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Let’s face it: when Asian women talk about the latest makeup trends, what most of us are really interested in are Korean makeup trends. Korean makeup trends pretty much dominate the industry in this part of the world and we can understand why: the looks simply look more flattering on our features!

We know that out-of-shower complexion, textured brows, and coral lips were huge Korean makeup trends in 2018. Now that the year is coming to a close, let’s look ahead and find out what’s going to be in vogue in 2019.

To get the low-down on 2019 trends in Korea, we spoke to Cat Koh, LANEIGE’s Global Makeup Artist, who shared her professional insights.

1. Natural, fruity-looking makeup looks will be popular in Korea

If you love softer, feminine styles, you’d be pleased to know that natural, fruity-looking makeup looks will a huge Korean makeup trend in 2019. For warm shades, Cat shares that peachy hues will be trendy, and for cool tones, go for plum colours.

To achieve an overall natural, healthy look, keep your base glossy and smooth – a feature that will be continue to be a strong trend in 2019, according to Cat.

“Koreans take great care in cleansing and moisturising. I would really recommend good hydration care, especially in Singapore weather where it is humid. Maintaining well-hydrated skin will really help makeup last longer.”

Korean Makeup Trends 2019 Laneige Layering Cover Cushion Concealer Open Top 171212 Df2

LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion and Concealing Base

For a flawless and natural-looking base, Cat recommends the LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion and Concealing Base.

“It provides coverage while offering a natural look. It is also very easy to use, even for beginners,” she explains.

2. Another Korean makeup trend? Glittery eye makeup

Barely-there, naturally-contoured eye looks were the hottest Korean makeup trend in 2018, according to Jason Lee, Chief Makeup Artist from Amorepacific, whom we interviewed last year. The Korean eye makeup trend this year? Glittery eye makeup, according to Cat. How fun!

Don’t worry about going OTT with this look. If you want something subtle, Cat says that you can add a touch of glitter to your eyelids with your fingers to make the look pop.

“I would keep the waterline clean and add a tiny wing at the ends of the eyes to add a little definition,” she shares.

Cat adds that the “no eyeliner” eyeliner look will also be a big trend in Korea in 2019.

korean makeup trends 2018 (3)

“The ‘no eyeliner’ eyeliner look, together with clumpy mascara, will be what we’ll be seeing more often on the streets of Korea. This puts the focus on the eye, not with the traditional eyeliner, but with mascara.”

Korean Makeup Trends 2019 Laneige Lash Fessional Mascara No

LANEIGE Lashfessional Mascara

Cat adds that easy and fast makeup is really popular in Korea and the key to achieving this: use smart, multi-functional products. For instance, Cat would recommend using a curling mascara that gives both curl and volume to achieve the eye look. She recommends the LANEIGE Lashfessional Mascara to achieve this trendy look.

Looks like we can toss out our eyeliners and invest in great mascaras then!

3. Glossy, moisturised-looking lips will be a strong Korean makeup trend

Cat says that young women in Korea will favour glossy, moisturised-looking lips in 2019. To get this look right, invest in a hydrating lipstick with a translucent finish.

Korean Makeup Trends 2019 Lipsticks To Use

Left: LANEIGE Stained Glasstick | Right: LANEIGE Tattoo Lip Tint

“Use the LANEIGE Stained Glasstick for a glittery and glossy effect to achieve a shiny, natural-looking pout. For those who prefer something long-wearing, try the LANEIGE Tattoo Lip Tint for a super long-lasting effect.”

4. Straight brows will continue to be a timeless trend

If you have already invested in semi-permanent straight brows or mastered achieving the look – good news! Cat says that straight brows will continue to be a timeless trend adored by Korean women.

Straight brows help create a youthful vibe – a trait that Korean women look to achieve with their makeup. Straight brows have been a huge Korean trend for a long time, and Cat says that it will continue to be embraced by locals.