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We love to take inspiration from Korean makeup trends, which we know are the hottest looks of the moment. And in particular, Korean lip looks are our #makeupgoals, and we can’t get enough of them.

To help us figure out which ones are going to work well on us, we ask Jinnie Lee, Korean makeup artist who is now based in Singapore, and has a clientele that makes up of Korean and Singaporean women, including Singaporean beauty queens, to share with us the best ones to go for.

Jinnie is also the brand ambassador for ColorMeHappy, a Korean lipstick brand that uses Korean technology in the formula of their products. Known for their affordable prices (SGD20 for a quality lipstick!) and popularity among makeup artists, ColorMeHappy snagged Jinnie as their ambassador after she fell in love with their lip products.

“I like that the lip products from ColorMeHappy has just the right amount of shine. For example, the XPrecision lipsticks are not too matte nor too shiny, and are perfect to help blur lip imperfections to achieve a smooth-looking shine.

The lipstick-lover and expert shares that her three go-to Korean lip looks are:

1. Classic red lips
2. Natural lips
3. Ombre lips

According to Jinnie, these are popular looks seen on celebrities in Korean dramas, which are a source of inspiration for Korean women. Thankfully, they aren’t difficult to recreate given the right tools and techniques.

Read on for her tips and the looks she has created on ColorMeHappy’s founder and director, Ms. Louisa Ch’ng as her model.

1. Classic red lips

“The classic red lips look is one of Korean makeup basics. It gained popularity because Choi Ji Woo famously sported it in Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven,” Jinnie shares.

How to achieve classic red lips look:

1. Conceal your natural lip line using your favourite foundation
2. Use the ColorMeHappy Lip Contour Pencil in the same colour as the lipstick you are using to define the shape of your lips.
3. Fill out your lips with the same lip pencil.
4. Swipe on a red lipstick at the inner half of your lips. For a bona fide Korean look, try ColorMeHappy Boldlicious HD in Reddest Rose for a deep red look, or Boldlicious HD in Deep Choco, a dark chocolate-red look that appears sultry. For something that looks lighter, consider the ColorMeHappy XPrecision in Glam Red.
5. Optional: Spread the lip colour from the inner half of your lips out to the edge of your lips with a lip brush, for a gorgeous-looking gradient.

2. Natural lips

The no-lipstick look, which usually features a pink or nude lip colour, is another of Jinnie’s favourite Korean lip looks. “Korean makeup focuses a lot on creating a natural look, so it’s no surprise this is one of the most well-loved looks. It is also Park Shin Hye’s signature look when she first debuted,” says Jinnie,

“You’ll also see Han Ga-In wearing this look in period drama Moon Embracing the Sun, and it’s one of the most popular lip looks you’ll see in Korean commercials,” she adds.

How to achieve natural lips look:

1. Apply foundation to conceal your natural lip line, as well as your entire lips to conceal your natural lip colour. This technique will allow the true colour of the lipstick to show up better.
2. Choose a lipstick shade that’s closest to your natural lip colour. ColorMeHappy XPrecision in Pink Ice is one of my favourites because it adds a subtle glow to your lips while still keeping it looking natural. Alternatively, you can consider ColorMeHappy XPrecision in Subtle Mocha, a slightly darker shade that’s still close to the natural lip colour, but gives it a more sophisticated touch.
3. To add an oomph to the natural look, add the ColorMeHappy Lip Brightener in Pink Hint or Red Mist on top of your lipstick, for that gorgeous glowing look that feels moisturising, sans stickiness. The Lip Brightener is a great product to help fight humid weather.Korean-Natural-Lips

3. Ombre lips

“This is a unique look that originated from Korea. Many Korean girls like it because it hints at innocence, but also oozes sexiness. Ombre lips are seen on Yoon Eun Hye is popular drama I Miss You, and was much talked-about when Han Ji Min showed off gorgeous-looking gradient lips in a shoot with Elle Korea,” Jinnie says.

How to achieve ombre lips look:

1. Just like the natural look, I recommend using a foundation to conceal your natural lip line and lip colour.
2. Choose a nude-base lipstick, but do so with caution, or you may look odd. My favourite nude-base lipsticks are the ColorMeHappy XPrecision in Pink Ice and in Nude Beauty. They’re natural-looking and can never go wrong.
3. Apply the stronger lip colour with a lip brush in three lines, at the inner half of your lips: starting with the centre and a line each on the side.
4. With just the lip brush, feather the colour evenly across the lips.
5. To make your lips look juicier, apply the ColorMeHappy Lip Bronzer for a metallic shine.

Recommended lipsticks that will work well on anyone?

If you’re new to lipsticks or have been looking for a lipstick that will work in any occasion, Jinnie recommends the ColorMeHappy XPrecision in Subtle Mocha.

“This is a very versatile colour that is closest to the natural lip colour, but make it look more sophisticated. My clients tell me that it’s a shade that they can take from office to shopping, and then straight to a dinner!”

XPrecision in Glam Red

But if you’re looking for a bolder look, Jinnie says XPrecision in Glam Red is another of her favourite, and explains, “I have seen it work well on women with a variety of skin tones, brightening up their faces instantly. It’s also a true red shade that everyone should have in their makeup stash!”

ColorMeHappy products are available exclusively on their online store, at affordable prices – SGD20 for a lipstick, and SGD15 for a lip liner.

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