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To cut or not to cut, that’s always a question. A few years back, the Kiko Mizuhara long bob (also known as lob) was one of the hottest looks around. The trend seemed to be back this year, as we’re seeing more female celebrities chopping off their hair, sporting lobs from chic to cute styles.

We know it always takes courage to cut off those locks you’ve grown out for years, and you don’t want to mess it up with a bad decision. Don’t worry, because we’ve come up with a list of celebrity inspirations with tips on how to tell your stylist what you want. So before you book that hair appointment, read on to find the perfect lob for you!

1. Song Hye Kyo


Korean beauty icon Song Hye Kyo has been rocking her lob hairstyle since her appearance in the television drama Encounter. We think this hairstyle exudes casual-chic vibes and makes her look even younger.

Tell your stylist: While her lob is styled to a straight look in the drama, you can ask your stylist for C-curls to create more volume, as seen in this photo shoot. If you’re not into perms, ask your stylist to get it slightly layered for more dimension. Song Hye Kyo rocks her new lob cut with a dark hair colour which we think works best if you like a mature and feminine style.

2. Red Velvet’s Wendy


This haircut has been making waves in South Korea and is known as the ‘Sharming Cut’ (Shaggy + Charming). First spotted on pop girl group Red Velvet’s member, Wendy, this long bob creates the ‘woke up like this’ look that appears effortlessly chic. The shaggy cut makes it a good look for those with longer face shapes or high cheekbones, because of how it softens the angular edges of your face.

Tell your stylist: The key to this haircut would be layering the bottom light and thin, while keeping the back thick to keep your hair looking voluminous. The hairdresser behind Wendy’s Sharming cut shared that you’ll just need to style it with cream products if you want extra waves – remember to ask your stylist to show you how!

3. Park Shin Hye


Park Shin Hye and her gorgeous long wavy hair has always been #hairgoals, but recently this Korean goddess chopped off those glorious locks for a sophisticated wavy lob. We think she looks more charming with this new haircut as it brings more attention to her sharp features, and makes her puppy eyes look even bigger!

Tell your stylist: Park Shin Hye styles it with slight waves and a warm brown colour for a super elegant look or see-through bangs to look cuter. Keep the bangs longer so it can be versatile; just sweep it casually to the side for a no-bangs look.

4. Nana Komatsu


We got a shock when Nana Komatsu cut her hair super short last year for a movie role, but she’s been rocking the new hair, experimenting with different styling. She’s most seen in a Japanese-styled bob with layered ends and her signature thick bangs, complementing her sweet features. Or style it like how she did during the Chanel fashion show, a bold and blunt look, paired with big earrings to balance it out.

Tell your stylist: Thick bangs are the way to go for this look. Make sure your stylist frames your hair around your face in a flattering way depending on your face shape too.

5. Shen Yue


This rising Chinese actress that has been capturing fans’ hearts across Asia is best known for her fresh bob cut. The perfect girl-next-door look can be achieved with a straight lob cut that follows the head shape, with bangs for a youthful look.

Tell your stylist: Not much styling is needed for this, as it’s all about the pure, fresh and innocent vibe, but if you’d like to spice things up, add in French braids or tuck one side of the hair behind your ears for her fresher look. Ask your stylist to show you how to do it.

6. Xu Jiaqi


If you’ve been following Chinese beauty trends you probably would’ve heard of Xu Jiayi. A member of the Chinese girl group SNH48, she has earned the accolade of “short-hair goddess” in China for good reasons. Unlike the puppy-eyed celebrities we’ve listed above, Xu Jiaqi’s lob is all about looking strong and fierce. So if you’re going for this look, don’t forget to pair it with strong eye makeup to complete the look.

Tell your stylist: Her lob has ends and a straighter cut, and she usually styles it with waves. Both dark and light hair colour will go well with this look so you can discuss with your stylist to see what works best for your features and lifestyle.

7. Kim Bora


The Sky Castle star styles her black lob with classic Korean-style see-through bangs for a fresh and youthful look.

What we like most about Kim Bora’s lob is how she sometimes wears it in a messy bun or short pony tail  – very casual and stylish!

Tell your stylist: Leave some frills at the side or use bangs to cover angular areas of your face shape, creating an illusion of a small face.

9. Sakura Miyawaki


The neat lob has been HKT48 idol Sakura Miyawaki’s signature look since the start of her career. After her debut in Korea, the iconic lob has been transformed with ‘Korean styling’. Now she sports a light brown hair colour and a student-like lob style that appears sweet and adorable.

Tell your stylist: Go for see-through bangs with this look. It’s more versatile because you can style it to the side for a more sophisticated flair.