A new way to set your makeup is splashing onto the shores of K-beauty – and it involves dunking your entire face in water!

If soaking yourself in setting spray is not refreshing enough, you might be keen to dive into this latest summer beauty trend known as “jamsu”, which promises to keep your make-up matte, smudge-proof and long-lasting.

“Jamsu” is a Korean word that means “diving” or “submerging”. As the name suggests, the trick literally requires you submerge your made-up face in ice cold water for 30 seconds. While the method is comparable to baking, the added splash of water is sure to keep you cool and fresh in the sweltering weather.

Here’s how to achieve a porcelain appearance with “jamsu”:

1. Apply your make-up as usual. We recommend doing just your base make-up.

Otherwise, be sure to opt for waterproof liner or mascara!

2. Pack on baby powder or any loose powder all over your face. You’ll look like Casper at this point, but fret not! It’ll be gone by the next step!

3. Fill up a big bowl with cold water. Prepare to soak yourself!

4. Dunk your beautifully powdered face in the bowl and hold your breath for 30 seconds. You may break it down to 15-second intervals.

5. Gently pat your face dry.

6. Once dried, complete the rest of your make-up! At this step, you may want to even out any leftover patches of powder first.

The trend was known to have started by vlogger Yoon Charmi. Check out her demonstration in this video:

But here’s a word of caution from beauty vlogger Kaushal Beauty: it may look a bit too cakey for some. It also seems that the method wouldn’t work very well for those with dry skin.

It may not work for everyone, but tons of beauty lovers swear by it!

So tell us, are you willing to “jamsu”?

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