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While the idea of putting fabric in your hair sounds a little old-school or even pre-school, leave it to the celebrities and runways to show us that this throwback hair accessory from the ’90s is still riding the trend train in 2019.

(Anyway, just so you know, scrunchie, another ’90s hair trend, is also back and we’re loving it!)


Unlike nameplate barrettes or designer pearl clips, fabric scarves and ribbons will barely set you back by a few dollars and can easily be found in fabric, art, or stationary shops. Even better, they’re suitable for everyone: From beginners who want to spend less than five minutes on their hair, to hair experts who are in the know about the latest zillion-strand braids. The messier and more imperfect your hairstyle is with fabric, the cooler you look!

Here are our favourite ways to work this trend and jump on the fabric bandwagon – for all hair lengths:

Woven Fabric in Braid

Every time we think we’re getting tired of braids, a new version emerges and grabs our attention. This time, the integration of cloth into our hair is keeping it quirky and oh-so-boho-chic. Braids are one of the more popular looks when it comes to fabric in hair, and knowing how to do it keeps you ahead of the style pack.



The number one rule for this style is to pick a material that matches the density of your hair. For thick hair, go for cotton or fabric ribbons and for thin hair, try lace or chiffon. A rougher or textured strip of cloth will provide grip and make braiding easier while keeping the fabric in place.

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial to achieve the fabric-in-braid look!

You can slowly progress to more complicated and expert hairstyles such as adding fabric into a french braid, fishtail braid, or even putting up your fabric-woven hair (Frida Kahlo-style!)



Remember, practice is key and the possibilities are endless!

The Little Black Bow

We know everything in life circles back eventually, but this is one thing we did not see coming – the return of the hair bows. Celebrities, and even royalty are finishing off their sophisticated dos with strands of satin or velvet fabric.

The best part? It doesn’t have to be perfect at all. If Kate Middleton can work a messy ribbon look and make it look elegant and chic, so can we!




Ready made black-bow ribbon retails at SGD5.80 and is available at Lazada.

Headscarf, but make it chic

Short-haired beauties, you don’t have to feel left out!




If you’re looking for a chic way to hide a bad-short-hair day, the headscarf is here to the rescue. Depending on your mood (or hair woe), you can go bandanna-style or fold the scarf into a band and tie it as a head band. Especially if your hair is in that awkward growing-out stage, scarves can be super convenient and versatile. Go wild with the pattern and colour – it’s all about having fun!

Silk headscarf retails at SGD1.60 and is available at Shoppee.

A Fancy Half-Up

Inspired by the ubiquitous half-up hairstyles you’ve seen on cute Koreans of late? Throw in some fabric in the mix and make it more sophisticated!

It’s the same as a regular half-up, half-down up-do where you throw half your hair into a ponytail. Just that this time, you’ll wrap a fabric around the hair tie and secure it in place – either in a ribbon or just in a regular knot. Best if you pick a fabric colour that contrasts against your hair colour for a real pop.






Too simple for you? Take it to the next level by using the fabric as a headband first, then tying your half up-do. Talk about chic!

Elevate a ponytail

Straight out of the Maki Oh Spring 2020 Runway show, this look evokes a sense of luxury with its elevated fabrication.


Unbelievably easy, all you need to do is to attach one side of the ribbon to the top of your ponytail (bobby pin it or tie a small knot), and wrap the loose end all around your ponytail. When you get to the bottom of your ponytail, secure it once again and you’re good to go.

This refreshing hairstyle can be done with any printed scarf and it’s bound to make you look more sophisticated. Fabric in hair is having a major moment, and it’s our time to shine!

Where to buy hair fabric for these cool looks

Fabric In Hair Trend Ribbon Scrunchie

A search for “ribbon scrunchie” gives you a huge number of results on Shopee. Best part? The items on sale are super affordable – with most of them going at less than SGD2 each.

Fabric Hairband

Several merchants that offer fabric headbands are available on platforms like Zalora. They’re from established brands so you can be quite sure that the quality will be good.