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Summer is soon approaching – not that it truly matter in Singapore, since we have summery weather all year round. But June is the period when the sun blazes more strongly than other months, and we’re sure you can feel it every time you need to brave the heat to get lunch.

And if you have medium-length hair that doesn’t allow you to put your hair into a high ponytail like your friends with long hair, we understand it can be frustrating. But this is why you should keep reading.

We have compiled a few hair inspos that will accommodate the weather and still look stylish, whether you’ve recently cut your hair or are trying to grow it out.

1. The Half-Up Do

The half-up do is a common hairstyle that’s super simple to do. This style in specific incorporates a loose bun instead of the traditionally pony-tail, which adds an effortless style to the look. This hairstyle is also great for anyone who is trying to grow out their bangs but wants to keep it off their face.

All you have to do is simply tie a loose ponytail with the top half of your hair and twirl it into the bun shown in the picture and bobby pin the bun into place.


2. The Dutch Pigtails

Dutch braids have become one of the trendiest styles in recent years, and while it’s usually seen on people with longer hair, this style is cute on mid-length hair too. It also works great on girls with layered hair so the braids hold their hair in firmly.

This playful style can be easily achieved by french braiding your hair on both sides, and rather than continuing the braid, you just tie them into pigtails once it reaches behind your ears.


3. The Headscarf Look

Headscarves are a great way to add colour and style back into your hair this summer. One of the best hairstyles to have is a top bun and if you want to take it up a notch, just add a scarf! It’s such a simple way to class up your look and have all your hair away from your face.


The other headscarf look incorporates a low side pony that’s folded in half with the use of a bandana. These looks may take some trial and error but will definitely up your style game in the summer!


4. The Loose Braids

Youtuber, Jenn Im, is commonly seen rocking these loose braids since it’s perfect for the summertime (and LA weather), and great for second day hair. Similar to the dutch braids, these work well for anyone with layered hair that may be hard to tie into a ponytail.


5. The Low Pony

For those who are trying to grow out their hair and have trouble tying their hair up, this is the hairstyle for you. Many of us don’t really like the look of a low ponytail because it feels too simple or too boring, but using a statement hairpiece (like this one in the picture) will jazz up your look instantly.