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We’ve talked about the top skincare trends as well as hair trends that we foresee will dominate 2021, and now, it’s time to discuss the key makeup trends that we think will be a hit this year.

Makeup Trends 2021 Compilation

To do so, we spoke to three makeup experts in Singapore to pick their brains on the looks and techniques that will make it big in 2021.

As we continue to mask up, it’s no surprise that eye makeup will continue to reign this year, but what exactly are the colours that we’ll see more of in 2021? Read on, to find out everything that we’ve learned from our makeup gurus.

Makeup trends in 2021: Eye makeup remains to be the focus…


With mask wear continuing to be the norm for all of us (and this new reality doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon), it’s safe to say that the eyes are where we’ll be putting most of our efforts on in terms of makeup.

But besides the usual eyeliner or eyeshadow, what else could you do to jazz up your peepers? For makeup artist Cheryl Ow, it’s got to be coloured mascaras.

“Sure, they were all the rage back in 2019, but I strongly feel they’d make a comeback this year – even stronger than ever now that eye makeup is the focus. Coloured mascaras just easily give a pop of colour to the eyes when you aren’t in the mood to draw on eyeliner or blend in eyeshadow,” she shares.

Meanwhile, makeup artist and educator Larry Yeo expounds that 2021 is definitely the year when we’d be trying to bring more colours out on the eyes for display since the bottom half of our face is covered up by mask.

“With that in mind, ensuring that our eye makeup stays crease-free and smudge-proof in the humid Singapore climate is super important. And I believe that’s one of the reasons why we’ve been seeing better textures being produced by brands,” Larry says.

For your shopping consideration, try Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow (S$36 from Sephora) or the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow (S$60 from Sephora). Larry also recommends the M.A.C Pro Longwear Paint Pot (S$42 from Sephora) and Stila Double Dip Suede Shade And Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow (S$38 from Sephora) for their easy-to-apply formulas.

Makeup trends in 2021: …But you can still play up your lips


OK, we said that eye makeup will be the centre of attention this year but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your lips. According to Roseanne Tang, makeup artist and founder of Bloom Pro Academy, glowy fresh lips are the way to go this year.

“I feel that the lips are always really important. What if you take off your mask for lunch with your friends or colleagues?

Although I still find matte lips to be more practical, everyday women might find them too drying to use daily at times, which I totally understand. Hence, they prefer something that feels like skincare but gives them a hint of colour.

And despite the pandemic, I continue to see lots of makeup brands launching sheer, illuminating lip balms and colours so I think we are aiming in that direction – a sheer pout dressed in a fresh pink shade,” Roseanne explains.

Larry also echoes the same sentiment, as he expects to see a lot of makeup users embracing long-wearing lip colours like stains and tints. “Depending on the brand’s formula, these lip colours stay better on the lips and do not transfer once it is set. You can do that by blotting them off to leave a stain behind,” he shares.

So far, Larry likes the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo (S$52 from Dior boutiques and Sephora) and Clarins Water Lip Stain (S$36).

Larry also shares that lip colours that sweeps on easily will be a big hit, mainly because you can easily and quickly apply the product after removing your mask to look dressy without clamouring for excess lip prep. The products he’s into so far are a yet-to-be-launched M.A.C liquid lipstick and the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream (S$32 from Sephora) – FYI, it’s not just quick to apply, but also smooths out lip lines.

For Cheryl, she reckons that a jumbo lip pencil that can pull triple duty as a blush and eyeshadow could be a hit among makeup users. “Since we’re not putting on lip makeup as much as we used to, a multi-purpose product like that can be incredibly useful and time-saving,” she quips.

Makeup trends in 2021: Looking fresh is the way to go


When it comes to makeup, it’s no secret that many of us Singaporeans prefer taking the minimal or natural route rather than ‘baking’ and sculpting our face with tons of makeup. This 2021, the natural makeup is definitely staying put as well.

And to achieve the no-makeup makeup look effortlessly, Roseanne recommends adding the Chanel Les Beiges Eau De Teint Water Fresh Tint (S$106) into your beauty arsenal. “It’s something that I’ve enjoyed using ever since I was introduced to it – even all the ladies that come to my makeup classes at Bloom do too,” she lets on.

