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Whether we’re relaxing, working or out and about, a bun is almost always what we’ll turn our hair into. After all, it’s the most sensible and versatile hairstyle known to mankind that can be used in a variety of situations.

But what if you want to upgrade your usual, plain bun to a more stylish version that’s equally as comfortable? Well, get ready as we’ve compiled 16 different bun hairstyles for all hair lengths, complete with gorgeous accessory recommendations that you can easily shop!

Cute “poop” bun

Lovingly coined as “ddong hair” or “poop hair” in South Korea because of its round shape, this basic yet adorable up-do lets you rock that laid-back look in under five minutes. It’s no wonder this is a popular go-to hairstyle for both Asian and Western celebrities alike!



To get the look, simply twist your hair into the shape of a bun before securing it with a hair tie. This effortless hairstyle is great for online meetings, going out for a walk or a newly-approved trip to your lash appointment.

DV tip: Gently pull any baby hair or sideburns down to frame your face for a more natural and tousled look – doing this also gives the illusion of a smaller face.

You can spice it up by curling or flat-ironing these strings of hair using the lowest heat setting to add more volume. Try experimenting with simple curls or the Korean S-curl look.

Additionally, use bobby pins to secure fly-away hairs as you work your way around the bun. Pin them inwards towards the middle of your scalp instead of sideways for a more secured finish.

Don’t worry if your hair is on the shorter side, you can still sport this popular up-do by pinning up excess hair with hair-coloured bobby pins or braiding it up if you have time to spare.

Here’s a quick tutorial (with English subtitles) for those of you with short hair:

Feeling adventurous with you hair? Try the poop bun look with short, edgy bangs or a pop of colour with some hair dye!



Here are some affordable yet durable bobby pins and hair elastics you’d need to get your hands on:

Basic bobby pins

Dark-coloured bobby pins are handy as they can camouflage in natural Asian hair colours.

Bun Hairstyles Beauty Hair Bobby Pins

Retails from SGD1.20 per set on Shopee.

Colourful bobby pins

Colourful bobby pins are always fun to have around as you can accessorise with them in many different ways!

Bun Hairstyles Coloured Bobby Pins

Retails for SGD1 per set on Shopee.

Hair elastics and rings

These come in a range of types and colours, so choose one that matches your current hair colour (if you’re seeking to hide them) or personal preferences in terms of elasticity and grip.

Bun Hairstyles Invisibobble Hair Elastic

Retails for SGD9 per set on lookfantastic.

Bun Hairstyles Rubber Hair Elastics

Retails for SGD1.49 per pack on Shopee.

If you’re seriously thinking of updating your hair colour at home, here are some highly rated box hair dyes that you can try, be it simple, work-friendly dark shades or bold, daring hues.

April Skin Turn Up Color Cream

Bun Hairstyles April Skin Turn Up Color Cream

Retails for SGD11.29 on EZbuy.

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Dye

Bun Hairstyles Miss En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Dye

Retails for SGD15.60 on Shopee.

Ballerina Bun

For a neat ballerina top knot, spongey hair donut is the way to go! This little tool suits most hair lengths, unless you have hair on the shorter side. Fret not though, as you can still achieve an immaculate bun with the help of bobby pins and hair spray.

Unfamiliar with bun donuts? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use them:

Get a bun donut for SGD1.51 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Hair Donut

Trendy scrunchie bun

If you’ve been scrolling social media lately, you’d know that scrunchies are back in trend and are surely here to stay. Not surprising, considering how convenient these cool hair accessories are to have around – simply adorn them around your wrist and pop your hair up into a bun whenever you feel like it! This takes five minutes tops and works for all hair lengths.



Scrunchies come in all textures, colours and patterns, so you can certainly match them to your personal preferences or your outfit’s colour palette for a lovely, colour coordinated look.


Here are some pretty options we’ve curated for your shopping consideration:

Plain Scrunchies

Bun Hairstyles Neutral Satin Plain Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.19 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Colourful Plain Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.35 on Shopee.

Mesh Scrunchies

Bun Hairstyles Simple Mesh Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.99 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Daisy Mesh Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.25 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Pom Pom Mesh Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.19 on Shopee.

