Korean Celebrities With Short Hair

The decision to simply say goodbye to long locks and embrace short hair is a difficult one. You’ll get polarising comments from your friends who’ll say: but what if you hate it? And then you’ll go another day of not getting the big chop.

Well, guess what – we’re here to tell you this – hair grows back. And short hair? Totally hot. Take a look at these 11 Korean celebrities who’ve made the big chop look easy, effortless, yet still feminine. We’re sure they’ll inspire you to make an appointment with your hairstylist, pronto.

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1. Pony – the blunt chopped bob

Fashion-forward, and constantly sporting different hair colours that most definitely have made a full run on the spectrum of the rainbow, Pony has most been experimental with her hairstyles as well, including going for the big chop.

A chic bob with blunt chop bangs, and fiery red coloured hair, almost reminiscent of punk celebrity Hayley Williams, we absolutely love how edgy, chic, yet still feminine it looks!

2. Park Shin Hye – classic girl-next-door bob

From the expression on Park Shin Hye’s face on her IG post, you would really think she’d gotten a bad haircut – but instead she got a cute bob hair cut with wispy, see-through bangs, this is perfect for the classic girl-next-door look.

3. Lee Sung Kyung – the classic lob

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If you watch your fair share of K-dramas (after all, if you’ve clicked on this article, you must be at least somewhat keen on the K-pop/drama scene!), you probably would’ve recognised Lee Sung Kyung from the popular K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

Can’t quite make the commitment to a full-on short haircut? Try the lob!

4. Park Hyerin – the sleek pixie

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From popular girl group EXID, Hyerin made a super bold decision by choosing to opt for a pixie hair cut.

We absolutely love how this hair cut compliments her feminine features and creates the illusion of an even smaller face – a check in our books!

5. Yoon Bomi – the sleek, straight bob

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Because who says that short hair can’t be styled?

6. Kim Hyoyeon – the feminine lob

We love how sleek this looks on Hyoyeon, plus how low-maintenance it looks – requiring little to no styling, plus, no annoying fringe that’ll get in your eyes!

7. Hwasa (Ahn Hye-jin) – mature and sophisticated curly bob

We absolutely love how bomb this short, curly bob looks on Hwasa. Far from the usual girly girl-next-door look Korean stars usually sport, this is the haircut for you if you want to pull off something more mature and sophisticated.

8. Kwon Yuri – short and sweet

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We just love how it curls off at the end for a simple, sleek, yet still feminine look!

9. Go Jun Hee

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Starring as a supporting role in the K-drama ‘She Was Pretty’ as the main lead’s good looking best friend, you may remember that netizens went absolutely crazy over Go Jun Hee’s transformation from long hair, to daring, tousled pixie haircut.

Needless to say, we love it too, and dare we say, might even be the one that convinces you to take the plunge and make that massive chop!

10. Park Boram – the short ponytail

We just love how everyday, yet elegant and stylish Boram made this ponytail look, instead of messy, haphazard, or worse – amateurish.

Lazy to style your short hair on a day to day basis? This is the look you should be going after!

11. Bae Suzy – tapered short bob

Tapered off at the ends and left to curl around the nape, we love how elegant and chic it looks, yet how low-maintenance this is.

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