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It’s safe to say that the beauty industry has seen a handful of bizarre yet arguably effective techniques used in improving the overall appearance of our skin. From slapping treatments to frictionless-skincare to period facials – it’s all done in the name of beauty.

Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial

Just in case you’re curious, here are 17 other weird treatment methods we came across that are said to aid blood circulation, help boost skin elasticity, and elevate stress. FYI, these include chopper massages and penis facials?!

While this next trend we’ll be discussing about might not contain techniques at all grotesque (phew!), it’s certainly unconventional in the realm of skincare. This is a cutting-edge processing method that brings about a massive amount of benefits, so much so that we’re predicting a major surge in demand for beauty products made this way!

So what exactly are we talking about? Read on to find out more!

Freeze-dried skincare manufacturing method: Just like what astronauts consume

The ground-breaking freeze-dried technique had its early beginnings in the beauty industry in around the year 2014, probably first surfacing with the anti-ageing freeze-dried collagen.

Freeze Dried Food

Beauty consumption aside, this trend has been a method of manufacturing skincare products throughout Asia, mainly in Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, in the last few years, but has yet been widely deployed nor firmly taken off with regard to cosmetic products.

With increasing focus on sustainability efforts and zero waste beauty for a greener routine, consumers are also now constantly on the look out for innovative skincare products that allow them to alleviate their carbon footprint whilst giving their skin a little TLC. Furthermore, with greater awareness of the harmful effects certain chemicals can bring about, beauty rookies to beauty junkies alike are leaning towards cleaner and purer forms of cosmetic products, with “clean beauty” being the ultimate solution.

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Fortunately, an answer is on the horizon with new state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology tackling the concerns arising with eco-friendly and non-toxic formulas.

How does freeze-dried skincare work?

Before we get to the advantages freeze-dried skincare brings about, let’s first learn a little about the process.

A freeze-dried cosmetic product is created by firstly exposing the product to extremely low temperatures before quickly reducing the pressure that’s on it. The ice sublimates, leaving just the product now in its gaseous state which is then returned to normal temperatures again. The product solidifies once more, sans molecular weight of all moisture, reducing the overall weight of the ingredients.

Interested in the science-y aspect of the freeze-drying method? Read more here.

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TLDR; By removing all forms of liquid from skincare products, the freeze-drying technique leaves behind a much more potent formula packed in the form of a tiny tablet or powder without the addition of stabilisers or preservatives. Simply activate ingredients within these products with a sprinkle of moisture to be rehydrated.

Sounds like an extra step in your routine? Wait till you hear about its benefits.

Benefits of the freeze-dried technology

Environmental-conscious: Given the lack of preservation needed to keep products in their most natural and raw forms, beauty brands can now reduce steps taken in manufacturing processes by skipping the addition of extra ingredients and prolong shelf life by up to two years! Furthermore, as oxidation of products is no longer a cause for concern when it comes to the deterioration of quality, special packaging currently needed for the distribution of existing cosmetics are no longer required, further decreasing waste.

Clean beauty: Naturally, without the support of artificial additives (more commonly found in beauty products than you’d think!), activity loss within product is decreased and brands are able to capture the purity of ingredients, resulting hypoallergenic formulas. This plausibly leaves those with the most sensitive of skin a wide range of products to choose from in the near future!

Improved permeability: Use less product to yield maximum results as when skincare products get compressed by the freeze-drying method, molecules themselves get reduced in size and take up less space, sinking into your pores and penetrating straight through your skin layers more efficiently! This increases the rate of absorption of the skin, all with less product!

Storage: With the freeze-drying technique, fragile and unstable substances previously unexplored can be tapped on and safely formulated for storage in a dry state, taking a myriad of forms. Typically stored in airless bottles and powder emulsions, you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck this way – especially when it comes to shipping costs!

What’s there not to love?

While research has shown the seemingly boundless potential of this technology, development is still underway for the most part. According to this source, limited products are in the market due to two factors that would require more work on – the efficient freezing temperature range and the length of freezing.

Hence, the technique would take a bit more time before it’s being introduced to the cosmetic industry, or at least here in Singapore, we’re betting.

What’s in the market?

Now that you’ve heard all about the wonders of this relatively new technology, you’re probably thinking if it’s really worth a try. We’ve rounded up a couple of freeze-dried beauty products for you to test them out yourself.

FANCL BC Intensive Skin Booster

FANCL has been a huge advocate of having no preservatives in their products, so it’s probably not surprising the freeze-dried technology is on their radar.

To try out freeze-dried skincare first hand, consider this set of skin boosters from the Japanese brand. When your skin is appearing lackluster and no amount of skincare seems to revive its youthful glory, this may just be what it needs to jolt your skin out of its slumber.

3798 12 Bc Intensive Skin Booster Box 2

BC Intensive Skin Booster Set

Formulated with potent youth-protective actives, the new BC Intensive Skin Booster has been proven to transform skin with increased density, enhanced firmness, and a boosted radiance.

