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Korea is definitely known as a trendsetter when it comes to anything beauty-related.

The latest trend that we’re obsessing over? Gradient nail art that’s inspired by macarons and fairies. Seen all over our Instagram feeds, these are definitely go-to designs for summer and even all year round.

Ahead, we’ve gathered a few designs you’ll want to bring along with you on your next manicure appointment.

1. Haze blue gradient smudge

Just a few months back, Koreans were obsessed over anything and everything related to mint chocolate chip – from food to fashion items, and even nail art.

Now, everyone is loving this hazy tone that consists of chromatic colours such as blue and grey, and it reminds us of fluffy clouds!

Credit: @gnal_nail on Instagram

2. Transparent gradation blending

A popular technique among all the gradation designs, this is one that many people tend to opt for.

The base of the Paddle Pop design is actually transparent. A mix of colours is then added on and blended through to give you that soft and natural gradient effect. It’s a subtle yet prominent design that will have many people complimenting you non-stop.

3. Contrast colour gradient smudge

Similar to transparent gradation blending, this style focuses more on using contrasting colours that stand out. However, it still appears very natural on the nails and is very suitable for daily wear!

4. Matte gradation blending

Gradient designs are often spotted in a glossy finish, but who says you can’t change it up with a matte finish for a completely different vibe?

Credit: @pleuvoir_e.y on Instagram

5. Longitudinal gradient smudge

A unique take on the gradient design, the longitudinal method focuses on a vertical gradation instead of blending the colours randomly.

If your nails are on the shorter end, this would make a great design to try out – it can help make your nails look longer!