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We totally get the stress of trying to pick a nail design at the salon, and having trouble deciding which one to go with! “Fine, I’ll keep this other design in mind for my next mani,” you say. And for the next few weeks you can’t stop thinking about how you wish you could have gotten that design too.

Mismatched nails have taken over the nails of celebrities and Instagrammers – and we’re so glad it’s now a thing. Perfect for the bold and the indecisive, this trend will solve all those dilemmas you have at the salon.

For the longest time, it’s been a social standard to match your nail polish, and we haven’t got a clue why this is so. Why not break the rules and hop on the mismatched nail trend, because nails are all about being fun and expressing who you are!

If you’ve got a couple of colours or designs in mind, don’t be afraid to wear them all at once and hey, if you need any assurance, even celebrities like Kylie Jenner’s doing it too!


There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner is the queen of nail inspo; she’s even got an Instagram highlight dedicated to all her manicures! In July 2020, Kylie debuted her mismatched manicure on Instagram which mixed brightly coloured polka dots, swirls, eyes, and animal print and we’re absolutely in love with the nail look.

While we may have had our doubts about how bright pink, neon orange, cobalt blue, and pastel yellow would work together on a mani, Kylie’s shown you that to pull it off! Fans went crazy over how each nail design was different, yet the whole manicure looked cohesive and oh-so-pretty, and we couldn’t agree more.


Another celebrity seen rocking mismatched nails? Gigi Hadid. Her manicurist picked a theme – summer – and went crazy by handpainting different refreshing fruits onto each of her nail.

Mismatched nails tips: Keep ’em mismatched, but not messy

  1. When picking out clashing patterns, keep in mind how the colours contrast. Avoid too high of a contrast between design elements, which might make your nails look messy.
  2. If you want a themed manicure but don’t know where to start, check out Design Seeds for colour palettes that’s bound to give you some inspiration for a fun mani!
  3. Mismatched nail colors don’t have to be overly bright and bold. If you’ve got a more muted style, any variety of mismatched-but-complementary earth tones would be great for you. Think nudes are boring? A neutral, mismatched mani is sure to spice things up while still remaining minimal and chic.
  4. Experiment with colours and patterns based on your outfits or art from your everyday life, because the more you wear mismatched nail colours, you’ll learn which ones go together and which don’t.

Nail Inspo

Itching to get a mismatched mani now, but don’t know where to start? We’ve curated 15 mismatched nail designs so you can get inspired!

Abstract nails

Minimal Abstract


Summer Abstract


Primary Abstract


80’s Abstract


Fandom and character inspired nails

Star Wars


Disney Tsum Tsum


Sailor Moon


Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Themed nails



Summer Vibes




Spring florals


French Manicure

Rainbow French


Pastel French


Modern French