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As with anything French, the French manicure is classy, timeless and perfectly appropriate for any time of the year. However, the simple and clean look of a nude base with white tips can get a little boring after a while.

If you are looking to jazz up your nails without straying too far from the classic look, here are 27 creative interpretations of the French manicure that you should totally show to your manicurist at your next nail appointment!

White tips with a twist

These nail designs retain the signature white tips but give them a slight twist for a familiar yet creative look:

1. Diagonal tips

These tips make the design look a bit more playful without losing that sense of timelessness.


2. White tips with gold accents

Always in for a bit of glitz and glamour? This inspiration will be totally up your alley.


3. French mani, but make it ombre

This softer take on the French manicure also overlaps with another trending nail look called the “blushing nails” that Japanese women love.


4. Sparkly snowflakes

Well, it’s always winter somewhere, right?


Paint it black

5. Edgy black tips

Swap out white for black for a chic version of the classic French manicure.


6. Go monochrome

Combine both black and white for an always-stylish monochrome look.


7. Gold floral patterns

Glam up the look with intricate gold floral patterns on top of a nude base and black tips.


Festive red

8. Geometric pattern

Who says you can’t have accent nails with French manicure?


9. Red and black tips

This edgy take on the classic French manicure is what women with a rebellious streak would love.


10. Feeling blue?

Is blue your favourite colour? We hear you.


11. Glow in the dark

Keep it subtle but eye-catching with thin neon tips on a nude base:


12. Feminine pink

Keep the look interesting by mixing matte and glossy textures. and playing around with shapes.


13. Grey base with cross hatch tips

This interesting rendition will certain turn heads.


14. Wear the rainbow

Be careful, someone might mistake your nails for candies!


15. Wear your heart(s) on your nails

Not your sleeve!


16. Mistletoes

Bookmark this for when Christmas rolls around:


17. Emojis

Who knew, French manicure can look cute too!


18. Reverse French manicure

This trendy style is gaining popularity and you can choose any colour combination to make the look pop.


19. Cupcakes

The urge to bite your nails is real with this one.


Floral patterns

Get your nails spring-ready with these gorgeous flower designs:

20. Adorable white flowers on pink tips

Here’s something for those who love absolutely feminine and sweet designs.


21. Elegant lilies

To pull this off, book a manicurist who is skilled in free-hand drawing.


22. Cherry blossoms

Not catching the real cherry blossoms this year? Wear some on your nails instead!


23. Tulips

We love this intricate design that makes French manicure look so much more interesting.


24. Girl and flowers

It doesn’t get more spring-like than this!


Animal designs

25. For the cat lovers

Show the world that you love cats – because, why not!


26. Leopard prints

A subtle way to rock the leopard print trend!


27. Subtle butterflies

This dainty design can even work as a bridal nail look.