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Peter Pan wouldn’t grow up, and it seems like we don’t want to either. We’re taking on trend after throwback trend this year, thanks to the resurgence of Y2K fashion and makeup styles, which include everything from claw clips and feather braids, to poppin’ eyeliner.

Y2K styles embrace all that’s playful and lighthearted, which means much more colours, textures, and just enough shine. Well, it’s evident that we’re not quite done with being nostalgically inspired by old trends yet, because the shimmery hair accents that were in in the ‘90s are back again.

It’s true, hair tinsel is taking TikTok by a storm and being spotted on so many celebrities too. And they’re looking absolutely magical.

What is hair tinsel?

hair tinsels singapore -

Photo source: @giovannidelgado/Instagram, @glitterhair_off/TikTok

Hair tinsel is, just as their name suggests, tinsel that you attach to your hair. The slim and glistening strands easily catch the light with even the smallest movements. With just a little breeze, or a casual turning of the head, hair tinsel will work up a breathtaking sparkle and bring your mane to life.


Hair tinsel comes in a plethora of colours like rockstar pinks, ethereal whites, and fairy-tale blues; they’re also available in more natural shades like browns and black as well.

Hair tinsel inspiration

hair tinsels singapore - heize

A revival of the hair tinsel trend of the ‘90s, this twinkling style is nothing new. Korean idols had actually revived hair tinsel in 2018, with stars like Heize, Sunmi, and Taeyeon using the gleaming strands to brighten up their style.

Most recently, Katy Perry donned hair tinsel in an Instagram post promoting her Las Vegas residency, and Megan Thee Stallion, earlier this year, flaunted long black hair with a surprising sparkle – her glinting blue, purple, and gold hair tinsel responsible for the shine.

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Photo source: @theestallion/Instagram

But we’re drawing most inspiration from the ethereal hair tinsel styles that are being shared on TikTok. Some of them flaunt a subtle shine, like a little glimmering gold on blonde hair or a few strands of silver against ash tresses.

Others are going for a truly enchanting style with a prism of colours decorating the mane, such as magical blue against dark hair, fleeting forest green strands against brown tresses, or even a mix and match of many surreal shades!

hair tinsels singapore - (3)

Photo source: @lianajadee, @glitterhair_off/TikTok

How to wear hair tinsel

Hair tinsel is really easy to wear, only they’re tedious to attach because you have to tie them strand by strand onto small sections of your hair.

You can start by flipping the top layer of hair from one side of your natural parting to the other side so that the knots that you’ll later use to tie the tinsel to your hair won’t be visible. If it helps, clip the hair up too, so that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re attaching the hair tinsel.


How to do hair tinsel!! Inspired by @Kait #hairtinsel #hairtutorial #cutehairstyles #summerhairstyles

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Take one strand of hair tinsel and loop it such that it forms a loose slip knot. Pull a small section of hair through the slip knot, and slide the hair tinsel all the way to the root, before tightening the slip knot.


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♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

If you don’t want the hair tinsel to be removed easily, simply tie a second knot over the first. Otherwise, you can slide a second strand of hair tinsel over the same section of hair, and knot the two strands together at the root.


Reply to @daf.r8 tut on how I put tinsel in my hair! I’m aware that I’m not a professional, this is just the way I put it in! ❤️

♬ Wait a Minute! – WILLOW

Should you prefer your hair tinsel to stay on for much longer, then the micro ring method is the best way to attach the shimmering strands to your tresses.

The micro ring method, much like regular micro ring hair extensions, involves threading a small section of your hair and up to 20 strands of hair tinsel through a bead. Then, you’ll slide the bead so that it’s near to the hair’s root, and clamp down on it using a pair of pliers.


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Tied-on hair tinsel can stay in your hair for about one to two weeks, while hair tinsel that is attached using the micro ring method can stay up to six weeks. You’ll have to remove the micro rings from your hair after, using a pair of pliers to clamp down on the bead in the opposite direction.

Where to buy hair tinsel in Singapore


hair tinsels singapore - shopee

There are so many styles of hair tinsel that you can purchase on Shopee, including multi-colour tinsel that give off a holographic glow, and silver ones that give a subtle sparkle.

Shop hair tinsel on Shopee.



hair tinsels singapore - lazada

Similar to Shopee, Lazada also offers a myriad of hair tinsel styles for you to choose from.

Since there are so many colours available, you can even up the ante on a fairy-tale look by using many hair tinsel colours to accessorise your mane. Instead of sticking to a single colour throughout, have fun by tying a rainbow of teasing strands to your tresses.

Shop hair tinsel on Lazada.



hair tinsels singapore - pink age

Althea sells one hair tinsel product on its site, and it’s the Pink Age Glitter Hair Tinsel + Hair Pin.

The Korean brand’s hair tinsel is attached to the tresses a little differently. Instead of tying them directly to your hair, you use a slip knot to tie them onto the hair clips (which come together).

After you’ve tied as many strands as you like, you can easily clip the tinsel onto your hair, and remove them whenever you want to as well.

Another great thing about Pink Age’s Glitter Hair Tinsel is that the strands are heat resistant. You can use your curling iron or hair straightener to style your hair, together with the tinsel, without damaging them.

There are 13 colours for you to choose from, including bright white Milk, elegant Champagne Gold, and party style Colour Mix.

Shop Pink Age Glitter Hair Tinsel + Hair Pin for S$4.50 instead of S$8.80 on Althea. Shipping is free for orders over S$29 directly from Korea.


hair tinsels singapore - asos

If you’re an avid ASOS shopper, then you’ll be glad to know that ASOS retails hair tinsel from Easilocks.

It’s a brand that specialises in designing and attaching hair extensions for customers at their hair salons located across the UK as well as Ireland. You’ll even spot their hair extensions on celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner.

So, you certainly can trust that Easilocks’ hair tinsel is of excellent quality; the ones that are on ASOS are in beautiful Silver, Pink, and Shimmer, which is a celestial combination of various colours.

Shop Easilocks Hair Tinsel for S$10.99 on ASOS.


hair tinsels singapore - amazon

If you’re going for the micro ring method of attaching the shiny strands to your mane, then shop on Amazon where you can find lots of hair tinsel kits.

Hair tinsel kits mostly come with strands in a plethora of otherworldly hues, a pair of pliers, a crochet hook for you to bring your section of hair and tinsel through each micro ring, and… micro rings too.

Since micro rings let you attach about 20 strands at a time to a single section of hair, you’ll get to flaunt chunkier shimmer highlights, instead of a more subtle, whimsical strand-by-strand style.

Micro rings come in different colours too, so if you want to hide them better, then choose a shade that’s close to your hair’s colour.

Shop hair tinsel on Amazon.


Where to get hair tinsel done in Singapore

Did you know that there are also salons that offer hair tinsel extension services in Singapore?

hair tinsels singapore - the lash chapter singapore

The Lash Chapter is one such salon that lets you pick from an array of glistening hair tinsel styles, and then helps you attach them to your hair so that you don’t have to do it on your own.

The hair tinsel at The Lash Chapter is also heat-resistant and chemical-free, which means that you can blow-dry, straighten, or curl your hair, without damaging the strands. They’ll last for up to two months before they loosen and fall off on their own.

The salon charges S$30 for 10 strands, S$50 for 20 strands, and S$70 for 30 strands.

Book your hair tinsel appointment with The Lash Chapter here.

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