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Not all of us can have small, symmetric faces that can keep up with the whirlwind of hairstyle trends. It’s fun, but some styles just don’t work for every face shape – and that’s perfectly fine!

The right choice of a hairstyle plays a huge part in helping to conceal some facial imperfections in regard to its shape. With the right style applied to your hair, you can distract attention from what you’re insecure about, and bring out your stronger features.

Many of us wish for slimmer faces, and with these hairstyles, your wish may just come true!

1. Voluminous Topknot + Ballerina Bun

hairstyle for smaller face top knot

Credit: @carissa_mcholme/Instagram

A voluminous topknot or creates a vertical illusion, lengthening your face for a slimming effect. Anything that helps your face achieve height and volume is your bae. With the right tugs and pinches at the correct places, you’re good to go!

  • Pull your hair up into a nice high pony. Release a couple pieces of hair around the face on either side.
  • Coil the pony around itself until you have a nice big bun, and secure it to your head.
  • Bonus points if you have ombre hair, which adds extra dimension to your look!

2. Low Bun

hairstyle for smaller face low bun

Credit: @hair_vera/Instagram

This, girlfriends, is the answer. Be it for work or a black-tie affair, this effortless classic beauty takes the cake. Face-framing waves break up the roundness and shadow your features to give it an illusion of sharpness. To get Kate Bosworth’s to-go hair, it’s as simple as three steps –

  • Keeping the sides of your hair intact, sweep hair back into a low pony.
  • Pin into a bun.
  • Pull pieces loose around the face to soften the look.

3. Side Braid

hairstyle for smaller face side braid

Credit: @beyondtheponytail/Instagram

We’re a huge fan of the side braid, mostly because of how it completely transforms any look. It’s great because while it opens up your face it’s pretty enough to draw the attention away from the shape of your face. Pull out the wispy hairs located in your sideburn area to frame your face better – but make sure it doesn’t cross the fine line between effortless and messy.

  • Spritz in some curl-enhancing spray and scrunch your hair for some loose, beachy waves.
  • Gather hair to one side and part in three sections.
  • Braid hair loosely and secure it at the bottom.

4. French Braid

hairstyle for smaller face french braid

Credit: @yukalinana/Instagram

Apart from the normal three-piece braid, a french braid is another great way to accentuate your facial features. Just remember to add volume to the crown of your head to give your face a more elongated look. Apply hair styling products such as hairspray to keep it in shape for the whole day!

5. Double Braid

hairstyle for smaller face crown braid (1)

Credit: @brushedbybec/Instagram

Nothing could be further from the truth than the notion that braids don’t go well with round faces. A high four-strand or three-strand braid elongates the overall length of the face and does perfect justice to any face shape.

And to add more spunk to your overall look, throw in some accessories just like how Rita Ora did. Yum.

6. Crown Braid

hairstyle for smaller face crown braid

Credit: @hairandmakeupbymichaela/Instagram

Kirsten Dunst is the perfect example of a Hollywood star with a softer, rounder looking face. She looks ethereal and graceful with her intricately braided crown braid. The secret to this is that the braid is clear-cut, defined, and, of course, the sleek, smooth finish.

  • Section your hair into two large parts.
  • Beginning on the left side, braid the hair into a classic three-strand braid from the ear down all the way to the ends, then secure with a clear elastic. Braid the right side of the hair the same way.
  • Take the left braid up and over the top of your head as far as it will reach, pinning along the top with bobby pins. Repeat and finish for the other side as well.
  • Accessorise by placing a headband, or a simple flower crown to add flair.

7. Side Part + Old Hollywood Curls

hairstyle for smaller face side part

Credit: @mirandakerr/Instagram

Dress up a side part with luxurious looking curls. Miranda Kerr is the perfect example of old-school glamour. Get her look by –

  • Blowing out hair and using a 2-inch barrel curling iron—or if you’re feeling extra fancy, use hot rollers.
  • Tease the curls by combing them with your fingers, just to loosen them a little more.
  • Finish by spritzing hairspray to keep hold throughout the day!

9. Long, Luscious Curls

hairstyle for smaller face long luscious curls

Credit: @chrissyteigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen has held the secret to achieving the slim effect. Her curls. Curls will help you frame the face by adding volume. If this is a look you love, ask your stylist for layers that start slightly below the chin and are angled outward. This will help open up your face, making it appear longer.

10. Straight Hair + Middle Parting

hairstyle for smaller face straight hair middle part

Credit: @milakunism/Instagram

Mila Kunis knows that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, as this style has become her signature. And with good reason: the layered cut makes a huge difference. Have your hair straightened and curled towards the tips (or ask a stylist too!) Have your hair parted from the middle and let it fall down equally and look gorgeous.

11. Side Swept Bangs

hairstyle for smaller face side swept bangs

Credit: @emmastone/Instagram

Side-swept bangs, like what Emma Stone usually sports, offer up even more structure to a rounded face, creating the illusion of sharper cheekbones. Add gentle waves or curls for additional texture, which effectively deflect the roundness of the face to create a slimmer look.

12. High Ponytail

hairstyle for smaller face high ponytail

Credit: @mirandakerr/Instagram

Miranda Kerr has long been a fan of the high ponytail, and so are we as this hairstyle creates an impeccable definition for face shapes. It elongates the whole face, and besides, you should show off what your mama gave you because the essential key to looking beautiful is confidence.

  • First, apply a volumizing mousse and pull hair up to create a tight pony.
  • Next, use a thick curling wand to add extra volume and thickness to voluminous tail.
  • Once done, mist with a light hairspray to tame flyaway hairs.

13. Retro Ponytail

hairstyle for smaller face retro ponytail

Credit: @sarahhyland/Instagram

You may disagree with vehemence, but a long ponytail with face-framing bangs helps streamline a rounder face, making it look more shapely. Take a page out of Sarah Hyland’s book and her retro pony that helps her draw attention upwards.

  • Part small sections of hair on the sides. Gather the rest of the hair and secure it with a ponytail using rubber bands.
  • Take the section on the right and twist it along its length.
  • Move it back, crossing it over to the other side and secure it to the ponytail using bobby pins and U-pins. Do the same for the left.

14. Tousled Bob

hairstyle for smaller face tousled bob

Credit: @jenniferlawrence_/Instagram

Short hair can have a slimming effect as well, as long as texture and fullness is on your side. Remember ladies, these are the keys to making your face look smaller in proportion.

  • Part your hair on the opposite side (to create volume)
  • Use a curling wand to wave sections of hair throughout your entire head.
  • Run your hands into the curls a few time to give it that tousle and messy-glam look.

15. Asymmetrical Bob (Textured)

hairstyle for smaller face Asymmetrical Bob

Credit: @inannikaschair/Instagram

The round face looks good with choppy cuts, which is why when you have a round face it is often recommended to get layers. A tip would be to get it cut at your hairdresser’s, but remember to show him/her some sample pictures so that they have a clearer picture of what you are looking for!