparkle with these gorgeous purple glitter nails by EA Nail.

emily in paris nails - purple glitter

Or, you can also wear shimmery ombré purple polish with a sprinkle of glitter at each tip for a more unique look!

Green checkered blazer

emily in paris nails singapore - green checked nails

Photo source: Netflix, EA Nails

This green checkered blazer is a piece we want to snatch off Emily’s rack. And while you can actually get your hands on this green patterned Zara blazer, you can also wear this look on your hands with a bold green checked nail design.

emily in paris nails - green pattern nails

You can also enjoy a more sophisticated design with an added hint of gold.

Red heart vintage dress

emily in paris nails singapore - red heart dress

Photo source: Netflix, EA Nail Studio

The fifth episode sees Emily wearing a heart-embellished dress that goes beautifully with her white headscarf, French red lips, and deep red heels. An outfit that catches the eye, this dress is an homage to Paris, the City of Love.

And since Valentine’s Day is also around the corner, what better way to do up your nails than with EA Nail’s adorable sprinkling of red hearts too?

Big pink bows

emily in paris nails singapore - pink bow

Photo source: Netflix, Pinterest

You can’t miss the big pink bow that steals the spotlight in episode three. Emily also wears a bright mix of patterns over her shoulders, but the bow simply takes centre stage in this fit.

Emily in Paris nail designs - bow accessory nails

Photo source: EA Nail Studio

Either have large bows hand-painted on each of your nails, or elevate your style with these silver ribbon accessories paired with glittery pink nails – a special Emily in Paris style on EA Nail’s menu!

Ruffled lilac dress

Emily in Paris nail designs - lilac blue nails

Photo source: Netflix, EA Nail Studio

Out of all the wacky outfits that Emily wears, we consider this to be on the more subtle side as her dress is in a single, beautiful lilac shade. Celebrate the stunning colour of this ensemble with the salon’s lilac polish, blended with soft blue hues to bring out the movement in her outfit caused by the dress’ feminine ruffles.

emily in paris nails - lilac nails

Photo source: Pinterest

Another trick to mimicking this outfit on your nails is with a simple same shade of polish.

Emily in Paris nail designs - twisting lilac nails

Photo source: Pinterest

You can also imitate the ruffles on her dress by going for twists and bends like the ones in this picture above.

Other stylish nail looks to replicate at EA Nail Studio

Besides the designs that EA Nails have created, we have also rounded up other super chic nail designs that correspond to Emily’s key looks in the show. Tip: bring these to EA Nails and the salon will also be able to create these manicured nail looks for you!

Flowery yellow jacket

emily in paris nails singapore - flowery yellow jacket

Photo source: Netflix, Nail Designs Journal/Pinterest

Yet another jacket in Emily’s closet, this Vassilis Zoulias jacket in the fourth episode is boldly decorated in yellow with large floral prints. Match this pattern with cheerful yellow nails plus white flower accent designs. This one’s not a nail look by EA Nail Studio, however, you can show this photo to the nail artists at the salon and have them recreate this cheerful look!

emily in paris nails - colourful daisies

Photo source: EA Nail Studio

Or, for a cute yet subtler floral style, wear playful yellow-, red-, or blue-centred daisies on your nails – this look is one that’s right out of the salon’s menu.

Pink stripes wrapped in green

emily in paris nails singapore - green and pink swirls

Photo source: Netflix, Pinterest

Emily is spotted in episode one wearing a bright green and pink polo, paired with a blazer, belt, skirt, and handbag all in varying shades of green. This pink and green swirl nail design evidently celebrates the contrasting colours of Emily’s outfit.

emily in paris nails - green swirl nails

EA Nail Studio does many nail patterns similar to this one too, like the nails in this picture!

Floral patchwork frock

emily in paris nails singapore - stripe dot and floral nail design

Photo source: Netflix, Arch Ziner

Nothing screams Emily more than a bold clash of patterns in her outfit – and no ensemble in the show has more patterns than this dress that she wears in the second episode. With four different patterns, the dress single-handedly boasts a combination of black, white, and pinks, as well as dots and florals.

Emily even wears a patterned bucket hat and carries a matching decorated handbag, because less is never more with Emily in Paris. These nails have a mix of dotted and line patterned in black and white, as well as pretty red and pink flowers that elevate the overall aesthetic.

Orange floral lace

emily in paris orange dress

Photo source: Netflix, Pinterest

On Emily’s birthday in episode three, she wears a vintage Hermès jacket over a stunning orange floral lace dress. Over a sheer beige fabric, the floral patterns appear like they’re sitting on Emily’s skin. You too can copy the look and have gorgeous orange flower patterns on your nails – simply pair them with a clear base!

Dior Oblique motifs

emily in paris nails singapore - dior

Photo source: Netflix, Dope Nails\Tumblr

We see Christian Dior x Vespa in episode six where the team is tasked to handle a photoshoot for their client, Vespa. The scooter is a real-life collab between luxury Parisian brand Christian Dior and Italian scooter brand Vespa, elegantly designed with an iconic top case as well as a helmet sporting the signature Dior Oblique motifs.

At the end of the episode, Emily spontaneously straps on the helmet, hops onto the scooter, and goes for a ride in style through the streets of Paris. This nail design is inspired by the Dior x Vespa helmet that Emily wears with another one of her green checkered blazers. Wear these stunning Dior nail designs for super chic and elegant everyday style.

Emily in Paris nail designs - EA nails dior

Psst: We found some Chanel brand nails on EA Nail’s Facebook if you’re looking for reference on how the salon does brand-inspired nail styles.

About EA Nail Studio

emily in paris nails singapore - EA nail studio

You can achieve any of these Emily in Paris nail designs at EA Nail Studio, a nail salon in Singapore that has over ten years of experience in manicures and pedicures.

Aside from the generous number of designs that they have on their menu and nail styles that are created specially for every occasion (yes, you can find fitting designs for the upcoming Chinese New Year), EA Nail Studio also lets you pick designs inspired by your favourite Emily in Paris outfits.

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Featured image credit: Netflix, EA Nails