If you’re not one for safer hair colours like browns and blacks, and multi-coloured hair is more your calling, you’ll adore the new holographic hair trend. This style ranges from violets, to pinks, blues and fluorescent yellows, so you don’t have to just pick one hair colour!

You’ve tried the ombre mermaid hair and the bright, eye-catching unicorn hair before, but this unique, bold new style is sure to turn heads. Plus, its colours can be customised to fit your personal taste too! Read on to find out more about the coolest way to rock rainbow hair yet.

Originating from Ross Michaels Salon in the United States, this daring look is achieved by first lightening the hair to create the perfect base for vivid colour, then painstakingly layering bold colours of your choice in tiny sections to create the reflective rainbow look.

The great thing about this look is that you can choose to go all out with bright, highlighter-esque colours like these…

…or, opt for something less bold, but equally unique:

However, keep in mind that this style requires a lot of patience to perfect, and we recommend going to a professional colourist to get this done and maintained properly, to refrain from damaging your locks!

“Holographic” is the beauty buzzword you need to add to your vocabulary for sure. After the craze for holographic lips, eyeshadow, and nails, the latest holographic trend to hit beauty world is holographic hair.

The holographic hair trend is reportedly started at Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, and is created using a mixture of colours, including violet, lavender, and blue, locked in a blonde hue. The shiny, translucent look resembles a hologram, and we’re guessing this is going to be the biggest hair look on Instagram in the coming months.

Here are a few beautiful holographic hair looks we’ve spotted:

If you can’t get enough of the holographic look, you may want to check out the new Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette – Face & Eye Highlighter Palette, which can be used on its own as an eyeshadow or highlighter, or on top of other makeup to change how it looks.