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If it’s a trend in Korea, it’s a trend over here. And the most recent trend to hit the shores? The Korean hair clip trend. The DV team is a huge fan of this style because of how easily you can look chic without putting in too much effort. 

And the best part: the number of ways to wear it is just endless – which means anyone can pull it off!

Read on if you’re ready to hop onto the bandwagon. We are going to provide you with tips on how to rock the Korean hair clip trend, inspirations from our favourite looks, and even tell you where you can get the clips!

Tip #1 to rocking the Korean hair clip trend: Keep it above the ear

The go-to hair clip tip is to always position it above the ear. It’s not a strict rule that needs to be followed, but it’s the most effortless way of rocking it if you’re a newbie to the trend.

Keep It Above The Ear

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Tip #2 to rocking the Korean hair clip trend: Get the parting right (or left)

Wear your clips with your hair parted to the far side, or with the hair styled into a middle parting. Give it some texture – sleek, or texturised with some sea salt spray. 

For newbies, wear your natural parting and start off from there! You can always adjust the position from there and find one that works for you eventually. 

Get The Parting Right

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Tip #3 to rocking the Korean hair clip trend: Play with your hairstyle

There’s really no limit! You could wear clips with your hair tied up, in a low bun, or with a braid. Clip it into your crown or even into your bun! 

Here’s another possible style choice that requires no parting – gather some hair into a loose half-ponytail and secure it with your clips. 

Play With Your Hairstyle

This style is work-friendly, effortless and perfectly easy for mornings when you need a quick do!


Style & tip: Minimalist chic

This take is more practical, especially if you’re the working woman who’s always on the go (but wants to look at the top of her game). You’ll want to keep your clip, or clips, neat and your hair fuss-free.

Minimalist Chic



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While there are tonnes of clip styles out there, crystals, pearls, and retro-styled pieces are amongst the most popular picks!

Style & tip: Two-on-two, more is more

There are many ways you could wear your clips. Minimalist-lovers would love the single-clip look, but if you want to stack on more goodies, don’t be scared! A common style is stack two clips stacked one above the other. 


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You could be fearless and stack on more than that, but make sure that altogether, the area taken up with stacked clips doesn’t go beyond a palm-size. The key is to strike a balance!

Two On Two More Is More


Style & tip: One of these things is not like the other

Jazz up the trend and go for clips of different sizes or styles when you’re stacking your clips. It’s fresh, and spices up your overall ensemble! 

One thing you should do, is make sure that the colours of your clips complement each other or create a beautiful contrast. The last thing you want is an unflattering crown on your head.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

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Style & tip: Dazzle it up, make a statement!

Bejewelled and (literal) statement clips are the perfect way to achieve an impactful look. 

Balance it out the look with more understated jewellery think studs, small hoop earrings, small pendants.

Dazzle It Up Make A Statement

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Clips perfect for the passionate, peace-spreading Gen Z-er!

Style & Tip: Make it abstract

This look is great for the more adventurous and you can pull it off for every occasion: date nights out, attending a wedding, or just to take an Instagram photo! The perfect way to show off your personal style, this look allows you to go chic, quirky, or wild – it’s all up to you! Here are some of our favourite inspos. But of course, you should go with what shows off your personal style most.

Make It Abstract

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Shop the clips

Here’s a roundup of our fave clips, which can easily be purchased and delivered to your doorstep!

Where To Buy Korean Hair Clips

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