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Bangs are hardly the hairstyle that we’d consider keeping when it’s sweltering summer all year round here, the thought of maintaining that small portion of hair in tip-top shape is enough to stop someone from cutting bangs.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ever have bangs – just take a leaf out of Gianna Jun’s book! The Kingdom actress was spotted with her fringe loosely styled to resemble a heart shape and if you ask us, this hairstyle looks set to be one that almost everyone can pull.


Why? Firstly, the cool girl-chic hairstyle looks refreshing and is able to take years off your face because of the way it loosely frames the face. Secondly, it’s super low maintenance and can be styled with either long fringe or classic short bangs. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly easy to achieve too.

Tips to achieve the heart-shaped fringe trend spotted on Gianna Jun

And in case you’re still wondering how does this fringe look anything like a heart shape, just focus your attention on the root of the bangs itself.

With a centre part, fluffy hair roots and the fringe slightly wavy in style, it mimics a shape close to a heart.

And whether you want to wear it with your hair down or up, the choice is really yours to make because the fringe is so versatile – just check out this low ponytail look modeled by The Legend of The Blue Sea leading lady in a Stonehenge x Marie Claire pictorial.

Gianna Jun - Heart Shaped Fringe in Low Pony

In fact, this casual look has been trending in Korea for quite some time now, with many hairstylists sporting a similar style especially in the summer. The key to pulling off this look is with a deliberate sense of nonchalance and messiness – the hairstyle is not meant to look neat and put-together.


The best part? Achieving this heart-shaped fringe is actually fairly simple and doesn’t require much time. All you need is a hairdryer, your fingers and maybe just 10 minutes to spare.

After parting your hair in the middle – yes, that includes your fringe, use your fingers to hold one side of your fringe and blow dry to set the wavy arc. Repeat this for the other side. Then, do a quick blow-dry on your hair roots to give it more body. Et voila!