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Surely we can all agree that Korean beauty is a global phenomenon at this point. Whether it’s teaching us how to have skin so clear it resembles literal glass or dishing out facts about unusual yet effective ingredients, South Korea is just a cut above the rest when it comes to next-level beauty tips, tricks, and trends.

And if you thought the K-beauty train was losing steam, you’d be wrong. To find out what’s hot and what’s not, we rang up HERA’s Global Makeup Artist, Jane Park, and got her to share 2022 Korean makeup trends we can expect to see.

Keep reading to find out how you can try these trends out yourself.

Korean makeup trends 2022: Statement red lips & fresh skin

korean makeup trends 2022 red lips

Credit: @jennierubyjane on Instagram

Red lipstick is the “little black dress” of the beauty world. Swipe on a coat of rouge and you’ll feel like you can take on the world – it’s undeniably powerful. While bold, red lips and immaculate skin have always gone hand in hand, Jane foresees even lighter, sheerer coverage in terms of complexion.

To make the look work for you, Jane suggests moisturising the skin really well before foundation. “I recommend prepping the skin using Cell Essence BioMe Plus™. I always like to prep my clients’ skin by using applying multiple layers,” she says.

“Apply a shimmery primer like the HERA Magic Starter SPF 25 in #1 Rose and then apply a thin layer of the Glow Lasting Foundation SPF 25/PA++ using a brush,” she lets on.

For the lips, a pigmented red like HERA’s Sensual Powder Matte in #333 Closer is perfect for the trend. “It is important to do the lips as precise as possible, so I always clean up the edges using the foundation that is slightly darker than the model’s complexion,” Jane advises.

There’s a caveat to this look, though. Jane only recommends this trend to those who already have smooth skin. “If you have textured skin or have too much to conceal, it will be difficult to create that sheer, bare-looking skin,” she shares. “This makeup look is all about creating an effortless, chic image, so it is important to keep the skin really minimal.”

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Korean makeup trends 2022: Peach or pink blush

korean makeup trends 2022 pink blush

Credit: HERA

According to Jane, lots of women in Korea are currently obsessed with cool-toned shades like pink and mauve.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of women wear peach or pink-hued blushers and cool-toned eyeshadows,” she shares. “The shades of blush have become more saturated compared to previous years too.”

She notes that more Korean women have also been experimenting with the way they apply blush. So instead of applying it on the apples of their cheeks, they like creating a natural flush or dialling it up for high-impact colour.

“To achieve this makeup look, use either a powder blusher like HERA’s Face Designing Blusher in #1 Eternal Pink or even a lip product like HERA’s Sensual Fresh Nude Tint in #138 Betty,” Jane suggests. “I recommend using a latex sponge to create that dewy, watercolour effect.”

If you have darker, warmer skin tones, however, this trend might not appear very flattering, but Jane has an alternative.

“For those with warmer undertones, I recommend colours like Sensual Fresh Nude Tint in #465 90s or #458 Lazy Nuha,” she proposes. Apply a few strokes on the centre of the cheeks and blend it out with a latex sponge. You will be able to create slightly, bronze-coloured cheeks that appear natural. It also doesn’t transfer onto the masks once the liquid tint has dried up!”

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Korean makeup trends 2022: Idol lashes

A major Korean makeup trend that’s about to take over in 2022 are idol lashes, which involves carefully clumping strands together to create bold lashes. Jane spotted many K-pop idols and celebrities sporting the trend, but it requires some skills.

“This is usually created by applying mascara first, then using tweezers to pinch the lashes together,” she shares. It’s also important to use the right mascara – preferably a jet black waterproof formula with less fibre, like HERA’s Rich Volume Mascara.

“Make sure you pinch the lashes together before they dry up,” she cautions. Otherwise, you may end up with a clumpy, flaky mess.

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Korean makeup trends 2022: Y2K makeup

korean makeup trends 2022 y2k

Credit: HERA

Even if you didn’t live through the era, it’s easy to see why the Y2K aesthetic is making a comeback. Think plucked brows, lots of shine on the lips and lids, matte skin, and shimmery pastel colours. It’s a super playful and fun way to express yourself after a couple of stressful years, and K-pop stars have certainly embraced the trend.

“I see a lot of Korean women incorporating chunky glitter on the eyes and applying shimmery violet eyeshadow to their lids,” Jane says. “To achieve this makeup look, I recommend the new HERA Wish Rocket Holiday Collection Shadow Palette. Use the violet glittery eyeshadow all over the eyelids up to the brow bone.”

Complete the nostalgic look with thin, arched brows and cool-toned pinkish lips.

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Korean makeup trends 2022: Deep berry or mauve lips

korean makeup trends 2022 berry mauve lips

Credit: @taeyeon_ss on Instagram

One upcoming 2022 Korean makeup trend that’s caught Jane’s eye is the berry-toned lip. Given its autumnal appeal, we’re ready to take it from runway to real life.

Pair a jam-hued lip with healthy, glowing skin for an updated take on the trend. You can also opt for mauve lipstick to give your lips a tiny flush that brings just the right amount of colour to a look that’s otherwise focused on keeping things natural. Keep the colour focused on the centre of the lips without extending to the edges for a nonchalant approach.

“I think what I love about this look is that the skin is contrasting with the lip texture. The lips are matte but the skin is slightly dewy and luminous,” Jane shares. “To achieve this look, I recommend using HERA’s Black Cushion SPF 34 / PA++ to create a flawless, healthy complexion and match up the lips by applying HERA Rose Infusion Sensual Powder Matte in #499 Rosy Suede.”

Featured image credit: @jennierubyjane on Instagram (left), HERA (right)