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If you’re into nail art and design but are always undecided about nail polish colours or design, why not try designs based on Pantone’s colour of the year?

What is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017?

Pantone Colour Institute is an organisation that provides colour-related advice. For instance, the institution provides advice for companies’ brands, colour development. Also, they decide on colour of the year.

To determine the colour of the year, the Pantone Colour Institute surveys trends and social media for popular colours. The institute opts for colours that represent freshness but also bear relation to global issues.  This year, Pantone has chosen Greenery as its colour of the year. Greenery promotes social awareness about climate change and global warming.


Some nail ideas to try

If you like the greenery-environment concept, here are some looks below for you to try.

1. Classic Greenery Nails

For a classic and yet bold look, try this zesty greenery colour. Greenery is perfect and loud for summer.


2. Back to School Nails

If you’re in college or university, this is the nail design for you! Jazz up the classic greenery nail design by adding ruler-like prints with your nail dotting tool and white nail polish.


3. Kiwi Fruit Nails

Kiwi Fruits are not only high in Vitamin C but also make super fun and cute designs. In addition to greenery, you will need white and black nail polish and either nail dotting tools or a toothpick for the design.


4. Slytherin Nails

Harry Potter fan? Try Slytherin-inspired nails. All you need in addition to green is silver nail polish. Use scotch-tape to help you achieve straight lines.

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