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In 2017, we saw some exciting hair trends emerging from South Korea, the current epicentre of all things to do with Asian beauty. There was the “comma hair”, and there was the baby micro bangs. As with everything else nowadays, hairstyles come in and fall out of popularity very, very quickly and fashion-forward enthusiasts need to stay ahead of the curve.

What does 2018 have in store for us? We asked Korean hairstyling salon Apgujeong Hair Studio for their 2018 hair trend forecast.

1. Korean perm – hippie style


Arguably the most popular representative of this hairstyle is Korean artiste Sulli, as pictured above. It’s also been seen on many other female celebrities, and even on the runway at the recent Seoul Fashion Week.

The look features tight, crumpled curls that can be described as “instant noodle-esque”. If permed correctly, it could give an innocent, youthful, and carefree aura to the wearer, while maximising feminine appeal.

2. Korean hairstyle: wet hair look


Every time you come out of the shower, you’re actually mimicking a currently trending hairstyle that’s been spotted on runways in Korea and all around the world. The issue is how to make your wet hair look wet for the rest of the day.

However, take note that not all hair textures are suitable for this look! You can visit your own hair stylist, or make an appointment at Apgujeong Hair Studio to learn more.

3. Korean hair colour: iridescent metallic dyes

korean hair trend 2018 irisdescent metallic dye

Source: Instagram

Ash brown and similarly natural and muted shades were in for 2017, but 2018 is about to flip that upside down.

If you’ve ever wanted to rebel against the machine, now is your time to shine. Next year, you can go crazy with shades like rose gold and platinum blonde.

korean hair trend 2018 apgujeong 2

Model: Felicia; Source: Apgujeong Hair Studio

If bleaching your whole head of hair does not sound appealing to you, Apgujeong Hair Studio suggests mixing these metallic shades with other colours in an ombre or balayage style.

Remember these tips when going to the hair salon!

As tempting as it is to jump straight into the hottest trending hairstyles of 2018 before the year even begins, we need to keep in mind that everyone’s hair is not equal and some styles will not work out for you.

We asked Apgujeong Hair Studio what customers should be looking out for when heading to the hair salon and got these tips from them.

1. Make use of your hair stylist’s experience

Your hair stylist is not just adept at the techniques of hairdressing, but also has a wealth of experience when it comes to judging whether a hairstyle looks good on certain people.

Don’t be shy to ask your hair stylist for their opinions about whether you can pull off these trendy hair looks.

Apgujeong Hair Studio shares that their hairstylists are trained to assess their customers’ hair texture, face shape, and even lifestyle habits in order to customise a fully personalised hair look that is in line with your preferences as well.

2. Your hair styling doesn’t end at the salon

korean hair trend 2018 apgujeong 1

Model: Felicia; Source: Apgujeong Hair Studio

Hair salons tend to have that magic about them that make our hair look impossibly amazing when we leave, but we often find it super difficult to replicate the look.

Apgujeong says that their stylists make educating customers how to style their hair a part of their hairdressing process, in order to help their customers achieve the same “fresh from the salon” look.

Before you get carried away with selfies of your new irresistible hairstyle, remember to ask your hairdresser for tips on how to maintain the look so you can get the most bang for your buck. Take notes and ask as many questions as you can so you’ll be certain you can replicate what they did for you.

3. For easier hairstyles, you can try doing it yourself

korean hair trend 2018 apgujeong 4

Model: Ashley; Source: Apgujeong Hair Studio

Of course, for more complicated processes like perming and dyeing, we strongly recommend that you visit your hair dresser for a professional treatment.

However, you can do simple hair curling at home to give that extra oomph to your dyed hair. If you had opted for a perm, get tips from your hair dresser on how best to maintain those curls for the longest possible period.

You can actually achieve some hair styles, like the wet hair look, all by yourself! Apgujeong suggests towel-drying wet hair, before applying a generous amount of serum to it so add shine and smoothness.

Comb through to make sure all the products are evenly distributed, then smooth out the comb lines with your fingers.

Apgujeong Hair Studio have 11 branches around Singapore. Click here to see their addresses and contact numbers to make an appointment.