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Every Chinese New Year comes the same old dilemma – what are you going to wear? More importantly, what new hairstyle are you going to give yourself? Chinese New Year is the time for us to freshen up our appearances and, in so doing, rejuvenate our spirits to anticipate the new year ahead.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve approached L’Oreal Professionnel for their take on what will be the hottest looks this coming festive season, inspired by the latest runway trends during the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

loreal hair colour 2018

The hairstyles and hair colours mentioned below are specifically designed by L’Oreal Professionnel to bring only the trendiest looks from the runways of Asian Fashion Weeks to Singaporean women, while also taking into account local tastes and preferences.

The colours have been specially created by L’Oreal Professionnel based on their research into what Singaporean women prefer and look good in.

Hairstyles trending right now

Maple Spring

loreal hair colour 2018 maple spring 1

Bangs are back. Yes, you’ve heard us right. Bangs never really went away, but they’re now the hottest topic on the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion runways during the Fashion Weeks happening all around Asia.

Instead of a straight-across cut for your bangs, it will be more stylish this season to taper off your bangs so that the hair on either side of your face will be slightly longer than the middle.

This style is particularly stylish for those with oval faces, and was originally spotted on the runways at the Tokyo and Shanghai Fashion Weeks.

The model sports the hair colour Maple Spring, which will look best on those with darker complexions. If you are a ray of sunshine with a sporty personality, this hair colour is going to be up your alley!

Scarlet Gold

loreal hair colour 2018 scarlet gold 1

If you’re just not the kind to go for bangs that have no parting, consider side-swept bangs this festive season. Make sure that the cut is on the heavier and more voluminous side.

This style of bangs will be the most flattering for those with long and layered haircuts, as it matches the rest of your hairstyle seamlessly for a fashion-forward look. The hairstyle was first seen at Seoul Fashion Week, so fans of Korean entertainment, take note!

The model has dyed her hair Scarlet Gold, a unique take on social media’s favourite colour Rose Gold. The colour is best contrasted with a fair and pale skin tone. The warm and reddish colour will brighten up your complexion and make it look even more luminous than before, and who doesn’t want that?

Earl Grey

loreal hair colour 2018 earl grey 1

If you fancy something a little more adventurous and funky, yet feminine and whimsical at the same time, go for this hairstyle.

What comes off as a traditional lob is made more stylish and memorable with the addition of wispy layers as well as the long bangs. The look was spotted at and inspired by runway trends from Seoul and Singapore Fashion Weeks.

The eye-catching Earl Grey hair dye seen on the model is the perfect way to try out metallic hair colours, predicted to be one of the hottest hair trends in 2018.

The base hair colour is a cool brown which gorgeously complements the silver-metallic accents in the hair. This hair colour will be super flattering for those with a rosy, fair complexion.

Dyeing doesn’t have to be damaging

Have you always wanted to dye your hair, but have been afraid of the damage it might do to your hair? Nobody likes to have frizzy, grass-like hair, so we totally get you.

Hair dyeing doesn’t have to be damaging any more!

New Confidence for the New Year with Trend Colors by L’Oreal Professionnel

In this new service offered by L’Oreal Professionnel for the upcoming festive season, you can easily go for a fresh, new image of yourself with the trendiest colours and styles, without having to worry about hair damage.

SMARTBOND is an all-new service that protects and strengthens hair. Whether you’re bleaching, lightening, or colouring your hair, SMARTBOND can help to prevent chemical damage to your actual hair strand. You can now really go crazy with your hair without worrying about having to deal with more damaged hair than before!

Majirel, the best selling range from L’Oreal Professionnel, takes care to include ingredients that treat your hair while ensuring that the colours you get under the expert hands of your hairdresser are true-to-tone. Majirel includes ingredients like Incell, which repairs cuticles during the process, and IONENE G, which maintains the smoothness of your individual hair strands.

Besides the Maple Spring, Scarlet Gold, and Earl Grey colours mentioned above, you can also get other 2018 trending hair colours done such as lilac, ombre, “gloomy blooms”, and “shiny armour”.

All hair colours offered by L’Oreal Professionnel have been specially re-engineered and re-designed to best suit local women – that’s you!

The package costs an upwards of SGD120, depending on hair salon. Check below to see which hair salon closest to you offers the L’Oreal Professionnel New Year Trend Colour package!

New Confidence for the New Year with Trend Colors by L'Oreal Professionnel

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This article is brought to you by L’Oreal Professionnel.