Patterned Scrunchies

Bun Hairstyles Cotton Flower Patterned Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.40 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Floral And Lattice Patterned Scrunchie

Retails for SGD1.05 on Shopee.

Chic low bun

What if we told you that you could achieve this luxurious hair trend in less than five minutes? All you’ll need is some handy hair elastics! If you prefer a sleeker, off-duty model look (think Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber), just prepare hair spray on the side for the finishing touch.

The best part about this style is that it’s suitable for all hair lengths, even shorter hair. Simply twist your hair as you would when making a normal bun, but this time secure it much lower than a typical up-do, and you’re good to go!




Here are some of the best lightweight hairsprays in the market to keep your bun sleek and in place:

Sachajuan Light & Flexible Hairspray

Dubbed one of the best hairsprays for everyday styling, Sachajuan’s Light & Flexible hairspray can keep the sides of your low bun sleek and intact without the unwanted stickiness or stiffness. Its airy formula also allows you to spray on as many layers as you like without leaving your hair feeling heavy.

Bun Hairstyles Sachajuan Light & Flexible Hairspray

Retails for SGD38 on sephora.sg.

Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray

This lightweight hair mist not only does its primary job as a hairspray, but can also effectively detangle and restore the natural, smooth movement of your tresses, improving its manageability and shine. Richly infused with plant oils, it also has heat-protecting properties – very useful if you’re thinking of adding some curls to your hair bun!

Bun Hairstyles Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray

Retails for SGD35 on sephora.sg.

Regal French twist bun

If you’re looking for a more elegant look for WFH meetings or quick tea sessions with your gal pal, and have mid-length to longer hair, then this style is for you. As usual, all it requires are a few sturdy hair elastics and ten minutes of your time.

Bun Hairstyles French Twist Bun Inspo One

For accessories, you can mix and match gold or pearl hairpins to complement the overall classy feel of this hairstyle.

While there are many variations of this French twist up-do, here are two fuss-free tutorials that you can easily follow:

Flirty half-up, half-down bun

Suitable for all hair lengths, this style is equal parts playful and feminine. Simply part your hair as you’d do a half-up hairstyle and grab only the top few layers to twist and secure it down with a hair elastic or cute scrunchie.


This hairstyle isn’t just constrained to informal online meetings or chilling at home. Make like actress Lee Ha Eun’s fashionable character in the popular K-drama The Liar and His Lover, and give your corporate ensemble a a preppy twist by adding some curls to the remaining hair.

Bun Hairstyles Lee Haeun Half Up Half Down

Bun Hairstyles Lee Haeun Half Up Half Bun Down With Ribbon (1)

Bun Hairstyles Lee Haeun Half Up Half Down Bun With Ribbon (2)

Out-of-this-world space buns

If you love hair bun styles, why not wear two on your head with this youthful bun variation? As these Korean stars show, two buns is always better than one! Fight the post-circuit breaker woes with this youthful bun variation which is easy and quick to recreate for all hair lengths.

Easy to recreate on all hair lengths, you can rock this kawaii hair trend while catching up with some friends (no more than a group of five, of course) or going for that long-awaited stroll in the mall.

DV tip: For ladies with short to medium length hair, you may want to tie your twin buns lower for more security, braid the excess hair upwards or simply use pins to clip them up tidily.


Space buns are achievable using hair elastics and can be done by twisting your hair into two buns or braiding them separately before the twisting, as illustrated in the detailed tutorial below:

As seen on BLACKPINK’s Lisa and (G)-IDLE’s YuQi, finishing the look with pearl and gold hair clips is one way to give space buns a stylish flair.



Here are a few dainty clips you can add to your basket right now:

Assorted Pearl Clips

This ’90s hair accessories is back and better than ever before. Mix and match embellished gold pins of varied pearl sizes to give any hairstyle and outfit a fashion-forward finish.

Bun Hairstyles Hair Clips In Mixed Shape Design With Pearls

Retails for SGD12.97 per set on ASOS.

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Dainty Clips

Retails for SGD5.82 per set on YesStyle.

