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If you’re here because a little one is on the way and you’re on the lookout for gender reveal ideas, or you’re helping someone plan a gender reveal party, there’s a fresh trend making waves – nail art!

Mums-to-be are spicing up the announcement of their baby’s gender with manicures featuring soft pinks or blues, sometimes jazzed up with adorable baby-themed nail art.

No matter how you’re planning your gender reveal bash, adding a bit of flair to your nails is a great way to kick things up a notch.

Now, let’s dive into 20 nail inspirations that might just help you nail (pun intended) the perfect gender reveal look for your theme!

Gender Reveal Nail Inspiration

Clean & Shiny Gel Nails

nail 1

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

For those who prefer a clean and simple look, consider alternating pastel blue and pink gel nails.

Subtle Glitter Nails

nail 2

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Take the glam up a notch by adding glitter and sparkles to your pastel blue and pink nails, experimenting with additional accent colours for a fun touch.

Gradient Nails

nail 3

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Feeling a bit creative? Try gradient nails with pastel blue and pink over a translucent colour – not only cute but also Instagram-worthy!

Glossy With Heart Accents

nail 4

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Here’s a simple yet charming nail art idea – draw a small heart (half blue, half pink) on a translucent to white gel nail and paint the rest in pastel blue and pink.

French Tip Nails and Nail Charms

nail 5

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Give the classic French tip nails a gender-reveal twist! Rock pastel blue and pink, one colour on each hand, and embellish them with nail charms for that personal touch.

Translucent Blush Nails With Blue Accents

nail 6

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Looking for a twist on French tip nails? Apply a nude pink blush as the base, and use baby blue on one side, and sparkly silver or gold on the other for the V-tip.

French Tip Gradient Nails

nail 7

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Similar to gradient nails, but with a blush pink base blending into a pastel blue French tip – classy and chic!

Short French Tip Nails

nail 8

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Tailored for short or square-shaped nails, this alternative French tip design features a blush pink base with a thin blue line across the tip.

Glitter Gradient Nails

nail 9

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

When in doubt, add glitter! Layer a glitter top coat over a pink-to-blue gradient for dreamy, ethereal-looking nails.

Flower-Themed Nails

nail 10

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Can’t decide on one design? Why not have them all? Spruce up short French tips with small accent flowers using a small dotting tool.

Paws & Whiskers

nail 11

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Perfect for an animal-themed party or animal lovers, this design features baby blue, white, and various shades of girly pink with adorable patterns like kittens, cat paws, puppies, flowers, and stars.

Hearts, Clouds & Pearls

nail 12

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Keep it simple yet sophisticated with baby blue and blush pink nails, featuring heart charms, mini pearls, and cloud designs.

Marble Nails

nail 13

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

For a classy yet understated design, try a marble effect by adding thin white strokes to your blue-to-pink gradient nails.

Watercolour Gradient Nails

nail 14

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Create dimension with a watercolour-like half gradient of pastel blue and pink at the tip for a soft, dreamy manicure.

Matte Nails With Checkerboard Accent

nail 15

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

For a bolder, more striking effect, opt for a matte finish to make your colours pop.

Add a “V-tip” style on your middle finger, a pink checkerboard accent on your pointer finger, and a small blue heart on a pink nail for that extra flair.

Glowing Pink With Electric Blue French Tips

nail 16

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

For a design that’s simple yet fun and doesn’t involve too much nail art, try this one! Pink blush nails as the base, cobalt blue short French tips, and small blue hearts in the centre of each nail – easy and adorable.

Ombre French Tip Nails

nail 17

Photo credit: @futurepxlz/Pinterest.

Keep it clean with a pop of colour at the tips. This design lets you enjoy the classic look while still being eye-catching.

Swirled Coffin Nails

nail 18

Photo credit: @hailey_wiginton05/Pinterest.

Feeling artsy? Draw swirly pink and blue strokes on your middle and ring fingers, add a blue French tip on your thumb, pointer finger, and pinky, and don’t forget those nail charms for that extra statement!

Cotton Candy-like Matte Nails

nail 19

Photo credit: @elz/Pinterest.

If you’re after an understated look, matte nails in shades of cotton candy are the way to go. Pastel pink on the middle finger, pastel blue on the ring finger, and other muted pastels to let those two stand out!

“Cat Eye” Nails

nail 20

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu.

Want something ethereal and magical? Look no further than “cat eye” nails! Start with a blush pink base and fade it into a glittery blue chrome French tip.

Whether you prefer a subtle or bold approach, these nail inspirations offer a range of ideas to make your gender reveal party even more special.

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Featured image credits: @gaoy戈雅/Xiaohongshu, @lemurmure/Xiaohongshu, @WWNail/Xiaohongshu.