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You might have noticed a certain makeup look appearing quite frequently this summer. The “fruit juice makeup” (果汁妝) trend has taken the East Asia by storm – especially in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. And we heard through the vines that you’ll be seeing the style on the faces of the most stylish women in Singapore soon.

What is the fruit juice makeup look all about?

The “fruit juice makeup” look features a lot of pink, peach, and orange in the shades used, and the objective is to create a “juicy” and “refreshing” look. The look features:

  • Pink, peach, and sometimes orange and coral tones on the eyelids, cheeks, and lips
  • Brows are filled in with brown brow powder or pencil to create a see-through look
  • No contour shades are used, but highlight is used liberally
  • You can create variations of this by adding shimmer to the eyelids

Why is the fruit juice makeup look so popular?

This makeup trend without doubt makes one look younger in an instant. With barely-there eyeshadow and rosy cheeks, the look will remind anyone of the healthy flush of a child. The makeup also softens facial features and will make you look like you’re in the pink of health (pun intended)!

What’s more, this makeup look is fuss-free, easy to create, and is very wearable. As a bonus, you can even use fewer makeup products for multiple purposes since you’ll stick to one colour throughout.

3. How can I achieve the look?

Great! Now you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon, here are four simple steps to rock the fruit juice makeup look:

Natural brows

This trend started in Korea, so it’s probably not surprising that you’ll have to do your eyebrows the Korean way. Natural-looking brows with minimal filling-in also helps to tie in the overall youthfulness of the look. It’s not necessary to draw your brows straight, although you can definitely do so if you prefer! If not, just follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. Also, use a brow product that’s slightly lighter in colour than your brow hairs to prevent them from looking too harsh.

Try these:

Laneige Natural Brow Liner – SGD26 from Lazada

Benefit Fool Proof Brow Powder – SGD42 from Sephora


Apply pale pink (matte or shimmery, your choice) eyeshadow all over the lid, keeping it between the lash line and slightly above the crease. Then, take a darker shade of pink to the outer corner of the eye, making sure to blend the two shades seamlessly at the centre of the lid.

Now, sweep a small amount of the darker shade on the lower lash line, focusing on the outer corner as well. Lastly, apply the paler shade on the lower lash line, focusing on the inner corner. You can also use a highlight shade in place of this if you would like to make your eyes appear larger. In any case, make sure to blend, blend, blend!


NYX Lid Lingerie – SGD22 from NYX counters

NARS Duo Eyeshadow – SGD52 from NARS counters


Choose a blush shade that is similar to the eyeshadows used – or use your blush as eyeshadow, or the other way around! When applying blush, focus it on the centre of each cheek and then blend it towards the temple.

The blush used in the image above is the Face Blush from 3CE.


Etude House Cushion Blusher – SGD18 from Etude House stores

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – SGD47 from Sephora


If you’re blessed with naturally pink and even lips, you may choose to just slap on some lip balm and call it a day. Otherwise, pick a lip product that is sheer, like a lip stain or a tinted lip balm.

Keep it within the colour scheme – if your look is pink-based, go for a pink lip shade; if it’s a peach/orange look you’re going for, use a similarly peachy lip colour.

Finish off with a touch of gloss to make your lips look juicy and plump!


3CE Glossy Lip Stick – USD21 from Stylenanda

Benefit Lips and Cheek tints (these can be used on both cheeks and lips) – SGD54 from Sephora

The Cha Chat Tint (orange) and Posietint (pink) will probably work best, but who knows, maybe you can make Benetint (red) and Lollitint (purple) to work too!