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Hair envy— who doesn’t get hit by a bout or two of it whenever you see a celebrity with enviably thick, full locks, right? Or whenever you catch a glimpse of someone rocking a bold hair colour you’ve always loved but are hesitant to actually try.

Unfortunately, unless you’re blessed with the genetic lottery or are considering investing in a wig or two, you’re stuck with your God-given mane.

Or are you? Lately, a new solution has been cropping up with increasing frequency all over Singapore: hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions in the First Place?


As its name suggests, hair extensions are basically locks or sections of hair that you can use to add volume or length to your mane. They can be made of synthetic hair, natural hair, or even a mix of both, in recent cases.

How Do Hair Extensions in Singapore Work?

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There are several methods and varieties of hair extension services out there— such as fusion, tape-in, and sewn-in— so it really depends on the salon and what they can provide. It all depends on the salon and your hair type, so make sure to consult with your hairdresser thoroughly on which hair extension method is best suited for you.

What Are the Hair Extension Types Available in Singapore?

1. Clip-In

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Clip-in extensions, by far, require the least amount of commitment. They are basically wefts of hair with clips attached to the top, allowing you to put them on and remove them whenever you want! Now, while that might sound ideal, bear in mind that it may be difficult to find a clip-in that matches your hair colour and length exactly.

The pieces also cannot be attached to your hair for a too long period of time as it can cause hair breakage. Henceforth, this means that these hair extension pieces are not suitable for most people with fine, thin hair as the clips and base may be too heavy or bulky.

If you’re keen on this method, you can read an in-depth review of the process here.

2. Tape-In

hair extensions singapore - tape in

Photo source: Great Lengths

Tape-in extensions are exactly what they sounds like: the extensions come fitted with double or single-sided tape tabs cut to fit their size. They are then attached to your hair and carefully sandwiched between your own locks so as to give it a more natural look. These extensions can last up to about four to six weeks, and installation requires no heat, glue or rings. They’re definitely suitable for those with fine or thin hair and, apparently, only require less than 90 minutes to get them fully fitted in.

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3. Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

hair extensions singapore - micro ring

Photo source: Ugeat on Amazon

One of the smallest and most undetectable hair extension techniques available, this method requires looping small bundles of hair through your natural hair and securing it by clamping a metal bead around it. Sounds painful, but it’s actually a relatively painless process. However, this method is not recommended for people with shorter or fine hair, as the clamping of the metal bead on hair can lead to breakage.

If you’re keen on this method, you can read an in-depth review of the process here. Shop Ugeat Mirco Ring Hair Extensions for S$59 on Amazon

4. Sewn-In

hair extensions singapore - sewn in

Photo source: @handtiedextensions/Instagram

Sewn-in extensions involve— of course— literally sewing your hair extensions onto your mane. A horizontal cornrow is created in your hair before the extensions are attached to it with a needle and thread. It’s called weaving for a good reason, after all!

These type of extensions can last from two to four months if maintained properly. However, it is unsuitable for those with thin, fine hair. They are also known to weigh down on the scalp and cause headaches, so watch out for that.

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5. Hot Fusion

hair extensions singapore - hot fusion

Photo source: @alena_sd_hairextensions/Instagram

Yup, this is the one that involves glue! What happens here is that several strands of your hair will be bonded together at the tip with the use of keratin glue. It is then fused with your natural hair with a heating tool, thus keeping it in place.

According to professionals, this method allows for your extensions to last the longest, from sixteen to twenty weeks with proper maintenance! It, however, also requires a lengthy application time (any time from between 6-8 hours) and happens to be the most expensive of the options available.

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Are Hair Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

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The general consensus seems to be a resounding no, but only if you seek out a proper professional who knows what they’re doing. Going back for regular maintenance and rotating the areas where the extensions are placed can also go a long way in ensuring healthy locks.

Where Can I Get Hair Extensions Done in Singapore?

Luckily for you, hair extensions are picking up in popularity over on our sunny shores, with there being a definite spike in people seeking hair extension services in Singapore. Here are a few salons you can consider:

Featured image credit: @handtiedextensions on Instagram