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What is dressing up as vampires, clowns, and witches without makeup? The key to making your Halloween dress-up terrifyingly real is in how realistically you do your makeup. You may know where to buy those sunset-glow highlighters and face-blur powder pacts, but the face paint and fake blood that you will need to play Joker right might be something new for you. This spooky season, check out what you need and where you can go to get your top favourite Halloween acts together!

The Gothic Vampire look

Also the most classic Halloween look. Made popular possibly by The Vampire Diaries and Twilight series, vampires are now believed to not only have the murderous and blood-thirsty look, but also appear alluring and seductive. The key points of the vampire look would be the pale face, red eyes and fake blood.

What you will need in this look

  1.  White face paint or foundation that is at least three shades lighter than your usual to make your face white as sheet.
  2. Red coloured contact lenses.
  3.  Fake blood that is safe to apply on the skin and lips area.

Where to shop

For foundation: You may not wish to spend on an expensive foundation for a one-time off dress up party, but you will need quite an amount of product to achieve the pale vampire face. Sephora Glow Perfection Foundation comes in a good size of 20ml and a range of shades for you to choose from.

Halloween Sephora Foundation

For contact lenses: Colourvue Crazy lens from contactlens.sg. Colourvue Crazy lenses are designed for party purposes. The full range of lenses that they have is definitely not the usual that you’ve seen. The Cheshire Cat, Werewolf and Dragon are some examples of the lenses included in the range.

Halloween Colourvue Contact Lens

For fake blood: Spotlight Derivan Fake Blood. It is made of water-based acrylic, making it safe and easy to apply and remove from the skin.

Halloween Derivan Fake Blood

The Harley Quinn Look

The female character from Suicide Squad (2016) has inspired many costumes for dress-up parties. The signature of this look is the blonde ponytails combined with lots of red and blue colours, and a baseball bat.

What you will need in this look

  1. Blue and red eyeshadow, one colour on each eye. Be sure to smudge the colours down to your cheeks.
  2. Liquid Eyeliner to draw the little black heart tattoo on your right cheek.
  3. Red lipstick that is not pinkish or orangey, but full on red.

Where to shop

For eyeshadows: Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Electric Blue and M-742. The Electric Blue eyeshadow is a cool blue with a metallic finish while M-742 is a matte tomato red shadow. To create a balance, smudge some white or silver eye shimmer over the red eyeshadow for a metallic glimmer.

Halloween Makeup Forever Electric Blue

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Electric Blue

Halloween Makeup Forever Red Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in M-742

For liquid eyeliner: Fenty Flyliner will be the tool for the Harley Quinn face tattoo. The long wear waterproof liquid eyeliner has a sharp tip that makes drawing easy. The colour is also hyper-saturated that it is said in the reviews to be a true black eyeliner.

Halloween Fenty Flyliner

For lipstick: Unfortunately, we’ve been told that the lipstick that Margot Robbie used when she was acting as Harley Quinn is no longer available, but M.A.C’s Ruby Woo lipstick is a substitute for creating blood red lips.

Mac Ruby Woo

The Joker Look

If Harley made it to the party, Joker cannot be missing out. The character of the Joker comes to mind whenever the theme is on villains, evil and madness. Highlights of this look would be the shocking green hair, white face, dark sunken eyes and messy red lips.

 What you will need in this look

  1. Green hair spray
  2. White face paint and concealers
  3. Dark eyeshadows and contouring shades

Where to shop

For hair spray: MTrade Novelty Store for green hair spray. This online store specialises in party products at wholesale prices. You may stock up on your party supplies while you are checking out the hair spray too.

Halloween Hair Spray

For face paint: Spotlight Derivan Face and Body Paint in White. Mix the face paint with some concealer and smear all over your face including your eyebrows, ears and neck. Going overboard with the white skin tone is key to making this look work.

Halloween White Face Paint

For eyes: Try Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Squad in matte cool grays from Sephora. It comes with four matte smokey cool tones that are perfect for contouring and shading of the eyes to achieve the gothic defined look.

Halloween Kat Von D Eye Palette

The Black Panther Look

One of the top blockbuster movies of 2018 goes to Marvel’s Black Panther. With the amazing cinematography and stunning visuals, we would expect the Black Panther to be the it look for this year’s Halloween. What is so unique about this Hollywood film is its celebration of people of colour. Unlike the previous few Halloween looks which require a sheet white face, this look focuses on lots of shading and highlighting, so you can channel your #WakandaForever at parties.

What you will need in this look

  1. Foundation or face paint that makes your skin at least three to four shades darker if you are on the fair to light tones.
  2. Neon eyeshadows or bright glitter shadows
  3. Silvery white based highlighter

Where to shop

For foundation: Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation. This collection has a whooping 42 shades to choose from. Just from the dark-medium to deep-dark ranges, there are 14 shades that you could pick to fit the Black Panther theme.

Halloween Colourpop Foundation

For eyeshadow: Try Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow from Sephora. The liquid eyeshadow comes with a watery translucent base colour and large chunky glitters that would make your eye makeup pop effortlessly. Layer it on to get the dramatic bling look.

Halloween Stila Eyeshadow

For highlighter: Fenty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil from Sephora. This shade is inspired by Rihanna’s crystal diamond dress that she wore in 2014. As its name suggests, the highlighter creates a 3D shimmer effect that will help you glow like the heroes of Blank Panther.

Halloween Fenty Highlighter