Pearl Spiral Pins

Achieve the speckled pearl hair trend that has been making waves in the fashion industry with these versatile spiral pins. Apply them randomly around your bun or in a straight line down your hairline – whatever floats your boat, really!

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Spiral Pin

Retails for SGD1.31 for a set of three on Shopee.

Half-up, half-down meets space bun

This hybrid look lets you lounge around or run errands in style, no matter the length of your hair. Since you don’t have to get all your hair up for this, you can easily attain the look within five minutes. You can also doll up the simple look by curling your locks or knotting thin braids in them.

DV tip: As seen below on ITZY’s Ryujin and Yeji, you can wrap some hair around your finished top knots and fasten them with bobby pins to hide the hair elastics in case they’re not the colour of your liking.



Sophisticated braided bun

Tired of repetitive basic buns? Try this beautiful bun alternative that’s compatible with medium to long hair. While this may take longer to complete depending on the complexity of the braids, the final look is definitely worth the effort.

Alternating between the different types of braids will give your outfit a distinctive feel each time, be it a laid-back, festival chic or demure and elegant. So, if you’re tired of feeling like an outfit repeater, upgrade your overall look by testing out all kinds of braids.


Put your creativity to the test and give yourself a more unique hairstyle with double braids.

Don’t disregard this style just because you’re new to braids and buns. Here are some guided tutorials to spice up the different bun styles we’ve mentioned earlier. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Fancy headband with bun

As one of our trusted hair accessories, headbands are both practical and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they keep hair away from our face fashionably and they’re even better when paired with hair bun styles. We promise you’ll never get bored of accessorising as there’s just too many pretty options to choose from!

Classic headbands

Perk up your usual work attire with classic lace or bedazzled headbands. Choose one with pearls, diamonds, or similar embellishments for an elegant feminine look.


Scarf headbands

Dress down for casual meetings and daily errands with these soft and snug headbands that won’t cause any additional discomfort while you’re sporting a mask. They even double up as a stylish way to keep fly-away hairs out of your face. Headbands which are made of sweat absorbent material can also be used during your workout session at home or in the gym. Talk about a multi-tasking hair accessory!


Here are some of our favourite picks you can consider:

Pearl headbands

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Headband

Retails from SGD2.05 on Shopee.

Embellished headbands

Bun Hairstyles Embellished Leaf Headband

Retails for SGD11.99 on ASOS.

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Embellished Headband

Retails for SGD17.79 on ASOS.

Simple scarf headbands

Bun Hairstyles Simple Scarf Headband

Retails for SGD1.25 on Shopee.

Patterned scarf headbands

Bun Hairstyles Patterned Scarf Headband

Retails from SGD1.26 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Sweat Absorbent Headbands

Retails from SGD4.31 on Lazada.

Pretty ribbon with bun

Silky, multi-coloured ribbons are always a good idea if you are going for the sweet, demure look. Just like scrunchies, you can pull together an alluring monochromatic look by matching the ribbon to your outfit’s colourway.




Get started with these ribbon choices here:

Simple ribbon hair ties

Bun Hairstyles Simple Ribbon Hair Ties

Retails for SGD1.10 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Mesh Pink Ribbon Hair Tie

Retails for SGD0.27 on Shopee.

Patterned ribbon hair ties

Bun Hairstyles Gingham Ribbon Hair Ties

Retails for SGD1.17 on Shopee.

Pearl ribbon hair barrettes

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Ribbon Barrette

Retails for SGD2.22 on Shopee.

Old school clips and barrettes with bun

Perhaps the simplest way to show off your one-of-a-kind personality through your favourite bun hairstyle is by using clips. Versatile and charming, clips never fail to complete a look by adding sparkle or a funky dash of colour.

Hop on the never-ending bobby pin trend popularised by BLACKPINK’s Jennie and stack as many pins as you like on the side of your bun.

Emulate the above looks with these dazzling clips and barrettes we’ve handpicked for you:

Bun Hairstyles Hair Clips In Mixed Tortoiseshell And Pearl Designs

Retails for SGD10.19 per set on ASOS.

