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For a long, long time, wispy bangs have been a huge thing in Asian beauty, thanks to our favourite Korean celebrities sporting the hairstyle. Now, it seems like there’s a change in the wind and a new hairstyle is hitting the scene.

Baby hair bangs


While it looks like an offshoot of the wispy bangs trend that has been around for so long, baby hair bangs actually frames the face better, affording a contouring illusion that makes your face look smaller and more oval-shaped.

Wispy, baby hair has always been associated with youth and innocence, so the hairstyle also helps to turn back time on your face as well.

How to cut your own baby hair bangs


The Korean entertainment industry has long become the epicentre of all things Asian beauty, so we were extremely excited to find out from Taiwanese hairstylist Fion, who told Vogue Taiwan how to achieve this schoolgirl look:

  1. Tie your hair into a ponytail and gently rub along the top corners of your forehead, so that you have an idea where your baby hair would stick out from
  2. Lightly comb out these locks of hair and estimate in the mirror how much of these baby hair would look best on you
  3. Cut along a slanted, 45 degree angle

Of course, you should only do this on your own if you are experienced at cutting your own hair. If not, we still strongly recommend letting a professional do the job!

Take note of these before you make the cut!


If you do decide to cut them yourself, Fion has these tips for you:

  • Don’t section off chunks of hair that are too thick – baby hair is still meant to be wispy after all!
  • The recommended width of each section is about 3cm.
  • The bangs should flow from the end of your eyebrows to the centre of your ear
  • Those with natural curls would find it easier to pull off this hairstyle
  • If your hair is on the thicker side, be extra careful when cutting to avoid your bangs looking unnatural
  • You can use a small amount of dry wax when styling your hair, or even give it a very gentle, light curl

Once again, if you are in the slightest bit hesitant about cutting your hair yourself, make a visit to your hairdresser, who will certainly be able to make light work of it.

Featured image from Vogue Taiwan.