The star ingredient, APPS, a supreme vitamin C derivative, freeze-dried at -40 degree Celsius comes in a powder form, alongside vials of essence enriched with placenta from the damask rose and powerful anti-oxidant resveratrol.

FANCL BC Intensive Skin Booster 2

Promising to firm up, tighten, repair, regenerate, and lighten dark spots in just 30 days, this product is accompanied with the Micro-emulsification Technology, swiftly enabling skin to absorb nutrients more readily to immediately enhance skin appearance!

Here’s how to use the BC Intensive Skin Booster: 

1. Pour Essence into APPS Powder
2. Cover with the dropper cap, leave for one to two minutes until the APPS Powder is dissolved into the Essence. Shake bottle gently left and right to mix well. Do not shake vigorously as this will form bubbles and the mixture will not mix well.

APPS Powder and anti-ageing Essence

3. Remove cap at tip of dropper and press nozzle gently to dispense mixture
4. After cleansing in the morning and evening, dispense mixture (about the size of a 50 cent coin) onto palm and spread even across entire face outwards and from bottom up using your middle and ring fingers
5. Gently pat mixture into skin with fingertips outwards and from bottom up. Lastly, press gently with palms to help penetration

We tested the formula out and true to its word, the essence completely penetrated the skin barrier in less than three seconds! It’s important to apply this right after the cleansing step (yes, even before toner!) to reap maximum benefits.

Available at all FANCL stores and counters islandwide, and online for S$248. Each set lasts up to 30 days for a monthly repair your skin needs.

The Pure Molecule package

This product was launched last year by renowned Hollywood aesthetician, Georgia Louise.

The Pure Molecule package

The Pure Molecule package contains four different types of topical freeze-dried tablet that dissolves with an activator liquid. Containing highly concentrated ingredients like hyaluronic acid, EGF (epidermal growth factor), collagen, and vitamin C, rejuvenate and brighten your skin in just four weeks.

The Pure Molecule package 2

To use, simply hold the tablet in your palm and apply eight drops of the included Pure Activator liquid on top, mix it all together and apply the serum all over your face!

We’ve realised that for better results, it’s good to layer another serum over to lock in all the goodness from that tiny tablet!

The Georgia Louise Pure Molecule 32 Nightly retails at US$550 (~S$682.31), get yours online now.

EGFD by Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo

If you’re looking for something to cover up your obvious signs of ageing and minimise the appearance of your pores, why not give the Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo ~ +EGFD a try for less than S$250 per bottle.

Egfd By Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo

This medical-grade aging-care beauty essence was developed based on the idea that wrinkles and saggy skin are a consequence of damaged skin cells similar to that of burn injuries. Medical-grade EGF penetrates deeply, tackling even the most stubborn of skin troubles to bring back a youthful glow.

Coming in two separate vials, each set contains the Freeze Dried Regenerative Beauty Essence and Dissolving Lotion. To use, simply put the two together and carefully inject the dissolving lotion into the sponge applicator, a few batches at a time. Remember to shake the bottle well before each use.

The EGFD by Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo retails at just US$170 (~S$231.93), get yours online now.

Daejong Medical’s Cosmetics

Dedicated to innovating only brand-new products that value-add to the existing cosmetics market, Daejong Medical has four freeze-drying products in the making: ampoules, eye mask, pill, and swab type.

Daejong Medical's cosmetics

Currently available is the freeze-dried EGF and supe-Hyaluronic acid set which needs to be mixed well prior to use too. With registered patents by Youreh Co. Ltd, you can be sure of the quality of goods you receive.

Check back on Daejong Medical’s website for more details on the product. 

IMAGES Face Serum Freeze-dried Powder Skin Care Set

If you’re in a bit of a pinch but still want to hop on to the bandwagon and give the freshness of freeze-dried beauty products a try, we’ve got a good option for you!

IMAGES Face Serum Freeze-dried Powder Skin Care Set

Nourish your skin with allantoin and glycerin for the ultimate hydration, on top of a good dose of EGF to encourage skin cell regeneration and repair.

Gently shake the bottle to mix powder and essence and make sure each vial is used within a week to ensure its quality remains top-notch.

Available on Shopee at S$9.59!

Freeze-dried Powder Collagen Firming Skin Care

Suitable for all skin types, this skincare set comes with five bottles of collagen with skin-restoring hexapeptide and EGF to help achieve an even skin tone that lights up from within.

Freeze-dried Powder Oligopeptide Polypeptide Water Supplementary Hyaluronic Acid Active Freeze-dried Powder Collagen Firming Skin Care Anti Aging Moisturizing

Formulated with natural fragrances, look forward to this moisturising experience with a potent dose of hyaluronic acid. This freeze-dried formula is especially easy to use, with a lid that pops open seamlessly without having to struggle through the assembling stage.

Available now at S$28 online.