Have you heard? Mauve is the new beige, and the perfect nude for your next trip to your favourite manicurist.

The mauve shade offers versatility in its varying degrees of shades and is universally flattering, depending on the shade you go for. From light mauve (that can pass of as cream with a tint of purple) to deep mauve (think berries and deep purple), you’ll find something for you!

As a bonus, you can easily match it to any texture, design or accessories.

Check out our list of recommended mauve nail styles below:

1. Abstract Mauve

To start things off, this design is simple yet intricate. From far, it looks like an abstract art piece, but upon closer inspection, you see the outlines of a woman, adding a feminine touch to this set!

2. Mauve Galaxy

To infinity and beyond! Add the universe and an explosion of stars to your mauve nails for an out of the world effect.

3. Marble Mauve

Taking the classic marble print to the next level, use hints of gold and silver glitter to create the marbling effect!

4. Glitter Mauve

Here’s a simple way to make your mauve nails pop even more – simply contrast the deep purple tones with a silver glitter pairing.

5. Metallic Mauve

Instead of your usual finish, try a metallic one to elevate the look.

6. French, but Mauve

Using mauve to make a statement, use it on a quirky print to contrast it with a regular French nail set to turn heads.

7. Stoned Mauve

Emulated the natural patterns you would see on clear rocks, simply fleck a contrasting colour such as black to do so.

8. Geometric Mauve

Create an interesting pattern by adding lines in random positions to change up the look.

9. Confetti Mauve

Throwing a party for your clique or for yourself? Top off your mauve nails with a layer of confetti to get ready for an awesome time!

10. Mauve and Plants

Surprisingly, green goes really well with a lighter shade of mauve – make it pop with your favourite flora and fauna.

11. Gems and Mauve

For those who likes to create dimension to your nails, top off your mauve nails with gold gems for a bejewelled design.

12. Mauve Swirls

Mix up shades of light mauve, white and pink and swirl it to create a swirly effect. Bonus: it looks like a delicious serving of berry ice cream and that’s always a good look.

13. Mauve Animal Kingdom

Leopard prints, cow prints, snake prints – you name them and paint them on! For a shade as versatile as mauve, any print goes.

14. Artsy Mauve

To take nail art literally, translate abstract strokes of mauve and gold to create your very own art piece.

15. Mandarin Mauve

Using a lighter metallic shade, a repeated intricate motif will help to add an interesting texture to your set of mauve nails.

16. Floral Mauve

Use a realistic floral design to add a dimension of realism to your set of mauve nails.

17. Fairy Dust Mauve

Add a dash of fairy dust, or as they are more commonly known – small pearl jewels – to your set of mauve nails for that princess finish.

18. Neon Mauve

Mauve is a perfect nude base for you to explore with neon shades. The contrast of the two would definitely turn heads!

19. Christmas Mauve

It’s far from Christmas, but if you are a fan of the intricacies of the winter snowflake pattern, this set is for you.

20. Gradient Mauve

To add an interesting dimension, make it gradient! Using different shades of mauve – from pale to dark – create a gradient by starting out with the darkest shade at the base of the nail and transitioning into the lightest shade. Mix and match different finishes like matte and gel for that extra ‘gradient’ effect as well!