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Anyone with dry, sensitive skin will tell you how haphazard this condition can be. To avoid triggering a skin reaction, we follow a few common guidelines to prevent or stop rashes, flaky patches, red flare-ups in their tracks. We take short showers with cool or warm – not hot – water, shun skincare products with overwhelming fragrances, and toss harsh scrubs into the garbage.

Friction Free Kanebo Freeplus Skin Concern

What we rarely think about, however, is how we apply and remove our skincare and makeup. From tugging your skin as you cleanse your face to applying eye cream in windshield wiper motions, these acts we do daily can have serious effects on our skin. Rubbing creates frictional forces, which can aggravate our delicate skin and lead to more inflammation as well as premature wrinkling over time.

That isn’t entirely our fault, though. Certain cleansers, rich moisturisers, and thick lotions require a bit more effort, and we often end up pulling and stretching our fragile skin as we drag products across. This explains why we’ve seen more women with dry, sensitive skin turn to friction-free skincare lately. If you’re scratching your head at this point, don’t worry. We’ll explain what these products are and how you can hop on board the trend too.

What is friction-free skincare?

Friction Free Skincare

When we apply our lotions and potions on with too much vigour, we risk wearing down our delicate skin, so beauty brands have created skincare products that take the friction out of the equation. These products generally have a lightweight, viscous texture, which allows them to glide on our skin effortlessly without pulling or causing unnecessary stress to our skin.

Friction-free skincare products are not only physically gentle on the skin, but they’re also formulated for those with skin sensitivities. They’re usually made with minimal but effective ingredients that soothe, nourish, and protect. Even when it comes to cleansing, they’re able to remove dirt, sebum, and grime from the day without having to smoosh your face in.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you overhaul your existing skincare routine right now. However, if you’re ready to try friction-free skincare, why not start by switching out your cleanser for a gentler one?

Start your routine with a friction-free cleanser


Cleansing is hardly the most glamorous step in a skincare lineup, but in many ways, it’s the most important. It’s crucial to remove dirt, oil, and pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural moisture – something many cleansers promise but fail to deliver. This is why we recommend using a frictionless cleanser like the Freeplus Mild Soap A.

A mild cleanser with a silky texture, the Freeplus Mild Soap A lathers up effortlessly to produce a delicate, fluffy foam. It acts as a soft cushion to reduce friction and irritation as it glides across your skin gently to lift dirt and excess sebum off while retaining your skin’s natural moisture.

While it does have ‘soap’ in its name, it’s actually a pH-balanced formula that won’t upset your skin’s slightly acidic barrier. In fact, it’s enriched with amino acids and six Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts to keep moisture close to your skin, so your face won’t feel taut after you cleanse. The cleanser is formulated without alcohol, fragrance, colouring, parabens, and mineral oil too, so you can breathe easy with this one.

For an extra gentle cleansing experience, wet your face, squeeze a bit of cleanser into the palm of your hand, lather it up with some water, and then apply it onto your skin. This way, you won’t have to rub your face hard to create the foam.

Meet the other friction-free products in Freeplus’ range

Treating sensitive and sensitised skin is simple. Now that you’ve got yourself a soothing facial cleanser, the next step is to strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier. Thankfully, Freeplus has other friction-free skincare products in its lineup that’ll do just that.

Freeplus Watery Cream


As its name suggests, the Freeplus Watery Cream is a gel-cream that turns into a refreshing liquid once it’s on your skin. The plant extracts in the formula, which include jujube and citrus peel, soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

It contains niacinamide too, a water-soluble vitamin that’s known to visibly minimise the appearance of pores, reduce skin congestion, and calm active breakouts. The ingredient does all of this while it softens fine lines, evens out your skin tone and texture, and fades dark spots. With continued use, your skin will look and feel healthier, more balanced, and plump.

Freeplus Mild Shower


You never know when a flare-up is about to happen, so you need a mist like the Freeplus Mild Shower to put the fire out fast. This water-light spray-on lotion spritzes a fine mist that covers large surface areas like your arms, legs, and chest.

It’s packed with amino acids to replenish your skin’s moisture levels, so you can use it at literally any time of the day. Spray it on your face and body after a shower, to refresh your makeup, or throughout the day when your skin’s feeling dry. It’s a friction-free way to top up on moisture. Who knows, the Mild Shower might just replace your regular body lotion.

Products from the Freeplus range are available at Lazada. Freeplus Mild Soap retails for S$27; Freeplus Watery Cream retails for S$57; and Freeplus Mild Shower retails for S$9.90 (50g), S$27 (165g), and S$36 (300g). 

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