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Move over rainbow hair colour and pastel-hued tresses, the latest magical hair colour that really look like they might have something a Hogwarts hairstylist would offer is this: hair dye that changes colour.

Invented by Lauren Bowker, founder of design brand The Unseen, the colour change happens because of how heat reacts with the pigment. She explains that heat changes the bond of the chemistry of the pigment to present a different shade. At the same time, how the colour appears also change because of light refraction – just like how a prism changes its colour.

Don’t worry about whether it has any weird impact on your hair – this hair dye works like any other hair pigment that you know of in the market.

The product is currently undergoing tests before it can be released publicly. And we simply can’t wait for it to be ready!

Watch the video below to see how the colour changes!