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In the world of K-beauty, cute packaging has turned into the norm, and we just can’t get enough of their creative designs.

While there isn’t a shortage of good K-beauty cushion foundations to check out, there’s one that takes the cake in terms of how adorable it looks. Literally.

It’s Merry Monde’s Happy Your Day Cushion Set.

Ingredients in the miniature “cake”

While this isn’t as small as a microscopic Louis Vuitton purse, it is still a highly downsized version of a regular birthday cake. It comes just as an actual birthday cake from a bakery would, complete with its own whimsical cake box. 

Housed in a compact case, each cushion comes with its own separate cake topper (in three different designs!), so there’ll be some fun DIY action involved as you stick the “frosting” onto your cover. 

Credit: @eyechatamreview/TikTok

In terms of its formula, the cushion provides a lightweight coverage that effectively conceals blemishes and enlarged pores. Infused with Japanese cypress water, the skin-friendly formula also boasts moisturising benefits while minimising irritation. It also offers sun protection, with an SPF of 40+++.

The shade range and finish

Credit: @eyechatamreview/TikTok

The cushion comes in three shades, ranging from lightest to darkest: #01 Ivory, #02 vanilla, and #03 sand. It also has a dewy-matte finish that looks ultra-natural on your skin.

Credit: @ughrubia/Lemon8

Pat gently on your skin to apply a light layer or build it up for even greater coverage. And don’t worry – despite how it looks, it won’t cause your skin to appear cakey.

You’ll get 11 grams of product with each cushion, and it even comes with a free refill too.

Merry Monde Happy Your Day Cushion Set retails for S$35.40 at YesStyle.com and S$52.38 at Shopee

Featured image credit: @eyechatamreview/TikTok, @m0chi.skinnn/TikTok