Bun Hairstyles Assorted Gold And Pearl Pins

Retails from SGD1.62 per set on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Crystal Barettes

Retails for SGD1.54 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Marble Grain Hair Barrettes

Retails for SGD2.40 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Vintage Leopard Print Barrettes

Retails for SGD1.10 on Shopee.

Claw clip bun

For a hint of nostalgia, reach for oversized butterfly clips – yes, the one that your mum uses – to keep your hair up for formal meetings or just casual lounging.

For better security and comfort, opt for medium-sized claws for short to mid-length hair and large claws for longer or thicker hair. Then, just swoop your mane up in one twist and you’ll have any second-day hair tamed into a smart bun in under a minute! Perfect for impromptu video conferences that require you to look a little more presentable, if you ask us.



And just in case you haven’t heard, retro tortoise shell and marble patterns are in. Together with pearls, these timeless hair accessories will help give you that refined image you’re going for.  Here are some chic options to choose from:

Bun Hairstyles Pearl Butterfly Clips

Retails for SGD3.71 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Marble Butterfly Clips

Retails for SGD2.49 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Acetate Medium Middle Sized Butterfly Clip

Retails from SGD3.79 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Clear Marble Medium Butterfly Clip

Retails for SGD1.69 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Plain Large Butterfly Clips

Retails for SGD1.99 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Metal Butterfly Clip

Retails for SGD4.96 on Shopee.

Bandana bun

Bandanas were all the rage in our teenage years but there’s no reason not to whip out one for this fun hair trend. Similar to scarf headbands, bandanas are a cool, easy way to jazz up your WFH or shopping outfits while ensuring that your hair is softly tucked away from your face.



You can either wrap your bandana or scarf around the bun itself, or create a makeshift headband by tying the tails up into a ribbon. Here are a couple of tutorials to guide you:

Additionally, you can follow these tutorial images if you want to recreate the look in three fresh variations:

Bun Hairstyles Bandana Tutorial One

Bun Hairstyles Bandana Tutorial Two

Bun Hairsyles Bandana Tutorial Three

Those who enjoy a challenge can try incorporating the bandana into a sophisticated braided bun like this one here.


Here’s a simple tutorial to give you a head start on the scarf bun style:

Ready to try this hairstyle? Check out these medium to large bandana and silk scarf options for your shopping consideration:

Bun Hairstyles Colourful Classic Bandanas

Retails for SGD4 on Lazada.

Bun Hairstyles Small Patterned Bandana Silk Scarf

Retails for SGD2.85 on Shopee.

Bun Hairstyles Large Patterned Bandana Silk Scarf

Retails for SGD3.99 on Shopee.

Edgy caged bun

Be a trendsetter and don this unconventional hair accessory that is guaranteed to keep your bun securely in place. Knot up your hair into a bun as usual and let the bun cage do the rest of the work for you. This looks will only take five minutes or less to complete.

Gold Geometric Bun Cage

Available for SGD5.73 on AliExpress.

Gold X Shaped Bun Cage

Bun Hairstyles Gold Plated Bun Cages

These styles retail from SGD1.18 and are available on AliExpress.

“Hair sticks” and buns

Have a last-minute video call or errand to run? Grab some hair sticks and slot them through your bunned-up tresses. It’s as easy as ABC and you’ll look presentable in less than five minutes!


Classic Hair Sticks

Go back to the basics with these minimalistic metal or tortoise shell-patterned hair sticks.

Bun Hairstyles Classic Gold Hairsticks

Retails for SGD3.27 on AliExpress.

Bun Hairstyle Vintage Tortoise Shell Hairsticks

Retails for SGD2.88 on AliExpress.

Oriental Hair Sticks

If you’re into cutesy Japanese-inspired hairstyles, these colourful hair sticks are right up your alley.

Colourful Japanese Hair Stick For Buns

Available from SGD4.85 on AliExpress.

Floral Hair Sticks

From red roses and multi-coloured sakuras to beautiful butterflies, show off some flower power with these floral hair sticks.

Floral Hair Sticks For Buns

Available from SGD3.25 on AliExpress.

Need some inspo to switch things up with your hair sticks? Whether it’s a quick five-minute up-do or an elaborate braided knot, we’ve got you back with these tutorials to kick-start your creativity: