Korean Celebrities Short Hair

If your new year’s resolution is to get out of the rut and try something different, consider starting with your hair. A new hair cut will always make you feel fresh and ready to take on the world again.

Too often the stigma that short hair is difficult to pull off, or only looks good on people with extra small faces makes us think twice about giving our precious lengths the snip. Well, let us give it to you straight: most people can pull off short hair.

If all you need now is just a little push, take a look at these Korean celebrities and how they rock short hair – some of them have very recently snipped off their locks, and boy, do they look fabulous!

1. YoonA – Girly and demure

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

Source: OneHallyu

YoonA knocks it out of the park with her cute bob that gently frames her face and soften her features. Many Korean salons are able to help you achieve this look, just ask them for a “C-curl perm”.

2. Shin Se Kyung – Long airy layers 

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

Source Soompi

For those of us who might be afraid of looking too boyish after giving our precious hair the chop – no fear – Shin Se Kyung is here to show how to look fresh and feminine. The long, airy layers give her ‘do an effortless, tousled look, while still maintaining a reasonable amount of length!

3. IU – Short and sweet

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

In slight contrast with YoonA, IU sports a bob with soft, alternating curls instead that give her a tousled look. “The Nation’s Little Sister” shows us that short hairstyles do not mean you have to compromise on versatility, and can be often seen wearing her hair up in a ponytail with face-framing bangs.

4. Nana – Bold and edgy

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

Source: Dispatch

After School’s Nana may be known for her long, luscious locks, which is why fans were totally shocked when she sported an angular bob on Instagram. The cut definitely suits her sharp features and emphasises her intense but captivating stare.

Throw out your 2017 woes with a haircut that screams “I’m sexy, confident, and not afraid to show it!”

5. Sulli – Tousled bedhead (but cute)


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Bobs don’t have to be straight and neat all the time. Rock the bedhead chic à la Sulli with tousled waves that will move around as you do. With a strategically out-of-place hairstyle, you can now also walk and lounge about without having to worry about messing anything up!

DV TipSea salt sprays, hair rollers and some scrunching will easily give you that effortless “I woke up like this” look so many crave for!

6. Taeyeon – Pop of colour

Taeyeon’s haircut is no ground-breaking news, but what we love is that she adds fun pops of colours every now and then to shake things up!

If you’re one of the adventurous ones who loves changing up your hair colour, a shorter length will definitely ease the maintenance of bleached hair and the beating your wallet takes at hair salons!

7. Pony – Tapered

Many of us have been following Pony as she switches her hair colour from brown, to blue, to purple. Dubbed ‘Korea’s most famous YouTuber’, Pony inspires us not only with her creative eyeshadow looks, but now her hair cut as well!

We love how angular bob tapers down to her chin, which sharpens her jawline and makes her makeup pop.

8. Krystal Jung – Straight and sleek

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

Source: All Kpop

If you prefer straight, glossy hair, take some inspiration from Krystal Jung’s neatly and levelled hair that is very professional-looking and safe for work!

DV Tip: For added shine, add some serum and lightly run a straightener on low-heat through.

9. Go Jun Hee – The pixie

Korean Celebrities Short Hair

Source: All Kpop

Not for the faint of heart, the bold and daring pixie cut is extremely tricky to pull off. Still, Go Jun Hee manages to rock it with confidence and little bit of boss sass for her Shu Uemura photoshoot!

There are a few different types of pixie cuts, so make sure to ask your stylist what suits you best!

If you’re still not sure on whether short hair is the right style for you, check out our article on the subject to help you decide!

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