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Nail trends come and go but this one is actually an evolution of two other styles that have been raved about in the past.

“Lip gloss” nails are a combination of “jelly nails” as well as “chrome nails” and we’re absolutely obsessed with how they look. Of course, you won’t need actual lip gloss for this look – its name simply describes its appearance.

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What are “lip gloss” nails?

Classified by their sheer appearance with the addition of chrome powder, these nails have a pretty holographic effect that shines.

While you can certainly wear more neutral shades, nail enthusiasts have already started exploring other pastel colours like pink, blue, and cream to make their manicures more unique to them.

Here’s some inspiration to draw from.

“Lip gloss” nails inspiration

“Lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @外面下雨了耶/XiaoHongShu

You could say that this is more or less the standard style of “lip gloss” nails.

This manicure features a nude base that’s as close to your natural nails. Chrome powders are what you’ll be using to add a tinge of colour to this nail style. You can go for a pink and purple holographic effect like this user or opt for other shades for a different kind of holographic effect.

Always remember to top everything off with a layer of clear top coat for a glossy look.

Aurora Borealis “lip gloss nails”

Photo source: @幽幽的手指甲有点空/XiaoHongShu

We can’t take our eyes off the candy-like manicure. With the blue, pink, and yellow, holographic effect, we’re reminded of the gorgeous hues that aurora borealis has.

Its jelly-like appearance is all thanks to the thick layer of clear polish.

“Lip gloss” nails with glitter

Photo source: @奕妃美甲/XiaoHongShu

Swiping on some glitter polish on alternate fingers is a great way to add more sparkle to this already eye-catching look.

To make the entire look more cohesive, you can opt for a glitter polish that features the same hues as your chrome powder.

Subtle ombre “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @玛格啊/XiaoHongShu

The “lip gloss” effect sets this ombre nail look apart from the usual ones you’ve probably seen before.

Just look at the way the milky white tips subtly transition into the baby pink hues at the bottom. It’s an ultra-natural look that’s subtle and pretty.

Blush “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @查理叔叔CharlieUncle/XiaoHongShu

Let’s throw one more nail trend in this two-in-one nail look.

“Blush nails” are a trend that’s here to stay, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing it combined with “lip gloss” nails.

The French tips with chrome powders contrast well against the pink centre of the “blush nails”, making the shine stand out more.

Chrome “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @O.H. NAILS 定制穿戴甲/XiaoHongShu

Add a futuristic flair to your manicure with strips of chrome, as seen in this design.

The striking chrome lines pairs so well with the milky “lip gloss” base, and it lends an edgier touch to your manicure

Butterfly “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @捏个宇宙小富婆/XiaoHongShu

While the K-drama Nevertheless has long ended, our love for butterfly designs is never-ending.

Here’s a nail style for you to flaunt some butterfly charms wherever you go.

The blue holographic effect from this variation enhances the butterfly charms and reminds us of the gorgeous sheen their wings often have.

Feel free to put as many butterfly charms as you’d like or stick with one on each hand just like how this user has done so.

Mother of pearl “lip gloss” nails

Photo source: @大烧烤/XiaoHongShu

Pairing a milky nude base with white pearl chrome powder creates a manicure that reminds us of the exquisite pearls.

We recommend picking this nail variation if you’re someone who likes to have a rounded or oval nail shape.

The curves of your fingernails will add to the pearl effect that you’re creating with the polish and chrome powder.

Featured image credit: @幽幽的手指甲有点空/XiaoHongShu and @捏个宇宙小富婆/XiaoHongShu