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We may be totally okay with spending a good half an hour doing up our hair, but sometimes, all we really need is to quickly keep hair out of our face and get on with our day.

Whether you are growing out your bangs or just have too much hair that keeps falling in your face, we have just the best tools to help you out! Read on for the list of 20 stylish hair accessories to keep your hair securely in place the whole day.

Hair pins

1. Metallic gold pins

Hairpin 1

Say goodbye to boring black bobby pins and say hello to these eye-catching metallic gold ones, which look especially gorgeous on coloured hair. A styling tip? Don’t just stop at one, combine several different ones to instantly elevate a simple hairstyle.

These metallic pearl hair pins are available on Shopee from SGD0.24 to SGD0.99 per set.

2. Vintage style

Hair Pin 2

Fans of the Korean vintage fashion look can’t miss out on these dainty hair pins that come with pearls and buttons in old-fashioned styles!

You can get these from Shopee at SGD2.74 per set.

3. Star-shaped pins

Hair Pin 3

For those days when you want to feel like a dainty princess, these chic hair pins with the little star details are your answer!

Get them from Shopee at SGD1.26 per set.

4. Vintage keys and scissors

Hair Pin 4

Why wear regular hair pins when you can wear keys, scissors and even sea creatures on your hair?

Get these from Shopee at SGD2.42.

Hair clips

5. Oversized clips

Hair Clip 5

Both practical and stylish, these oversized hair clips can grab more of your hair to keep them in place while acting as a statement piece in your hair look. They come in a wide variety of colours and textures so you can mix and match with the rest of your outfit.

Get these from Shopee at SGD1.46.

6. All things pearly

Hair Clip 1

These oversized pearl and rhinestone hair clips continue to be the trend everywhere and there’s no better time than now for you to try these out on yourself!

These are available on Shopee from SGD1.28 to SGD4.59.

7. Elegant bows

Hair Clip 2

These are for the girls out there who want to give the oversized hair clips a try but don’t want to call too much attention to them. These simple cross hair clips come in five muted shades, available on Shopee at SGD0.45.

8. Cherry blossom hair clips

Hair Clip 3

Missed the sakura season this year? Why not wear them on your hair with these dainty cherry blossom hair clips that will instantly give your hair look a refreshing spring vibe.

Get these from Shopee at  SGD3.70.

9. Geometric shapes

Hair Clip

For a fuss-free, effortless look, opt for these minimalist hair clips with geometric shapes to keep your hair tidy while looking chic at the same time.

These are available on Shopee from SGD1.04 to SGD1.11.

10. Sparkling rhinestones

Hair Clip 6

These are for the girls who love all things sparkle! Use these clips to pin back your fringe or to secure a half-up hairstyle, and your hair will look done up in seconds.

These are available on Shopee from SGD1.10 to SGD1.16.

11. Flowers

Hair Clip 7

These are the adult version of the flower hair clips we used to wear as kids, and will instantly add a sweet vibe to any of your looks.

Get these from Shopee at SGD5.99 per set.

12. Heart with wings

Hair Clip 9

These metallic gold hair clips featuring a heart with wings are perfect to wear on a date night or whenever you want to add a cute, romantic touch to your look.

It is available on Shopee at SGD1.95.

13. Oversized bows

Hair Tie 3

Don’t think these oversized hair bows are just for little girls! They can instantly add a playful touch to your hairstyle, be it a ponytail, a top knot or a half-up ‘do. They are more versatile than you think.

These hair are available on Shopee at SGD1.89.

Hair bands

14. Knotted hair band

Head Band 3

Hair bands are a true lifesaver for those with lots of baby hair or bangs that are too short to pin up. These knotted hair bands will give your hair a boho vibe without having to fuss with an actual turban.

Get these from Shopee at SGD1.99.

15. Twisted hair band

Head Band 2

Do you often find regular hair bands too tight or uncomfortable on your head? You need these wired hair bands ASAP.

They will curve along the shape of your head and fit snugly once you have twisted the ends together. No more headaches from headbands that are too tight!

Get the from Shopee at SGD2.50.

16. Two-in-one headband and hair tie

Head Band 1

For those who don’t want to fuss with multiple hair accessories, this one’s for you! It is a headband with two ribbons at the ends that can also tie your hair into a ponytail. Pretty and convenient, what more can we ask for?

Get this from Shopee at SGD2.80.

Hair ties

17. Pastel scrunchies

Hair Tie 1

Putting your hair in a ponytail is the quickest way to keep long hair neat and out of your face. But if you are bored of wearing black elastics, these scrunchies in sweet pastel shades will help jazz up the look without any extra effort.

You can get them from Shopee at SGD1.35.

18. Elastics with pearl details

Hair Tie 4

If you want to join in on the pearl accessories trend but doesn’t want to go all out, these hair elastics with subtle pearl details are for you.

They are available from Shopee at SGD0.22.

Hair claws

19. Elegant roses

Hair Claw 1

Hair claws are one of the quickest ways to put your hair up without turning it into a bun. And with this elegant rose-shaped claw clip, you can even wear it to formal events and other special occasions!

Get this hair claw from Shopee at SGD1.40.

20. Pearls

Hair Claw 2

If regular hair claws are too big for your half-up, half-down look, check this hair claw with stylish pearl details that is just big enough to secure the upper half portion of your hair.

It is available on Shopee at SGD1.31.