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Blackpink’s Jennie has rocked Y2K feather braids time and again, but in her latest shoot for W Magazine, she flaunted this throwback ‘do in a new style.

Twisting her cool beige-brown locks into slim feather braids, she also looped small charms through her hair, adding a surprising edge to the now familiar hairdo.

fairy hair charms

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The charms were attached strategically – just above her eyebrow, aligned with her cheek, and close to her hairline – so that they framed her face perfectly. They also made a bold ‘do that complemented her full-black Chanel outfit and smouldering smokey-eye look.

“Fairy hair” style

Her hairstyle is one that TikTokers are calling “fairy hair” (one version of it, that is). It’s a style that offers a statement twist to the nostalgic feather braids.

Instead of just braiding the hair so that it falls around the sides of the face and frames it, TikTokers are weaving in metal charms, plastic beads, and colourful strings as accessories.

fairy hair charms -

Photo source: @fairyboy_444, @haileyjones/TikTok

Many are also ditching the neat, stick-straight feather braids with messier, larger ones.

Paired with the little hair trinkets, the braids transform a nostalgic feather hairstyle into one that’s dreamier, more whimsical, and recalls what fairies might wear as they patter around a clandestine flower garden.


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So the next time you find yourself twisting your locks into face-framing braids that you’ve been wearing all season, consider switching your style up with enchanting “fairy hair” charms – we share how you can wear these (small but mighty) hair trinkets below.

What are “fairy hair” charms?

There are so many ways that you can rock “fairy hair” and play with the charms that you can use to accessorise this style – it ranges from cute heart-shaped gradient plastic beads to engraved metal rings.


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For an even more enchanting style, TikTokers have also used hair rings, which are accessories that look similar to keychains, only in just the right size to lace to the strands. These feature everything from cool, coloured gemstones to slim feather-design pieces.

“Fairy hair” beads

Candy-coloured plastic “fairy hair” beads

fairy hair charms - (1)

For her W magazine shoot, Blackpink’s Jennie wore what appears to be white beads on her feather braids, complementing her white-laced gloves, and juxtaposing her all-black Chanel outfit perfectly.

Similarly, you can also pair an outfit with beads that have the same colour palette, like a cheerful pink and green outfit with the same shades of beads. Or, even bring out a small detail in your outfit – like a yellow pattern on your T-shirt – by wearing beads that have the same hue.

These plastic beads might be small and plain, but they bring a vibrant dash of colour to your tresses that can easily complement your outfit.

These “fairy hair” charms retail starting from S$1 per 20 pieces on Shopee.

Glossy floral “fairy hair” beads

fairy hair charms

With a shell-like texture, these beautiful floral beads lend a raw, natural style to your “fairy hair”.

Since the holes that run through the centre of the beads are narrow, you can attach them to a piece of thread to weave in with your braids. They’ll dangle alongside your swinging braids for an altogether enchanting style.

These “fairy hair” charms retail starting from S$2.20 per pack on Shopee.

Viking metal “fairy hair” beads

fairy hair charms

For a more exotic look, these weighty metal “fairy hair” beads are ideal. They’ve got a large hollowed middle that lets you easily slip them through a slight feather braid or even thicker locks of hair.

Wear them at the ends of the braids, or weave them higher up on your tresses for a rustic and, at the same time, ethereal style.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$3.84 per pack on Shopee.

Viking wire-wrapped “fairy hair” cuff

fairy hair charms

Instead of weaving pieces of thread, yarn, or colourful cords in with your braids, you can wear these Viking-style wire-wrapped “fairy hair” cuffs that wrap the length of your hair with gorgeous detail.

The cuffs have little beads that decorate the middle of the swirls, and you can even choose to have a sparkling emerald bead dangle at the end of it to add a little more movement to your “fairy hair”.


Reply to @bagelgremlin Styling different kinds of hair twists 🧝🏻‍♀️ This is a sturdy wire fairy spiral ✨🕊🎶 #hairspiral #hairspirals #cottagecore

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These “fairy hair” charms retail from S$21.96 each on Etsy. Shipping fees apply.

Clear blue floral “fairy hair” beads

fairy hair charms

The crystal clear blues of these beautiful beads will make your “fairy hair” look all the dreamier.

The narrow hole that goes through these floral beads is only big enough for a piece of thread to pass through, but the doughnut-like flower design of the beads will let you fit larger sections of your hair through to secure them to your braids directly.

Otherwise, you can pull a needle and thread through, before tying the string to your braided tresses.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$1.57 per piece on Shopee.

“Fairy hair” rings

Seashell “fairy hair” rings

fairy hair charms

Have little white seashells hang from your braids for a chill, laid-back style that’s fitting for “fairy hair”. There are also gold leaf, plain rings, and cross designs that you can choose from.

These “fairy hair” charms retail from S$0.96 to S$1.35 on Shopee.

Metal pendant “fairy hair” rings

fairy hair charms

Mix up a metallic finish with a dash of colour with these “fairy hair” rings that feature tiny coloured beads alongside statement metal pendants. These boast detailed, rustic designs that match nicely with “fairy hair”.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$1.62 to S$2.83 on Shopee.

“Fairy hair” clips

La vie en rose “fairy hair” clips

fairy hair charms

Life feels rosier when you’ve got flowers in your hair and in a beautiful blush pink too.

Even though you might not get to wear fresh blooms in your hair all day long, you can clip these elegant, sculpted roses in your braids for a dreamy, romantic style. Or, choose the peachy pink bows, light pink hearts, or peaches for a similar soft and graceful vibe.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$0.48 per piece on Shopee.

Slim metal butterfly “fairy hair” clips

fairy hair charms

Plastic butterfly clips are popular accessories when it comes to a throwback Y2K style, but these take a more elegant approach with slim, paper-thin metal wings, sans the vibrant colours that often accompany the ‘90s hair trend.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$0.88 per piece on Shopee.

Iridescent butterfly “fairy hair” clips

fairy hair charms

@itsoizzie does “braidless” braids by twisting two sections of hair around each other like pretzels and securing them at the end with an elastic. She does the same with another two sections of hair and then laces the two large twists together.

Her braid is loose and slightly messy, and she completes her look by attaching medium-sized flower clips to different parts of the braid.


i feel like a fairy w this hairstyle <3 #hair #hairstyle #cutehairstyle #flowers #fairy

♬ je te laisserai des mots – safe place<3

For a ‘do that’s just as dreamy, these iridescent butterfly clips will do the trick. With a slight pinkish hue and shifting sheen, they’ll make you feel like you’re flitting through dew-draped forests with wings as pretty as a butterfly’s.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$1.80 per piece on Shopee.

Blue butterfly “fairy hair” bobby pins

fairy hair charms

These “fairy hair” bobby pins are the blue butterfly emoji come to life. And we already know that the blue butterfly emoji embodies an enthralling sense of freedom and mystery – the perfect symbols when it comes to “fairy hair”.

The only drawback about these clips is that they’re made of paper and rather fragile.

These “fairy hair” charms retail for S$1.39 on Shopee.

Silk blue butterfly “fairy hair” clips

fairy hair charms

Should paper butterflies be too delicate for you, then you can consider these ones that are handmade with silk.

Carefully designed so that two sets of wings overlap, these clips create an illusion that the butterflies are constantly fluttering about your crown, so your “fairy hair” ‘do comes magically to life.

These “fairy hair” charms retail starting from S$10.96 on Etsy. Prices depend on the size of the butterflies and the type of base you choose. Shipping costs S$5.86.

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