“This Chanel product is really special in the sense that it’s a watery gel that feels like absolutely nothing on the skin, but has the ability to even out the skin tone effectively. It’s lighter than a tinted moisturiser and basically turns into pressed pigment after the water is all absorbed in.

I honestly think this is the product you need to have if you don’t like to wear too much makeup under your mask. I do, however, always recommend setting your makeup well with a translucent loose setting powder – keeping in mind to press it down a little more around the mouth and nose area so that your makeup doesn’t transfer as much.”

Makeup trends in 2021: Play with metallic


For the ones who like to have some fun with their eye makeup, Cheryl has a proposition to make: dress up your eyes with hues of silver, gold or copper.

“At the recent Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Week, I really like what makeup artist Tom Sapin did for Lutz Huelle. He pasted chrome silver eyeliner strips on some of the models and despite the striking colour, it was strangely subtle as the strips merely picked up light with every turn of the head and added shine to the models’ eyes.

Seeing that on the runway reminded me to not turn away from unconventional styles and that sometimes, strange colours actually do work! For the day-to-day, incorporating metallic shades like gold, silver, and copper is certainly the easiest way to add some pizzazz to your eyes without much effort,” she says.

Makeup trends in 2021: Let’s go back in time


Just like how oversized jackets and shoulder pads are back in fashion, the beauty industry also has the habit of recycling trends from the past and updating it with a modern twist.

For Roseanne, she was taken by the ’80s look that hit Spring/Summer 2021 runway. “The bold ’80s makeup is a really fun way to inject electricity into your look with a vivid orange red or royal blue. Something to spice up your otherwise natural day-to-day makeup, really,” she lets on.


Meanwhile for Larry, he was smitten by ’90s makeup created by Lucia Pica over at Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2021 catwalk. “It’s a beautiful ’90s halo eyeshadow look, in which a cast of shadow is applied across the eyes with a blurry, softened finishing just above the eye socket.

To me, it created such an alluring pull to just focus on the model’s eyes, like looking through an actual film,” he says.

Makeup trends in 2021: Up your brow game


Playing up your eyes is a no-brainer by now, but Roseanne is here to remind us that our brows are equally as important too. And for 2021, she’s leaning towards a straighter brow for a softer, more feminine look.

“How you do your brows can make a world of difference. A straighter brow can immediately soften your appearance while an arched brow gives a stronger, more commanding vibe. I personally love to switch up my brow shape every now and then, depending on the look I’m going for. You can easily do that by using a concealer to instantly change your arch,” she shares.

As for Larry, he believes that fuller brows, coupled with lush lashes, are the way to go now that everyone’s masking up. “I think this combination of fluffy arches and lashes, which you can achieve with lash extensions and falsies, will go into overdrive this year.

By focusing your efforts on these two areas, you’ll effortlessly draw attention to your eyes even when you don’t dress it up with colours,” he expounds.

To give your brows some volume and lift, you can check out Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Brow Styling Wax (S$38 from Sephora) or M.A.C Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel (S$41 from Sephora).

Makeup trends in 2021: When in doubt, look to Pantone for guidance


This year, Pantone has blessed us with not one, but two Colours of the Year – it’s Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a sunshine yellow shade), in case you’re not aware – and we honestly think the colour combo is the best one yet to incorporate into makeup.

For Larry, it’s as simple as powdering a canary yellow shade on the eyes to add a burst of colour, followed by lashings of mascara – “it just brings hope and positivity when you go out with such a cheerful look.”

Alternatively, you can take a leaf out of Cheryl’s book and go for a flicked eyeliner in a light yellow shade for a subtle yet vibrant finish, or heed Roseanne’s advice and go bold by pairing yellow with teal eyeliner for a fun tropical look.

Meanwhile, grey is probably one of the easiest colours to pull off when it comes to eye makeup. “Grey shadows are a great way to softly define the eyes, as it creates a gentler finish instead of the usual taupe or light brown shade,” Cheryl says.

If you want to add a bit more shine to your eyes, Roseanne recommends popping a sheer gunmetal grey all over the lids for a captivating look. For Larry, adding a sheen of illuminating gloss on the eyes is key to wearing grey eye makeup.

To achieve this, he likes the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 079 Black Bow (S$79 from Selfridges) as it houses great silver tones that you can use wet or dry, depending on the intensity you want. “Just remember to use it as a shine or, as I like to say, to add “moistness” so that your eye makeup has depth and dimension,” he adds.