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As we welcome the new year, many of us may be considering refreshing our appearance too. And our first stop? The hair salon. After all, a trendy ‘do is the easiest yet most dramatic way to get a brand new look for the new year.

Korean Hair Trends 2019 Kyle Shin

We interviewed Kyle Shin for the lowdown on Korean hair trends in 2019.

To make sure you’re leading the style pack in 2019, we asked Kyle Shin, Chief Director Stylist of Singapore-based Korean hair salon chain Apgujeong Hair Studio to share with us the leading Korean hair trends in 2019. Read on and take notes!

Korean hair trend 2019: Bohemian typestyle

If you’re looking to achieve the trendiest Korean hairstyle, Shin shares that the “bohemian typestyle” will be particularly in vogue for 2019.

He says that while many Koreans are fixated and focused on their work and career, there has been a shift towards a more desirable work-life balance recently. Shin explains that the 2019 Korean hair trend will reflect this inclination towards leisurely pursuits.


“The bohemian look represents a free-spirited lady. Hair near the roots and hair parting are straight while the mids and ends cascade into gentle waves. Hair near the front of the is also curled to frame the face for a more youthful appearance,” Shin elaborates.

For men, Shin recommends to go for the “dandy” or “gentlemen’s cut”, which he says will be trending in Korea next year.

” Similar to the popular two-block cut, hair on the sides and back is cut short, but hair on the crown will be left longer and can be styled to create more volume. This style feels modern, bright, fresh,” Shin shares.

The good news from Shin is that these trendy Korean hair looks can be achieved with the right home styling tools and products too.

“However, it would take a bit of practice before the client might be comfortable with using heated styling tools on their own hair. They are most welcome to get a tutorial and styling tips from their Apgujeong stylist at the salon so that they can achieve the same look without making a trip down to the salon to get their hair done!”

Korean hair colour trend 2019: Air of mystery

Korean Hair Trends Colours 2019

From L-R: Moonstone green, ultraviolet, and copper red are the colours that are going to be the hottest Korean hair colours in 2019.

When it comes to hair colour, the Korean trend in 2019 gears towards colours that project an air of mystery. Shin mentions colours like moonstone green, ultraviolet, and copper red, as colours that will trend in the coming months, as far as Korean hair trends are considered.

Something fail-safe? Timeless Korean hairstyles

But if you’re looking for something that’s considered timeless and is able to suit you at any time of the year, Shin has recommendations too.

The classic Korean hairstyle that doesn’t go out of style, he says, is a perm with layered cut.

“The hair is given a layered cut that is customised to flatter the client’s hair texture as well as facial shape, and curled inwards at the ends with a C-curl perm to add volume and texture,” Shin explains.


He says that this look is great for the modern Singaporean lady as it is low maintenance and you might be able to get away with simply blow-drying your hair without needing extra styling tools or products.

“This style is particularly flattering for ladies with fine hair as the layers give the illusion of volume and soften the facial features,” he shares.

As for colours, Shin says that natural-looking colours like dark browns are always in trend.

“Go for warmer tones like chestnut-brown, which is more popular during the spring/summer months, and cooler tones like ash-brown, which will be in greater demand during the autumn/winter period,” Shin shares.

Apgujeong Hair Studio is located at several locations and you can find the closest one to you here.